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Disco Inferno had to wear the dreaded turkey suit this year


Impact Wrestling has a yearly tradition where someone has to wear a turkey suit on Thanksgiving. It’s meant as a humiliation and people will fight just to avoid such a dishonor. Men like AJ Styles and Alex Shelley have had to don the outfit. Men like Grado and Jessie Godderz have had to wear it. It really runs the gamut of wrestlers. No one is safe.

This year, it was Disco Inferno.

The set up was a match dubbed Eli Drake’s Gravy Train Turkey Trot. It was a 10-person tag where the person who took the pin had to wear the suit. Eli Drake captained one team and Fallah Bahh captained the other. They chose their teammates randomly.

On Drake’s side, he had Jake Crist, Katarina, Rohit Raju, and Glenn Gilbertti (who you know as Disco Inferno or man who occasionally says obnoxious stuff on the internet).

On Fallah’s side, he had his tag partner KM, Dezmond Xavier, Japanese comedic wrestler Kikutaro, and Alisha Edwards.

Kikutaro and Disco aren’t regular Impact talents.

It was really lucky that even though it was a random drawing, all the heels were on one side and faces on another. What are the odds?

The match was never one to be taken seriously. With spots like this, how could you?

Scarlett Bordeaux, who everyone on the roster is infatuated with, came out in the middle of the bout to observe. Her mere presence distracted everyone in the match. The referee spent about five minutes (which included a commercial break) just staring at her.

In the end, all the babyfaces performed the Fallah Bahh roll on Disco (this included the referee) before Bahh landed the Banzai Drop for the 1-2-3.

Like all losers in these contests, Disco refused to put the suit on. This was until Bordeaux walked to the ring and told him she likes a man who doesn’t take himself seriously. This caused Inferno to eagerly put the suit on. Then Scarlett told him he looked like an idiot and left.

This was the entire focus of Impact this week, pretty much taking the night off from any real stories given it was Thanksgiving. It was an episode that was either dumb or dumb fun, depending what you like in your wrestling.

Either way, it continued their tradition without making one of their full time talents look the fool in the costume. And who doesn’t like to see Disco Inferno make an idiot of himself?

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