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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Feb. 1, 2018): A New Era Begins


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Feb. 1) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

This is the first set of the most recent set of tapings, the first of the Don Callis/Scott D’Amore era. Tonight, EC3 will team with Alberto El Patron to take on Moose and Johnny Impact. Also, Chris Adonis will host “The Facts of Eli Drake’s Life,” LAX will address their barbed wire match from the other week, KM will battle Lashley, and Kiera Hogan will face Laurel Van Ness.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash still on the call.

We see the lower half of someone getting out of a car and headed into the building. Impact told us who this was weeks ago but it’s still a surprise for those who don’t following the wrestling internet.

Recap of last week.

Fallah Bahh vs. Matt Sydal (c) for the Grand Championship

Four sided ring if you hadn’t seen the news. Blue ropes and not that ugly green.

We see a backstage promo of Matt Sydal talking about a spiritual adviser. He also says there’s no judges. So this is just a normal B title now.

Matt uses his quickness and speed early, trying to kicks to the leg to neutralize the big man. Surprising, as this match rolls on, it’s all Sydal with the big man working from beneath the entire time.

However a crossbody block from the challenger is all it takes to change the momentum of this match... for a brief amount of time. Bahh soon drags Matt the corner and climbs the ropes, but Matt gets his feet up, pushing Bahh over the ropes onto the floor.

Now it’s the champ on the top rope but Bahh goes up to catch him. Matt tries a sunset flip but fails. Fallah tries the Bonzai Drop but Sydal moves. Matt back up to the top... Shooting Start Press. 1-2-3.

Sydal def. Bahh to retain his title


Backstage, Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee are hanging backstage with some sweet Hawaiian shirts. Konley is stressed that Trevor doesn’t have the title but Lee is calm. He’s confident because he’s always five steps ahead of the competition. He says he has “A lot in store for us.” Because “Together, we are Trevor.” New tag team maybe?

KM vs. Lashley

Lashley out hot early, though has a bit of issue with KM’s power. The Destroyer looks to go for the spear early but KM sidesteps it and Lashley goes into the corner as Impact goes to break.

When the show comes back, KM is in control of the former champ. Lashley misses a spear and falls to the outside and KM follows up with a dive over the top rope, which is not something we see from him. He then tosses Lashley into the steel steps and is currently owning Lashley.

Lashley finally fights out of a pump handle slam and hits the spear for the win.

Lashley def. KM


Joseph Park is on the phone with his Grandma Jenny apologizing for what happened to Chandler. Jimmy Jacobs rolls up with Kongo Kong and said that what happened to Chandler didn’t need to happen. He wants the monster Abyss and he’s going to get him next week.

Backstage, Bobby Lashley says he’s going to focus on both professional wrestling and MMA. He walks by Eddie Edwards and ignores him.

Laurel Van Ness vs. Kiera Hogan

LVN puts the belt on the ring steps again, like she did last week when she ended up using the title as a weapon.

This is very one sided, all Laurel.

Finally Kiera avoids a splash in the corner and follows up with some forearms. She goes to the top rope but the champ meets her and tosses her off the ropes. Curb stomp and the Unprettier... but Allie walks down the ring jawing at the champ after last week. Hogan takes the opportunity to roll up the champ for the win!

Kiera Hogan def. Van Ness

We learn later in the night that Kiera will get a title shot next week.


More of the mystery man backstage.

Alberto El Patron and NXT’s EC3 are interviewed backstage prior to their tag match tonight. Patron asks to be referred to as the “Pride of Mexico.” He said he doesn’t need to prepare for the caliber of competition tonight. He also makes sure to run down his tag partner. EC3 says that he’s a Carter and that supersedes a Patorn. Since he’s a two time champ, he said Patron should follow his lead. They have an awkward handshake.

LAX promo

Crowd is hot for LAX, so far the biggest crowd reaction of the night.

Konnan says they are always ready for a fight and always at Defcon 5. oVe come out and march to the ring. The climb into the ring and go face to face with LAX. Sami Callihan says that they hate all of LAX and the crowd because they hate everything. But he has to admit that they respect LAX for what they went through. And if they don’t end it, someone’s going to end up six feet under. But they will be coming for those Impact championships some time in 2018.

