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Impact Wrestling results, live blog (Oct. 4, 2018): Matt Sydal vs. Rich Swann


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Oct. 4) from Frontón México in Mexico City, Mexico and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM ET. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, Rich Swann will face Matt Sydal. Also, Kiera Hogan goes against Su Yung, Scarlett Bordeaux tries to find a client to take her to the top, Eli Drake’s open challenge continues, Joe Hendry has to fight Murder Clown, and what is LAX’s next move?

We’ll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Rich Swann vs. Matt Sydal

Sydal offers the hand prior the match and Rich apprehensively shakes it. But then Sydal pointed to his third eye and the match is underway.

Ghostbusters is on after Impact, which is usually something I won’t mention, but it’s Ghostbusters.

When the fight falls onto the floor, Matt crawls under the ring. Swann goes fishing for him and gets a hit to the face (perhaps with a weapon but we don’t know).

Josh explaining that the Mexican fans will settle in and watch a match, which is why we don’t hear too much crowd noise compared to US crowds.

Sydal sets up Swann for a big frankensteiner from the top but Rich lands on his feet and hits a big superkick! Swann then puts Matt on the top and tries the same but Sydal turns it in to a powerbomb.

Swann goes up the top rope while Sydal distracts the ref. Someone (we don’t see who) interrupts and powerbombs Swann from the apron to the ring. Sydal then hits a swinging move for the win.

The mystery man is Ethan Page!

Sydal def. Swann


- oVe camcorder promo where Dave Crist is convinced that Pentagon has magical powers while Sami insists he doesn’t. Dave is very broken up.

- Eddie Edwards gets a call from Alisha’s cell but it’s Moose on the other end. Moose says that Alisha is fine, she’s right next to him. He gives him a locale to meet him at. We don’t see Alisha during this.

Scarlett Bordeaux segment

Scarlett Bordeaux appears next to the announcers and they both fight about who gets to help her up to the table. Don Callis wins.

Scarlett says she wants to find a man to lead to the championship. This leads into an Eli Drake open challenge.

Drake cuts his typical promo prior - very good but nothing of major substance.

La Parka answers! The chairman!

Eli Drake vs. La Parka

La Parka actually on top early on. But he misses a corner splash and Drake hits a rather ugly looking cutter (which may be on La Parka’s end).

Drake gets a chair and introduces it into the ring, but La Parka ends up with it. Eli Drake rolls out and it looks like he may bail on this match.

He did. Count out loss.

La Parka def. Drake via countout


- LAX are in the clubhouse when the OGz roll in. The OGz start taking stuff off the walls like the titles and the flag, knowing LAX can’t touch them. They take some shots off the table and King spits it in Konnan’s face. LAX resists attacking them.

- Sydal and Page are backstage. Matt is saying that if Swann isn’t going to open up his third eye, he’ll open up someone else’s. Page claims Swann dropped the ball. Sydal issues a challenge to Swann for BFG. Swann and any partner he wants vs. Sydal Page.

Murder Clown (w/Katarina) vs. Joe Hendry (w/Grado)

Hendry has a specific song about the love life between Murder Clown & Katarina.

It’s pretty much a battering. Hendry was able to hit an impressive fallaway slam on the bigger man, but Murder Clown wins with a top rope splash.

Murder Clown def. Joe Hendry

Afterwards, Clown introduces a table into the ring. Grado tries to plead with him but gets low blowed from behind by Katarina. Clown places Hendry on the table and splashes him right through it.


Eddie Edwards/Moose segment

Eddie Edwards goes to the location Moose gave him. He enters the room to find Moose and Alisha one side of a table. Moose has Eddie sit down. He talks about how embarrassing it is that Aries is the one who checked on him in the hospital. Edwards tries to explain to Moose that Aries and Killer Kross aren’t his friends. Moose says Eddie has no right to talk about friendship. He says he understands why Moose is angry and he can beat him up at BFG. But this has nothing to do with Alisha.

Alisha tosses water in the face of Moose and runs. Kross comes out of nowhere and attacks Eddie but Edwards puts his thumbs in the eyes of Kross and they’re able to escape. Eddie then calls Johnny Impact to let him know that Austin Aries is currently unprotected.


Johnny Impact/Austin Aries segment

After the break, we see Johnny searching for Aries. He checks the dressing room which is empty. He thinks he sees him doing an interview but it’s a random guy.

Johnny makes he way to the ring and calls out Aries.

Aries slowly walks out with his arm in a sling. He’s walking very gingerly.

The champ claims the injuries are from Johnny hit him in the head with the world title last week. He runs down a list of injuries from that incident. Johnny reassures him he doesn’t want to fight tonight. He wants to fight at BFG. He wants this to be who proves their they best, not who can have the most goons.

Johnny asks Aries if he has the guts to come out alone at Bound for Glory. Austin says that he’s already beat him and at Bound for Glory, he guarantees that Moose and Kross won’t be there to interfere. Because he doesn’t need anyone to beat him.

Aries says he knows who he is. But does Johnny know who he is. Because he’s got his eggs in so many baskets while Aries just has one basket and he’s the master of it. The champ goes on to say Johnny looks the part of champion, but he actually is.

A Double says that at BFG, Johnny is going to look like a million bucks. But he may just come out in plain black trunks and maybe not even have entrance music but when he enters that ring, he’s going to prove why he’s the champ.

Johnny makes it known that he’d rather get wheeled out alone of the PPV on a stretcher than join any team of the champ’s.

This ends with Aries cheap shotting Johnny with the microphone. He rips off the sling that he never needed in the first place. He tries to hit Johnny with the title, but Impact ducks and nails a superkick. Then Starship Pain.


- Cage says tonight, he’s going to destroy the Crists and then Callihan.

- Desi Hit Squad are backstage, both upset they lost the tag titles last week. Here comes Gama Singh hitting them with a broom again. He says next week, they’ll facing each other to see who the weakest link is.

- GWN moment of the week. Hogan vs. Sting.

- Scarlett Bordeaux enters the locker room and there’s Jack Evans! He does a flip for her. Puma King then walks in, but they seem to drive her away. Oh we’re getting a full Smoke Show.

The Smoke Show

Petey Williams first tries to convince her to pick him by giving her the secret of the Canadian Destroyer. Trevor Lee watches and eventually stops him because he thinks Petey is being a creep. She asks both of them to leave but isn’t angry.


Kiera Hogan (w/Allie) vs. Su Yung (w/the undead maid of honor)

Pretty even match with a slight advantage to Su Yung.

In the end, the maid of honor jumps on the apron as Kiera is climbing to the top. Allie neutralizes her, but both she and Kiera get a palm strike. Then Hogan gets the Panic Switch and Su gets the win.

Su def. Kiera

After the match, all the bridesmaids bring out the coffin. But Allie is back in the ring attacking Su. The bridesmaid tries to interfere but Allie takes care of her. Allie tosses Su out of the ring but distraction gives Yung the chance to lock in the mandible claw. Su Yung tries to toss her in the coffin. Kiera is up and tosses Allie aside but gets put in the coffin herself.


- Backstage, Allie is having a breakdown about what just happened. She says she knows what she has to do.

- Taya Valkyrie video package.

oVe vs. Lucha Bros & Brian Cage

Action is pretty non stop.

When it looks like Sami has to go face to face with Cage, he tosses the ref to get himself DQ’d.

Lucha Bros & Cage win by DQ

Fight continues afterwards with the six of them. Cage suplexes Jake over the rope on top of everyone else on the floor. Fenix hits a corkscrew plancha off the guardrail. The fight continues as Impact goes off the air.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us.

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