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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Mar. 1, 2018): Hania vs. Rosemary No DQ


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Mar. 1) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

This week, Rosemary will face Hania in a no DQ match. Plus, Eddie Edwards will take on Sami Callihan, Kongo Kong will fight Joseph Park, Ishomori will respond to Matt Sydal’s X Division challenge, and Laurel Van Ness will hold a commitment ceremony.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


EC3 vs. Tyrus

Carter starts by barking at Tyrus and gets shoved so hard he needs to regroup on the outside. He takes his time, comes back in, they lock up, and Tyrus shoves him again. Once again, EC3 rolls outside.

EC3 is stalling. He took some dude’s phone and started looking through it until the guy’s wife/girlfriend/just friend took it back!

Back in the ring and Carter STILL can’t get the big man down. He tries for a slam with zero success. Finally, Tyrus gets some offense with a slam and a series of atomic drops.

EC3 leaves the ring again and walks around, playing up an injury. Tyrus gives chase but when Carter gets back in the ring, he’s able to get the step on Tyrus when he gets in. Carter finally in control.

Carter goes for the Stinger Splash, but Tyrus moves out of the way and is back in charge, hitting a splash of his own. He gets into the corner to grab Carter and the referee tries to separate them. When he does, EC3 lands the thumb to the eye. He tries for the One Percenter, but Tyrus just shoves him down. Tyrus hits a One Percenter of his own and then grabs him with a Tongan Death grip and choke slams him for the 1-2-3.

Tyrus def. EC3


Joseph Park is on the phone with his grandmother, saying that he isn’t letting Abyss out. He asks her if she thinks he has a shot. After a pause he says “I don’t think I do either.”

Sami cuts a promo on his camcorder, telling Eddie Edwards that oVe isn’t just a group, but a religion. And they are coming for him.

We see Sonjay Dutt and Josh Mathews standing in front of a big screen, talking up the show. I mention this only because we haven’t seen them set up the show like this.


El Hijo de Fantasma vs. Braxton Sutter

Sutter asks for a handshake and Fantasma accepts.

Fantasma’s mask has the mouth covered for a change. Looks like a skull design.

The announcers talk up a different attitude for Sutter.

This has been back and forth with Sutter getting more offense than I thought he may. He even tries to grab the tights during a roll up. But Fantasma hits Thrill of the Hunt for the win in the end.

Fantasma def. Sutter

After the match, Fantasma leaves and Sutter gets on the mic. He says that Allie isn’t out here for a reason, and that’s because she ruins lives. He’s tired of being disrespected here. He doesn’t care how much management they go through, he’s the biggest star we’ve ever seen. He didn’t even get an entrance tonight!

Brian Cage’s music hits and the big man walks down to the ring. BIG clothesline! Drill claw! Sutter is laid out and Cage peaces.


Matt Sydal is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. Ishimori rolls in and plants a scroll on Sydal. Matt makes McKenzie reads it. It’s asking him to put his Grand Championship on the line next week so he can take both belts back to Japan. It also calls Sydal a douchebag!

Kongo Kong (w/Jimmy Jacobs) vs. Joseph Park

The crowd starts by chanting “We want Abyss!” And then “We want Grandma!”

This is a one sided beating. When Park is able to try a headbutt, he knocks himself over instead.

Joseph hits a shoulder tackle that gets Kongo off his feet... for like a second. In the end, Kongo hits a top rope splash for the win.

Kongo def. Park

Jacobs gets in the ring and asks if Abyss is coming and Park shakes his head no. Kongo takes Jimmy’s scarf and starts choking him with it as Jimmy keeps asking if Abyss is coming out or not. Joseph gets choked out and Jimmy tells him they’re just getting started.


Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee are celebrating outside, likely their win last week. Lee says they already have LAX trembling. But he’s upset that Caleb got party hats and stuff, which isn’t what he meant when he wanted him to get party stuff. The Mumbai Cats came to the party and Lee apologizes for attacking them the other week.

Then Konnan rolls in to the party. He starts talking to them and the Mumbai Cats reveal themselves to be LAX. They attack Lee and Konley and toss them into the pool.


There’s a video promo of Alberto El Patron telling Austin Aries and Johnny Impact that their spot belongs to him. His goal is destruction until he becomes the champion of Impact Wrestling.

Hania the Huntress vs. Rosemary - no disqualification (?)

Rosemary starts the match by tossing Hania around the ring.

Rosemary locked in her headlock on the ropes and the ref broke it up at 5. I thought this was no DQ. It was certainly advertised as such.

Hania had a run of offense, but this was really all Rosemary, who delivers a big spear and then the Red Wedding in the middle of the ring for the 1-2-3.

Rosemary def. Hania

Post match, Rosemary cuts a promo. She says Hania is nothing but a puppy dog and the Demon Assassin is still the Alpha Bitch. Rosemary declares “we want that knockouts championship, and we will stop at nothing to reclaim it.”

Taya’s music plays... and she’s back!

She slowly makes her way to the ring and steps in, grabbing a microphone. She tells Rosemary that she thinks they shouldn’t be calling her Alpha Bitch but Taya’s bitch. They go face to face and the Demon Assassin wants to fight right now, but Taya backs off. When Rosemary takes her leave, Lucha Royalty ambushes her from behind. Road to Valhalla on the steel ramp!


They play a GWN match Eddie Edwards defeating Lashley for the title.

Laurel Van Ness’ Commitment Ceremony

KM will be officiating LVN marrying a title belt. He brings the belt down and sets it up on a podium. Then he introduces Laurel.

He starts with “We’re gathered here today” but she makes him speed up to the objections part. Braxton Sutter is out here with a neck brace objecting!

BS says that that idiot Brian Cage dropped him on his head and almost killed him. He said his life didn’t flash before his eyes. The only thing he saw Laurel. He says a year ago, he made the biggest mistake of his life leaving her at the alter. He professes his love for Laurel... and then gets on one knee and proposes that he, she, and that championship spend their lives together.

She says, more screams, “No” over and over and kicks him out of the ring. KM interjects “Wow, Braxton. Epic fail, bro!”

She makes KM ask the objections question again. When no one objects, she gets angry, insisting someone object... she’s calling out Allie. But Allie sneaks into the ring from the other side and attacks the champion. Allie tosses her into the podium. LVN takes her title and runs.


Next week, Allie will face LVN for the KOs title. They also confirm Ishimori vs. Sydal title vs. title. The tag titles will be defended - LAX vs. Cult of Lee. Also, oVe will face Lashley and Eddie Edwards. And of course, Austin Aries will defend the Impact title against Johnny Impact.

Video promo for the title match next week played.

Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards

The Crists are out with Sami.

The match starts with the men exchanging suicide dives. Eddie has the advantage but when he’s getting in the ring, Jake Crist grabs the foot. However the referee sees this and tosses both Crists. This’ll be a true one on one.

Later on, Sami delivers a piledriver on the apron. He’s content with the count out but Eddie just beats the count. However, he walks right into a powerbomb. Callihan gets 2.

This is a barnburner of a match, men trading back and forth. At the end, they exchange kicks to the face. It looks like Sami attempts a sunset flip but Edwards sits down into a pin, which gets the win.

Edwards def. Sami

Sami immediately attacks Eddie afterwards. You see Bobby Lashley making his way to the ring in the back but he’s attacked by oVe. Meanwhile, in the ring, Callihan takes the chair from the ring announcer, places it open on the chest of Eddie, and then hits it with a bat. He stands tall as the show goes off the air.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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