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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Mar. 29, 2018): Title vs. title


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Mar. 29) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

This week Austin Aries will face Matt Sydal in a title vs. title (world vs. Grand) match. Also, Brian Cage will face Bobby Lashley, Su Yung will have her debut match, and there will be a fatal 4-way match featuring Rohit Raju, Taiji Ishimori, Suicide, and Petey Williams.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


The show opens with an earlier in the day clip with Austin Aries running into Matt Sydal and Josh Mathews. They talk about Option C, which leads to Austin offering a world title shot but he wants an opportunity at the Grand Championship, which he hasn’t held before. Josh Mathews is besides himself at the idea but Matt Sydal just says “Deal.”

Petey Williams vs. Rohit Raju vs. Suicide vs. Ishimori

This is one of those matches where it’s all over the place with no one person having control for too long.

The crowd seems to favor Ishimori.

It ended with Petey delivering a Canadian Destroyer to Suicide for the win.

Petey Williams wins

Post match, he grabs a mic and says he’s bringing the Feast or Fired to Redemption. And that means Matt Sydal has to bring his X Division title.


Eli Drake is interviewed backstage. McKenzie Mitchell asks him why he was disappointed about winning a tag briefcase. He explains that gold is the top currency and the top gold is the World title. He’s a one man show, who doesn’t want to share the spotlight... that gave him an idea and he left pondering it.

Mathews and Sonjay Dutt do their show set up.

We see a video of Eddie Edwards traveling to Ohio to confront oVe.


Braxton Sutter introduces Su Yung to the ring as “the bloody, undead bride” for her match against Amber Nova.

Amber Nova vs. Su Yung

Yung attacks Nova before the bell. It’s a squash, people. Her finisher is called the Panic Switch.

Su Yung def. Amber Nova


Johnny Impact is interviewed backstage. He’s asked if his main goal is still to win the title. Before he gets too far, he’s interrupted by Jimmy Jacobs. When Johnny eventually asks what Jimmy watches, Jacobs says he’s going to wait and see. Jimmy leaves saying “Kongo Kong says hello.”

Taya/Rosemary backstage brawl

Taya is cutting a promo about how she always kicks Rosemary’s ass backstage, but Rosemary is stalking her from above on the trailers! She tosses something at her and this turns into a brawl. One unfortunate bystander gets a trash can to the head. There’s also a Dick Justice cameo and he gets laid out too.

Taya tosses Rosemary into a bunch boards but when she goes to retrieve her she gets misted. A bunch of people try to stop Taya, giving Rosemary time to climb to the top of the mobile trailers and jump on them all.


Fallah Bahh vs. KM

This is at WrestlePro in Brooklyn

KM wins by pinning Fallah with his foot on the ropes.

KM def. Bahh

After the match, KM grabs a mic and tells Fallah he needs to change his name to “Fat ass Bahh.”


Brian Cage vs. Bobby Lashley

In a back and forth early, Cage hits a rana on Lashley! Lashley responds with one of his own!

Lashley lands a top rope axe handle and is able to keep control on the Machine for a while.

Cage comes back with a drop kick. Lashley finds himself outside and Cage hits a dive on top of him! Lashley soon gets back on top by catching Cage on the top rope and tossing him to the floor.

Brian Cage eventually comes back with a springboard DDT!

After a back and forth, Lashley finally hits the spear, but Brian Cage rolls out of the ring! Lashley out to get him right back in and goes for the cover but Cage kicks out!

Discus Lariat from Cage 1-2-3! (Lashley kicked out after 3.)

Cage def. Lashley


Allie finds Gail Kim backstage, distraught given the Braxton stuff and the Su Yung attack. Gail gives her a pep talk to stand up to herself.

They play an old Ultimate X match. Petey Williams has a full head of hair. Nick Sabin is in there too. As is AJ Styles, who wins the match.

Eli Drake runs into Moose backstage. He tries to get Moose to trade cases making the argument his cases has two belts instead of one. Moose isn’t having it. Eli makes the argument that Moose could team up with someone like Eddie and win the tag titles. Moose likes that idea so proposes a case vs. case match next week.


Eddie Edwards confronts oVe

Eddie storms into Callihan’s promotion. The Crists are in the ring. Eddie starts laying dudes out with a kendo stick! He grabs a mic and demands Sami, saying he’ll fight all of Ohio right now.

Callihan emerges from the back slowly, bat in hand. Eddie gets the upperhand on Sami. The Crists finally pull him off and start laying in the boots. The grab at his bad eye. Sami orders Dave and Jake to pull Eddie up... he goes to hit him with the bat but Eddie kicks Callihan in the blals and grabs the bat. Bat to Dave. Bat to Jake. However, when he holds one of them the back, Sami goughes his face from behind and puts him down.

Once again, the Crists pull Eddie up— bat to the face! Then an indie taker from the Crists!

The crowd is all about the hometown boy the entire time.

After the commercials, we get another Callihan camcorder promo. Sami said he let Eddie in his house to prove a point. He tells Eddie to go back and tell him that oVe is coming for all of his friends.


Matt Sydal w/Josh Mathews vs. Austin Aries

Grand Championship vs. World title

We see Alberto watching backstage while eating a steak.

The first segment of the match is a huge feeling out process.

When they return from commercial, we find Aries is the man in control.

It’s a back and forth affair. When Austin is tries to set up for a suicide dive, Mathews grabs his foot. This allows Sydal back in the ring, but the champ hits a big forearm to prevent Sydal from getting too much of a lead.

When AA goes for a DVD on an apron, Mathews jumps up and down in front of him. Again, it doesn’t help for long as the champ boxes the ears of the Grand Champ. Once again, Mathews up on the apron and Petey Williams runs down to pull him down and keep an eye on him.

Meanwhile, Sydal misses a Shooting Star. AA with a running drop kick. Brainbuster! 1-2-3!

Austin Aries wins the Grand Championship

Patron still watching while slowly eating that steak.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!