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Scott Steiner tells Konnan to cut his grass, calls Hulk Hogan racist on media call


Steiner gonna Steiner or pro wrestling heel gonna heel? On the latest Impact Wrestling media call Scott Steiner came on to promote this Sunday’s Redemption pay-per-view and instead went off on more than a few tangents about race, Mexican Americans, Donald Trump and Hulk Hogan.

This was the most Scott Steiner interview ever but it may not be the type of publicity Impact Wrestling wants before their Sunday night event. At Redemption, Steiner will team with Eli Drake to take on Impact tag team champions The Latin American Xchange (LAX).

Manged by former WCW/nWo running mate Konnan, Steiner lit into LAX during his opening statement of the media call.

“Konnan’s gonna be doing what he always did in WCW after we finish this match. He’s gonna be carrying my bags and shining my belt. Maybe my shoes, too. Actually, he might come and cut my grass. I might have all three of them do it, really. I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet.”

“They will be with Konnan, cutting my grass. I actually have a tee spot on my lawn where I need to be putting, so they better be just right. I hate golf. But they better cut my grass right. That’s what I don’t understand. Why does Trump want to keep out all the Mexicans, but who’s going to cut the grass? Seriously. I mean, that’s a legitimate question.”

It’s 2018 and most pro heels have evolved past bringing race into their promos. From a different era of pro wrestling, should Scott Steiner be held to the same standards as modern pro wrestling villains?

Then when asked an question about starting out with Jeff Jarrett during his first run with TNA, Steiner somehow U-turned the question into a rant about Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan.

“The beginning was the most profitable time at TNA, as far as viewership, making money, merchandise and all that stuff combined. Unfortunately, that led to the next incarnation, which was working for dumba** Dixie Carter, that brought in the racist Hulk Hogan and all those other guys. That’s what killed it. Of course, I’ve let my feelings be known, and she put a lawsuit on me, because of the stuff I was saying on Twitter about Hogan.”

Steiner also went on to comment about a few of the other thoughts running around in his mind.

Check out the full, uncensored and 100% Scott Steiner conference call below

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