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Impact Wrestling Ratings (Dec. 20, 2018): Numbers down for clip show, probably still better than next year


The numbers are in for last night’s Thursday night lineup and Impact’s numbers saw a bit of a drop this week. Viewership came in at 116K, down from 140K. The rating number that indicates the prime 18 - 49 year old demographic ticked down to 0.04 from 0.05.

This was an advertised clip show so a drop is to be expected. But it is still pretty standard for what they’ve been pulling in at the 10 pm time slot. There’s a core group of a bit over 100K people who seem to watch Impact no matter what.

Unfortunately for that core group. Impact is moving to the Pursuit channel in a few weeks. That station is only in half the homes that POP is. Plus they moved to a less desirable time slot, now on Friday but still at 10 pm. We’ll see where things falls, but it’s entirely possible that these clip show numbers will be unattainable next year.

The numbers from the last month:

  • This week: 116K / 0.04
  • Dec. 13: 140K / 0.05
  • Dec. 6: 116K / 0.04
  • Nov. 29: 122K / 0.03
  • Nov. 22: 124K / 0.03

We didn’t recap the clip show, but if you’re interested in our own best and worst of Impact, you can find that here.

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