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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Mar. 22, 2018): Monster’s Ball


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Mar. 22) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

This week they will reveal the Feast or Fired briefcases. Also, Abyss will face Kongo Kong in a Monster’s Ball match, Allie will defend her Knockouts title against Sienna, and Matt Sydal will face Rohit Raju.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Josh Mathews still on commentary.

Austin Aries/Alberto El Patron segment

Alberto El Patron comes to the ring dressed in a suit. Patron is happy that he gets to face a real champion, not a paper champion, in Aries at Redemption. He tells the champ that the real greatest man that ever lived is Alberto El Patron.

Aries walks out with all of his championships. Patron claps excessively long when Austin gets in the ring, which the champ tells him to “Knock it off.”

The champ points out that he and Patron actually are pretty similar. They are both men who love traveling the globe for professional wrestling. But he considers himself “The Truth.” He tells it like it is.

Aries says when he looks in to Alberto’s eyes, he sees someone full of BS. He doesn’t want to play games. Patron has his title match so pull the bullshit aside.

Patron calls the champ to stand face to face with him and then tells him he knows he has something to prove. And he has something to prove himself.

In a matter of mind games, Austin has the truck cut his music and play Alberto’s instead. The champ tells Patron to enjoy it because at Redemption, it won’t be his music playing at the end.


Segment with the announcers setting up the show. Josh Mathews did talk about being the Grand Championship briefly.

Trevor Lee (w/Caleb Konley) vs. Fallah Bahh

Trevor shoves Bahh in the start of the match. In response, Fallah hits him with his large frame, sending Travor across the ring.

Konley gets involved, first distracting the big man. Then tossing him into the steel steps when the referee was occupied with Lee.

Bahh no sells some kicks from Lee. Trevor tries a sunset flip, but Fallah just sits on him. Caleb tries to pull Trevor out of the ring. But instead, the big man pulls them both into the ring and rolls over both of them. He hits a big Samoan Drop, but Lee gets his foot on the rope to break the count.

Bahh goes up to the middle rope for the Drop, but Trevor tries to pull him down. However, he cannot. He then grabs the ref and Konley ups up to hit him with a back hand. Then Lee is able to pull Fallah to the mat and roll him up for the win.

Lee def. Bahh


We see the oVe camcorder stalking someone in a hotel. It’s Eddie Edwards’ wife! Eddie sees it on the monitors at Impact and runs out. Callihan asks hotel staff to let him into a room he was locked out of - but it’s really Eddie’s wife’s room. Goes to break.

Petey Williams interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell backstage. He talks about how he was in the first ever Feast or Fired match. And he doesn’t care what briefcase he has because he’ll continue to be the man he is.

Rohit Raju vs. Matt Sydal (c) for the X Division title

Sydal is wearing his spirit animal mask on the way to the ring. He’s got his spiritual adviser Josh Mathews with him.

The first segment of this match was a rather even affair between the two, with the champ having a bit of the edge.

Tight back and forth match in the second segment, which Matt wins with the Shooting Star Press. No interference from Mathews.

Sydal def. Raju to retain the X Division championship


McKenzie Mitchell interviews Moose. Moose is just in this to become the World Champion and the rest is worth the risk.

Eli Drake interviewed by McKenzie as well. Drake talks about having been fired in the past from all sorts of jobs. He says if you strike him down, he’ll just come back stronger. He’s the Obi Wan Kenobi of Impact while everyone else is the Obi Wan Jaborni.

Sienna vs. Allie (c) for the Knockouts title

Sienna starts the match very aggressively.

Allie had to fight from underneath, but in the end, was able to hit a superkick for the 1-2-3.

Allie def. Sienna to retain the KO title

Braxton Sutter came out after the match. He says “When I close my eyes I night, you’re the most important thing I see, Laurel... I mean Allie!” He gets down on one knee and proposes they spend their lives together. Allie is not interested.

From behind Allie... Su Yung attacks her! She’s got some sick face paint! She picks Allie Up in a Firemans, spins her around, and then drops her on her head! Wow.

Braxton Sutter tells Yung “That was perfect!”


EC3 interviewed backstage. Carter said that this case holds his destiny. Tyrus walks by and says he hopes getting fired. Then Moose comes by and says “He’s getting fired”... then Dick Justice... then Fallah Bahh... then Ishimori! Then Johnny Impact comes in and says, “I hope you get fired, bro.” Then Lashley with just the cut throat symbol. EC3 still finishes saying “EC3 time champion.”

Eddie Edwards pulls up to the hotel his wife is at and runs in. He bolts to her room, past the girl who helped Callihan earlier, gets his key card and goes in. He searches the room, pulls the covers off Alisha, who is just sleeping. She doesn’t know why he’s so paranoid. He continues searching the room. He leaves the room and bumps into a woman... but it’s Callihan in a wig! They brawl until Alisha jumps in front of Eddie to protect him, telling Sami to leave. [I think another Crist had to be there too because someone else was filming.]


Kongo Kong (w/Jimmy Jacobs) vs. Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) in a Monster’s Ball Match

Kong gets the advantage very early, much to the surprise of the announcers. However, soon Abyss nails Kongo with a trash can, knocking him out of the ring as Impact goes to break.

When they return, Kongo is in control. There’s a table set up in the corner and the barbed wire board in another corner [not set up].

Soon, Abyss introduces the tacks! He is looking to chokeslam Kongo, but Jacobs jumps on the apron and hits Abyss with a kendo stick. Abyss chases Jacobs, who backs into Father James Mitchell, who is holding Janice! Abyss chases Jimmy in the ring, but Kongo grabs the Monster and chokeslams Abyss into the tacks. Only gets a 2 count!

Kong sets Abyss up on a table for a splash but Abyss is up and power bombs Kongo through the table! Only a 2 count!

Mitchell hands Janice to Kongo. He goes for a hit with Janice but Kongo goozles him and chokeslams on the barbed wire. Kongo goes to the top rope and hits a splash to Abyss who is stuck on the barbed wire! 1-2-3!

Kongo Kong def. Abyss


Feast of Fired reveal

JB is running the segment.

Eli Drake goes first - Tag Team Title shot. He doesn’t seem to pleased about that. He asks what he’s supposed to do with this. He doesn’t even have a tag partner any more. He tosses the case out of the ring, but then picks it up and leaves.

Next is Petey Williams - X Division title shot.

EC3 and Moose open their briefcases at the same time. Moose opened his right before Carter could. EC3 never opened his, but knew his fate. He looks stunned.

Carter refuses to open the case. He says it’s Ishomiri’s case. He absolutely refuses to open it. JB finally has to do it, revealing the “Fired!” label.

EC3 cuts a promo, putting himself over for what he’s done in this company. He tells the crowd not to cheer when he’s putting himself over. He reminds us he’s a Carter and this company needs him! He’s starts ranting briefly he’s Dixie Carter’s nephew.

His promo turns a bit real, saying that he knows about being fired and sometimes, that’s the lights the spark that is needed. He shakes JB’s hand.... and then attacks him with the briefcase! Incredible!

Out comes Brian Cage!

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