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Impact Wrestling results, review, & video (Apr. 12, 2018): Well, that’s random


Impact Wrestling returned last night (Apr. 12) from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. You can find all of the results in the live blog here.

Demon’s Dance

Rosemary finally vanquished Taya Valkyrie in a Demon’s Dance match.

It was pretty much a hardcore match, and it was laid out very well. They built to each big spot very well. They’d introduce a ladder or chair or table and then leave it be as they slowly made their way to the eventual spot involving said prop.

The finishing sequence was great. Rosemary tossed Taya into a ladder and then went and introduced a table in the ring. Afterwards, she went to shoulder block Taya in the corner but Valkyrie moved. Rosemary went headfirst into a chair lodged in the turnbuckle that was set up much earlier in the match.

Taya placed Rosemary on the table and climbed to the top rope. The Demon Assassin was soon up to meet her. They both tried to deliver their finishers perched from above, but the other was able to stave off the attempts.

Finally, Rosemary went a different route... and delivered a piledriver through the table from the top rope!

That was enough to finally get that win over Taya. It was a great finishing spot. A piledriver through the table is a move that should finish a match. They did an excellent job amping up the drama before getting there.

The match received maybe ten minutes and I wish they were able to receive another five minutes to really get to sink their teeth into. But this was definitely enough to put together an enjoyable fight.

No word yet on what they’re going to do at Redemption. If they want to rematch in another match with a little more time, that’s fine by me.

Big Bad Gravy Daddy

Eli Drake has two Feast or Fried briefcases. One for the world title and one for the tag titles.

The tag title one was interesting because Drake didn’t have a partner. Until this week.

Drake opened the show to reveal his partner. And it’s Scott Steiner! The Big Bad Booty Daddy!

This was a surprise that I didn’t hear about prior so I popped when his music played. When they brought in Steiner last summer for the Josh Mathews/Jeremy Borash program, I rolled my eyes pretty hard. But he was enjoyable in that. He cut some Steiner promos and it was all fun.

So my reaction this time around was more of joy than an eye roll. Eli Drake and Steiner will make a fantastic team personality wise. Drake (or Drakes as Steiner called him) is fire on the microphone. The Big Bad Booty Daddy is insanity on the microphone. That’s going to make some combination.

He gave us a preview tonight where he spouted the phrase “I’m world famous, bitch!”

I don’t expect the team of the Big Bad Booty Daddy and the Big Bad Gravy Daddy to take the titles at Redemption. But I expect it to be tons of fun.


This episode was pretty random at certain spots.

We got Scott Steiner earlier and then somehow Tommy Dreamer is part of the Eddie Edwards/Sami Callihan feud.

It started with Moose facing Callihan after Sami cost him the Feast or Fired briefcase last week. It was a good match where Sami needed to use his quick kicks and some cheating to stay on top of the larger Moose. When things looked to be out of his control, Callihan used the bat and got himself disqualified.

oVe then ran out and continued to attack Moose, all part of Sami’s mission to go after those close to Eddie. Edwards ran out to try to help his friend but found himself soon being held down by the Crist brothers so the Callihan Death Matchine could assault him with the bat again.

Alisha Edwards, Eddie’s wife, ran out and draped herself over her husband’s body. But the cruel Callihan didn’t care. He backed Alisha into the corner when the lights went off... and when they returned, Tommy Dreamer was standing there instead?

Tommy cleared the ring, told oVe that they’ve tried starting a revolution but now will have to face Dreamer, Moose, and Eddie at Redemption.

The enthusiasm for Steiner earlier on did not apply here. Eli Drake wasn’t doing anything, didn’t have a tag partner, and Scott Steiner is the embodiment of random.

But Eddie and Sami were in the middle of a blood feud. I know they had a one on one match at WrestleCon, but this was definitely a feud that deserved a one on one PPV match. Inserting Tommy Dreamer legit made zero sense and kills the heat of a blood feud by booking a random three on three hardcore match.

Not that there’s not a spot for Tommy Dreamer in Impact or even a spot for Tommy Dreamer in this feud. If they want to build Callihan as sadistic, facing the Innovator of Violence makes sense. But they need to get there in a logical manner. This three on three match came out of nowhere.

Mathews is the worst

I was curious to see how they’d treat Josh Mathews the wrestler this week. Well, we learned last night that Mathews is not going to be presented at a guy who’s any good in the ring.

He spent more time running from Petey Williams than he did on offense. And any offense was due to Matt Sydal’s distractions. (Josh did try to attempt a Canadian Destroyer and was completely terrible at it.)

In the end, when Williams was going to finally deliver his signature move to Mathews, Sydal kicked him in the face, resulting in a DQ. He continued to attack him after the bell had rung.

This was simple heel/face dynamics. Mathews continues to do very well in the role of “insufferable ass” that he has been playing for a while now. He switched from cocky to cowards in an instant and remains a great heater for Sydal.

Matt showing a nasty streak at the end of the match helped things as well and they’ve a good job building this Redemption match.

Forget Alberto

The video recap of WrestleCon they played to close the show was really about the show and only minimally about Alberto El Patron. They played a brief backstage interview where Austin Aries cut a promo about Alberto being a phony, and they mentioned he was released because of the no-show, but that’s it.

And that’s more than fine. Alberto is gone. It’s not about him any more. It is about all the wrestlers that showed up and worked their asses off at WrestleCon and those who will be doing business with Impact in the future.

Next week, they will show the WrestleCon triple threat match to hype us for the Redemption match. While normally I’m critical of running a match to build the same match at a PPV, they’re kind of out of options here.

Bullies Get Theirs

Tyrus, Fallah Bahh, and Richard Justice defeat KM and the Cult of Lee when Bahh landed a Bonzai Drop onto the bully KM.

It was a fine lowcard match where the good guys got the win, teaching the bullies a lesson.

Pros of the Show:

  • The Demon’s Dance
  • Scott Steiner is back!
  • Josh Mathews is great at being insufferable

Cons of the Show:

  • The Tommy Dreamer addition to the Eddie/Sami story is very random

Overall, pretty solid installment tonight. Only one week to Redemption!

Grade: B-

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