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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Mar. 8, 2018): Johnny Impact vs. Austin Aries


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Mar. 8) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

This week is their Crossroads special and it will be headlined by Austin Aries defending the world title against Johnny Impact in a first time ever meeting. Also, Laurel Van Ness will defend the Knockouts championship against Allie, there will be a Grand Championship vs. X Division championship match with Taiji Ishimori vs. Matt Sydal, the Cult of Lee challenge LAX for the tag team championships, and Bobby Lashley will take on oVe alone.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Johnny Impact walks into the building with four men holding American flags behind him. I felt that needed to be noted.

The show starts with Josh Mathews breaking the show down with Sonjay Dutt in front of a green screen showing a big screen.

LAX (c) vs. the Cult of Lee for the tag team championships

The champs start by rushing the challengers as soon as they get into the ring. This turns into a brawl on the outside.

The match finally makes its way into the ring and during the break, the Cult of Lee are able to use some double teams to get the match going their way.

LAX gets the momentum back with a crazy series of moves, including two dives on adjacent sides of the ring.

LAX goes for the Street Sweeper on Caleb but Lee grabs the leg of the man on the turnbuckle and Konley goes for a roll up - but unlike their last meeting, there’s a kick out. While Trevor is on the apron, Konnan pulls him down and this allows LAX to successfully hit the Street Sweeper on Konley for the 1-2-3.

LAX def. the Cult of Lee to retain their titles

They take back their bandanas.


Lashley is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell backstage. He said he doesn’t need a partner. He’s going to shut up oVe and finish them for good.

They play an old match between Christian Cage and Monty Brown.

Prior to the title vs. title match, Matt Sydal cuts a really obnoxious promo about the fans watching him so he can open our third eyes and ends with Namaste. This guy.

Matt Sydal (c) vs. the Taiji Ishimori (c)

Grand Championship vs. X Division Championship

Match is very even early, but as it goes on, Matt Sydal really starts targeting Ishimori’s right leg.

Finally, Taiji gets his legs up when Matt goes for a standing moonsault. Matt rolls outside and Ishimori hits a moonsault of his own, but his from the top rope. And then a running rana on the ramp!

Back in the ring, a series of reversed roll ups with no one getting the 3.

Matt with a kick to the back of a head and then a knee to the face. To the top rope for the Shooting Star... Ishimori moves! Taiji drops Matt on his knees and goes up himself but Matt stops him. Sydal misses a Frankenstein attempt... Ishimori nails 450 but Matt gets the knees up! This is nutty!

Sydal back up top... Shooting Star Press! 1-2-3!

Sydal def. Ishimori to win the X Division championship


Allie is interviewed as she enters the arena (earlier today) talking about how she’s ready and when she wins tonight, she’s going to dedicate it to Gail Kim.

Allie vs. Laurel Van Ness (c) for the Knockouts championship

As Laurel is walking to the ring, Allie runs to meet her and the fight starts early. Allie with the advantage early.

Laurel has the advantage for a good chunk of time but the challenger finally fights back. Allie hits a Code Breaker but is too exhausted to make a cover.

Both women are up and it’s Allie with the advantage. LVN goes for a kick leaning against the ropes but Allie catches her foot and tosses her over the top. Allie follows her out but Van Ness rushes her into the ring apron. Laurel sets up the challenger on a chair and tries to clothesline her but Allie is up and drop toe holds Van Ness against the chair.

However, LVN is able to hit the Unprettier on the outside. Then she slides in looking for the count out.

Allie back in at 9! But Laurel right back on top of her! She hits a curb stomp but Allie is close enough to the rope to grab the rope to break the count.

LVN goes for the title belt to use as a weapon but Allie ducks it... death valley driver! Superkick! 1-2-3!

Allie def. LVN to win the KOs title

Allie comes backstage to find Gail Kim there to greet her and congratulate her.


Austin Aries is interviewed backstage. He talks himself up for traveling the world and winning the title. Then he tells his opponent tonight that tonight isn’t going to be easy or a night off. Aries doesn’t think Johnny is mean and nasty enough to take the title off him tonight.

oVe vs. Bobby Lashley

Obviously, Sami Callihan is with them.

Both Crists run at Lashley as he walks to the ring and he clotheslines them both. However, as the ref turns to ring the bell, and Bobby is walking into the ring, Sami uses the bat on the leg of Lashley.

And the Crists attack like a pack of wolves.

Lashley gets the advantage again and looks to spear Jake but Sami grabs his leg and Jake delivers a kick to the face.

Lashley endures some punishment... but here comes Brian Cage! He tags himself in! Even Lashley is shocked! He’s destroying the Crists!

He goes for the drill claw but in comes Callihan with the bat! Spear from Lashley! Drill Claw! 1-2-3!

Cage and Lashley def. oVe

Lashley extends his hand post match... but Cage just walks out of the ring!


Johnny Impact interviewed backstage. He says he doesn’t walk around with a bunch of indie titles or calling himself The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived because he’s not insecure.

Feast or Fired returns next week.

Johnny Impact vs. Austin Aries (c) for the Impact world championship

This match is very even.

Johnny goes for a springboard, but Aries meets him and Johnny takes a spill to the outside. Aries follows up with an ax handle from the top rope to the floor on the challenger and the champ is suddenly in control.

Things are back and forth for awhile until Aries is able to lock in the first Chancery - Johnny soon gets his foot on the rope.

In the end, Johnny goes for Starship Pain but Aries rolls out of the way. Johnny somehow lands on his feet but Aries hits the drop kick into the corner. Brainbuster! 1-2-3!

Aries def. Johnny to retain the world championship

The men shake hands after the match. Alberto Patron walks out! Looks like Austin is telling him any time. But Patron just stands at the entrance smiling and clapping.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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