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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Apr. 19, 2018): Redemption go home show


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Apr. 19) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

This is the last episode before their Redemption pay-per-view this Sunday. They will replay the WrestleCon main event, which is also the Redemption main event, between Austin Aries, Pentagon Jr., and Fenix. Also, Braxton Sutter will team with Su Yung against Fallah Bahh & Kiera Hogan, Johnny Impact will face Kongo Kong, and Brian Cage will be in action.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Show starts with a quick clip of the Alberto Patron/Austin Aries press conference from New Orleans. They move onto WrestleCon with clips of the triple threat match with Pentagon winning. It’s pretty much the video package they played last week.

Braxton Sutter & Su Yung vs. Kiera Hogan & Fallah Bahh

Heels attack from behin to start the match.

This is an intergender match, not a mixed tag.

At one point, when Bahh is outside, Su Yung lands a cannonball from the apron on him, knocking the big man to the floor.

In the end of the match, Sutter was in the corner and Fallah Bahh tried to splash him. The ref was tending to Braxton though and Bahh came up short to avoid splashing them both. While this is going on, Su gets the kendo stick she walks to the ring with and opts to hit Fallah with it. The big man is unphased.

Sutter tosses Fallah out of the ring but soon eats a hurricane DDT from the top rope from Hogan. Su Yung delivers a palm strike to Hogan and delivers her finish for the win.

Sutter & Yung def. Hogan & Bahh

As Yung is slowly walking up the ring, still facing the ring looking at Braxton, Allie runs up and attacks her from behind! Sutter pulls Allie off but can’t control her and the women brawl until the referees have to break it up... but they can’t initially! Braxton and the referees are having a difficult time keeping these two apart!


LAX are in their club house. Santana and Ortiz are concerned about facing Steiner because the dude has no soul. Konnan suggests that Steiner may help Eli Drake but he could be a hinderance because you never know with Scott Steiner.

Jimmy Jacobs, with Kongo Kong at his side, is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell backstage. Jacobs asks Mitchell what it’s like to be pretty, to tell Kongo Kong what it’s like to have things handed to them because of their looks. She’s just like Johnny Gorgeous. But he doesn’t blame them. They’re in their bubble. Tonight, Kongo is going to rip Johnny out of his bubble and make him ugly.

oVe/Eddie Edwards video package.

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode on a GWN match. It’s when Bobby still had long hair.


KM open challenge

He says he’s innovated a new match - the “KM Open Challenge” and then hopes he gets a bunch of jobbers who he lists off.

It’s Brian Cage!

KM takes the microphone back and tries to get out of it, saying they are bros and asks for a fist bump. He tries to then leave but Cages pulls him back in.

Match starts.

Cage owns the dude, finishing him off with an F5.

Cage def. KM


They play a video recapping Kongo Kong’s path of destruction. They play an interview with Jimmy Jacobs talking over it and it’s a pretty dang entertaining video.

Kongo Kong (w/Jimmy Jacobs) vs. Johnny Impact

This match is mainly Kong with Johnny using his speed/parkour to stay afloat.

However, when the fight spills outside, Johnny is tossed into the ringsteps and then Kongo hits him with a cannonball.

The big man looks at Jacobs who gives him a nod.

Kongo Kong tosses the referee into the guardrail, in essence ending the match. They set up the ring steps on the apron and Kong straight up lawn darts Johnny into it! Johnny is bleeding from his mouth!

Johnny def. Kongo via DQ

Kongo won the battle though.


The medical staff is tending to Johnny backstage.

They play a video recapping the Allie/Su Yung feud. They follow it with a video of the X Division title feud.

Eli Drake interviewed backstage. Steiner rolls in and tells him he likes his style. Scott then looks in the camera and tells Konnan that back in the day, he just carried his bags.

They play the WrestleCon main event, which Pentagon won.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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