They then leave.

Konnan has to have the last word. He follows them up halfway up the ramp and says they’re owed nothing and they’re getting nothing.

But in the ring, LAX are getting attacked by the Cult of Lee with weapons! They run off with the flags of LAX.


Now McKenzie Mitchell interviews Moose and Johnny Impact. Johnny puts over both Carter and Patron as all stars. Impact cuts a promo in Spanish saying they’re going to kick their asses and take them to Slamtown.

We see parts of a GWN match between NXT’s Drew McIntyre vs. NXT’s EC3.

Eli Drake is backstage asking Chris Adonis who the special guest he brought for their segment tonight. Adonis doesn’t know what he’s referring to but he’s ready to celebrate tonight. They also claim that they saved Johnny Impact’s life last week and that’s why Adonis caught him from the cage.

They play a promo video of what appears to be an apocalypse. It’s a promo for Brian Cage.

EC3 & Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Impact & Moose

Early on, Carter finds himself taking Moose punches from both Johnny and Moose. Moose is eventually distracted by Alberto and EC3 is able to capitalize with a knee. This gives Carter and Patron’s team the control.

EC3 tosses Moose out of the ring and turns to distract the referee. Alberto tossed Moose into the guardrail while this is happening. Johnny is furious.

After some punishment, Moose is able to reverse a suplex and tag in his partner. In comes Johnny delivering strikes to Carter. And then a drop kick. Standing Spanish Fly for a 2 count.

He sets up Ethan for Starship Pain but Carter rolls out of the way. Patron tagged and runs right into a kick from Moose. Starship Pain. 1-2-Carter pulls Johnny to the floor as Impact goes to break.

When the show comes back, Johnny is getting worked over by Patron. Impact able to back body drop Patron over the top rope to the floor and make his way to Moose. Carter pulls Moose from the apron some Impact can’t tag and Alberto tags in EC3. More trouble for Johnny.

EC3 goes for a side suplex to Johnny off the second rope but Impact shifts his weight. Both men down. Johnny finally able to tag Moose in. Patron also tagged in.

Moose is out hot with a headbutt and a hesitation drop kick. Carter needs to come back in to break up the pinfall. Impact delivers Moonlight Drive to EC3. Alberto goes at Johnny and is able to toss Moose in the corner as well.

After a sequence with Patron, Impact finds himself in the tree of woe and Alberto hits his stomp... but Moose with a big clothesline. 1-2-3.

Moose and Johnny Impact win


The Facts of Eli Drake’s Life

Chris Adonis puts over the champ for single handedly beating Johnny Impact and Alberto El Patron to retain his gold last week.

Adonis has them play a video to show Drake is the greatest champ that ever lived, which was just Eli holding up the belt. Then another to show how great Drake has dressed. Then another to show how he’s the greatest friend but it was just video of Adonis in the turkey suit and being taken advantage of. Adonis is angry because that wasn’t the video he gave the truck.

Drake said he’s the greatest champ, greatest dressed, and greatest friend. That would make him the greatest man that ever lived.

But here comes Austin Aries, the real Greatest Man Who Ever Lived!

Austin said that he had to come out to dispute who the real Greatest Man Who Ever Lived was. And he’s got some facts of his own. He’s a 6-time and longest reigning X Division champion. He’s a former tag champion. He’s a former World heavyweight champion. And he’s been traveling the world collecting championships. The last fact: He and Drake have never mixed it up in the ring and to call him the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, Eli needs to beat him.

Drake said that everything Aries said is former and somewhere else. He says if Austin Aries wants to do it right now, they won’t.

Chris Adonis hits Aries with the title and now Drake is ready to have this match. They call down a ref. He goes for the cover but Aries kicks out at 2. Championship match is on!

Aries vs. Drake (c) for the title

Eli charges into the corner but Aries moves. Drop kick in the corner. Brainbuster!! 1-2-3. New champ!

Aries def. Drake to win the Impact world championship


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us.

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