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Impact Wrestling preview (Mar. 15, 2018): Feast or Fired


Impact Wrestling returns tonight (Mar. 15) from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida and it will be the seventh episode from the most recent set of tapings.

Here’s what’s advertised for tonight:

  • Feast or Fired
  • Rosemary vs. Taya Valkyrie
  • Austin Aries exclusive interview
  • Sami Callihan vs. Fallah Bahh
  • Matt Sydal reveals his spiritual guru

As per usual, here are our five questions about Impact tonight:

1) EC3 is definitely getting fired tonight, right?

Listen, we’ve known for awhile that EC3 is in NXT, meaning this set of Impact tapings is his last. So at one point, he’s got to go.

There’s no better time than this, right?

The fired briefcase has been used in different way through its history. It’s been used for departing talent such as Velvet Sky (who actually opened the briefcase for Robbie E and was fired as part of that loop hole), it’s been used to write people off unknowingly (that happened to Chavo Guerrero), and it’s been used to tell a story with people are actually not leaving (this happened with Grado).

Tonight, it would make the most sense to use this Impact exclusive gimmick to fire a guy who made his name in the Impact promotion. In fact, the only reason I can make up for it not happening here is because it’s almost TOO obvious.

Too obvious doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen though. Carter grabbing a briefcase, seeing he’s fired, and then saying goodbye to the crowd in one way or another is a fitting end. Then he will ride off into the sunset, also known as Wednesdays.

2) Why is Rosemary vs. Taya happening already?

It was just two weeks ago that Taya Valkyrie returned to reignite her feud with Rosemary. They weren’t on the Crossroads special last week.

Given Taya just returned, it’s surprising to see them book this match already. While I was always excited for what they were building to last fall, I felt they mishandled the build the first time around. To set up a PPV match, they had Taya pin Rosemary clean in the middle of the ring. Even if that led to a gimmick match, it also lessened one of the competitors prior to the match.

If this is going to build to a bigger match in the future, it feels like a pitfall. However, if they are just blowing off this feud because the new creative team has different plans for them, that’s understandable.

3) Will there be any mention of Austin Aries in Ring of Honor?

Austin Aries made some waves by showing up in a rival promotion and challenging for a secondary title.

The phrasing of “exclusive interview” makes me feel that this Austin Aries interview will be a backstage bit taped later on instead of an in-ring interview. That means it could have been taped more recently and address more current events.

Despite that, I can’t imagine this will mention that at all. For one, it would had to have been taped in the last week to even mention it. And it would have no bearing on their stories, such has Aries’ likely impending feud with Alberto El Patron.

Where I could see it being mentioned is by the announce team. They have recorded lines that reference rather current happenings often. I would not be surprised if they at least alluded to it, with a line like “Aries had been everywhere” or even name dropping Ring of Honor.

4) Is Fallah Bahh the next victim of Sami Callihan?

It looks like they’re all in on making Sami a contemptible, vicious bastard. Does that make Bahh a victim tonight?

Seeing the big man destroyed by the pitbull Sami would sure help build the character they’re looking to create with him.

5) Is Laurel done?

Last week, Laurel Van Ness lost the Knockouts title to Allie. Much like EC3, she has left the company. Will that loss serve as her swan song or will she come back to close out her time in Impact with a final segment?

In her case, not showing up after losing the title, while a bit odd, could work. EC3 was in Impact much longer than Laurel. He absolutely needs an exit while she doesn’t as much.

Impact Wrestling returns tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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