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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Feb. 8, 2018): #1 Contenders match


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Feb. 8) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

This week, there will be a fatal 4-way #1 contender’s match for the world title featuring Moose, EC3, Alberto El Patron, & Johnny Impact. Also, Laurel Van Ness will defend her Knockouts championship against Kiera Hogan, Amber Nova will face Hania the Huntress, the Cult of Lee will be in action, and Austin Aries will address the crowd.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


El Hijo de Fantasma and Rohit Raju vs. Taiji Ishimori and Matt Sydal

Fantasma came out with the Triple A Latin American title. Raju is the only one without a title. Raju is the former Hakim Zane.

Sonjay Dutt on commentary.

Raju is having trouble with the team of Ishimori and Sydal the early portions of the match. After a swinging neckbreaker, he’s able to tag in Fantasma. El Hijo runs while as Impact goes to break.

When they return, things soon break down when Ishimori breaks up a submission attempt from Fantasma to Sydal.

Ishimori and Sydal work some double team offense on Raju, which brings in Fantasma. He delivers tiltawhirl backbreakers to both men.

In the end, Ishimori drops Raju onto his knees and Sydal hits the Shooting Star Press for the win.

Ishimori and Matt Sydal win

Fantasma shakes the hand of both victors. Raju is hurting too much to do so.


They show Austin Aries responding to the press from last week. He says he hasn’t yet signed a contract with Impact. He’s still traveling around the world collecting belts. Drake storms in claiming it wasn’t even a real match and is claiming he’s still the champ. Aries says he can have his rematch so when he beats him again, he’s got no excuses.

That match will happen next week!

They play some of the match from where Aries won his first title from Bobby Roode. This was a great moment. It did, however, derail what was likely the Bobby Roode vs. James Storm for the title plan at BFG that year.


The Cult of Lee (Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley) vs. Monroe and Reid

They’re wearing the flags they took from LAX last week.

Looks like it’s Sonjay Dutt and Josh Mathews all night. Not a bad duo.

The Cult soon get Reid isolated and go to work on him.

Trevor knocks Monroe to the floor and delivers the apron kick. Therefore, when Reid fires up, he has no one to tag in. The Cult mocks LAX and then hit an assist pile driver for the win.

The Cult of Lee wins

LAX appear on the big screen. Konnan calls the Cult a bunch of nobodies. The clock is ticking and they are coming for them.


Kiera Hogan is walking backstage when Allie comes up and congratulates her on her win last week. Allie says she’ll be backstage watching the match and if anything happens, she’ll have her back. Someone comes up with a gift for Allie - a big card. It says “Meet me at the Impact Zone the day after Valentine’s Day. Your Secret Admirer.” (That’s next week.)

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Moose backstage. He talks about how he’s never got to play for a championship in football or in Impact. He’s hungry for gold and it doesn’t matter who’s in the ring with him tonight.

Kiera Hogan vs. Laurel Van Ness (c) for the Knockouts championship

She places the championship on the stairs again.

Hogan comes out hot but misses a splash in the corner. Laurel capitalizes by pulling Kiera’s arms back and kicking her head into the corner.

Much like last week, this has become an extended squash.

Kiera fights out of the Unprettier and rolls up the champ but LVN kicks out. The champ comes back with a big boot. She runs at the challenger in the corner but Kiera gets her elbow up. Tries again and gets the knees. Big kick to the head which Laurel had to grab the ropes to stay in this.

It looks like Kiera is about to hit a move (Face the Music?) but Laurel tosses her hard face first into the ropes and then hits the Unprettier for the win.

Van Ness def. Hogan to retain her title

Laurel continues a beat down post match. Allie runs out to make the save. She hits a Code Breaker on the champ, grabs the title, and tries to use it on Van Ness, who has to bail.


They show a camcorder, that someone is holding and filming someone else - looks like Lashley. It says “ove” in the top right so that’s probably Callihan.

Another Brian Cage video is played. He debuts next week.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews EC3. Carter cuts a promo saying there’s controversy whether he’s here or there. But the fact is he’s the best everywhere. And if we think he’s not going to fulfill his destiny to become an E-C-3 time champion, we’re all fools.

Jimmy Jacobs cuts a promo backstage with Kongo Kong in his shadow. Jimmy says he tried to be a nice guy, but Joseph Park didn’t bring Abyss this week. If Joseph doesn’t bring him the monster, he will drag it out of him.

Sydal, with Ishimori, cuts a promo backstage. Matt says that his spiritual adviser taught him how to take the energy from other champions and absorb it. He said that Ishimori has a match against Fantasma next week and wishes him luck.

Back to oVe filming Lashley in the parking lot. The Crists attack the Destroyer and close him in the trunk as Sami tapes it.


Hania the Huntress vs. Amber Nova

Amber offers a hand for handshake but gets face palmed instead.

This is very one sided in favor of Hania much of the match. Amber finally fights back. However, the Huntress caught Nova in a powerbomb and hits a reverse DDT for the win.

Hania def. Amber Nova

Rosemary attacks from behind! She goes for the Red Wedding but Hania fights out and bails.


EC3 vs. Johnny Impact vs. Moose vs. Alberto El Patron in a #1 contenders match

EC3 and Patron work together early on to beat down the two babyfaces. As they work over Moose, Johnny is able to intercede and neutralize the heels. However Carter and Alberto were able to take control back.

Finally, Patron tosses Carter in the corner before he tries to pin Moose. Moose kicks out and EC3 immediately goes at Patron. Johnny takes this moment to interject back into the match. Knee to the face of Alberto, which Moose needs to break up.

Moose with a pop up powerbomb to Johnny, kick to Alberto, kick to EC3. However Johnny lands a kick to Moose. All 4 men down.

The four men are up and brawling when Impact goes to break.

When they got back, Patron fought Moose into the crowd and tossed him into a fence. Then he returned to ringside and tossed EC3 and Johnny into the crowd and tossed them into a fence. Somewhere, Johnny finds crutches and uses them as a weapon.

The fight finally makes its way back into the ring and once again, Carter and Alberto work together on Johnny. They look to double suplex Johnny from the top rope but he beats them down. He goes for a sunset flip powerbomb but doesn’t have the power. Moose makes his awy into the ring and they each powerbomb one.

Double clothesline Moose & Johnny and all 4 men are down.

Moose delivers some offense, but he’s hobbling.

Then we get to the point of the match where each guys gives their best shot. Alberto gets EC3 in the armbar but Moose hits a senton on Patron to break it up. Outside the ring, Alberto tosses Moose into the ring steps and kicks him. In the ring, EC3 tries a roll up to Impact but fails. He goes for the One Percenter but Impact rolls him up for the 1-2-3.

Johnny Impact wins to become #1 Contender


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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