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Impact Wrestling preview (Nov. 29, 2018): Tag collision course

Impact Wrestling YouTube

Impact Wrestling returns tonight (Nov. 29) from Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the third episode from the most recent set of tapings.

Advertised for tonight:

  • The Lucha Bros vs. Willie Mack & Rich Swann
  • Jordynne Grace vs. Katarina
  • Eli Drake vs. Tommy Dreamer
  • The Rascalz debut
  • Taya Valkyrie in action

As per usual, here are our five questions about Impact tonight:

1) Why doesn’t Konnan want LAX to face the Lucha Bros?

It looks like we’re headed towards LAX vs. Lucha Bros as the next big tag title feud. However, Konnan isn’t down with that.

Two weeks ago, Santana and Ortiz suggested to Konnan that they defend the titles against Pentagon Jr. and Fenix. K-Dawg told them it wasn’t the time for it, clearly apprehensive of booking that match. We don’t know why though.

Konnan looks at the Lucha Bros as his boys like he does Santana and Ortiz. Perhaps he doesn’t want a fight between two pairs of guys he cares about to turn into a bloody war. He knows how Pentagon can be violent. He knows how hot headed LAX can be. Would they be able to stay civil when the gold is on the line?

Or perhaps he doesn’t feel he could advise LAX against the Lucha Bros because he’d be choosing sides.

He may not have a choice though. Tonight’s match against Willie Mack & Rich Swann isn’t an official #1 contenders match, but sure sounds like the winner will be next in line. With the Lucha Bros the favorites to win, a date with LAX may be around the corner no matter how Konnan feels about it.

2) Is Jordynne going to get more of a chance to show off this time?

Jordynne Grace’s second match in Impact is against the same person as her first.

She faced Katarina a couple weeks back but didn’t get a chance to really show off the power that makes her special. Katarina put up hell of a fight and because of that, Jordynne was on the defensive much of the time.

This second go around, it is time for Grace to have more of the advantage. Let’s see her over power Katarina through more of the match. While it shouldn’t be a straight squash, Jordynne’s introductory matches should showcase what makes her special.

3) Who’s in the Ultimate X match?

During last week’s Thanksgiving special, Impact announced via a short promotional video that a new X Division champion would be crowned at Homecoming in an Ultimate X match.

It was short on details, such as who is actually in the match. There may not be enough X Division talent on the roster to hold qualifiers for the match. However, there’s plenty of indie talent at promotions they do business with they can bring in for a qualifier if they choose to go that way.l

I would guess Matt Sydal, Dezmond Xavier, and Rich Swann will be in it. DJZ and Andrew Everett have done work with the promotion and would be good additions as well. Rey Fenix would be a great addition but I expect he and his brother to be feuding with LAX at the same PPV.

4) Do the Rascalz work the stoner gimmick during their matches?

Dezmond Xavier is reunited with the Rascalz and they are running a stoner gimmick. (This may very well be their general gimmick outside Impact, but this is my first exposure to them.)

We’ve already seen a That 70’s Show inspired segment of them smoking some ganja. Do they play thast up during the match? Or when the bell rings, is it time for business?

We should find out tonight when they debut as a team.

5) Will we see Disco Inferno in Impact again?

Maybe in a backstage bit after his turkey suit humiliation last week, but probably not much more than that.

Impact Wrestling returns tonight at 10 ET on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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