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Impact Wrestling results, live blog (Oct. 18, 2018): Bound for Glory fallout


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Oct. 18) from the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, New York and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM ET. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight is the Bound for Glory fallout. Cage will defend his X Division title against Rich Swann, Allie faces Alisha Edwards, Ethan Page goes up against Trevor Lee, and Scarlett Bordeaux’s talent search will be opened to all.

We’ll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


BFG video recap.

The new opening of Impact has one brief shot of Austin Aries but he’s otherwise not in it.

Johnny Impact championship address

Johnny talks about his life time love of the business. Talks about how he has always done what others didn’t think was a good idea, including Boone and Survivor.

Now that he’s the champ, he won’t hind behind goons, tweet passive aggressive things, or politick to get out of big matches. If he thinks someone deserves the championship, he’ll give them a shot.

Out comes Fenix.

He congratulates his friend but then asks for a shot next week at the title.

Impact accepts. It’ll happen next week.


Announced Impact will be moving to 10 pm and called it “Impact after dark.”

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Tommy Dreamer. He cuts a promo on Moose, putting him over but then saying he’s going to kick the shit out of him and even threatens to give him a concussion with a chairshot to the head.

McKenzie interviews Killer Kross & Moose outside, asking about Dreamer’s challenge. Killer Kross says that Moose isn’t accepting. Both of them are.

Katarina vs. Taya Valkyrie

The ring announcer called her “Katarina Lea.”

Kat with the advantage early. And she sustains the offense for awhile.

But Taya fights back and hits the Road to Valhalla for the win.

Taya def. Katarina

McKenzie interviews Taya in the ring afterwards. Mitchell brings up that the ref was out of place but Taya shoots down blaming the ref, but she thinks Tessa is better than using the ring apron spot to distract the ref. And she doesn’t respect Tessa after that.


Ethan Page and Matt Sydal are backstage. Matt tells Ethan that they are here to open third eyes. Page says Sunday loss isn’t that painful because Sydal made him in tune with himself. Sydal says he can use the suffering of that loss to show everyone how he’s grown.

Rohit Raju is outside being struck by Gama Singh. Gama tells him what’s next for Raju is up to Gama. But he needs to pass another test - he has to fight him. Next week.

Trevor Lee vs. Ethan Page (w/Matt Sydal)

Announcers talking up how Trevor needs a win.

Trevor has the momentum early on. Ethan fights back and will point to his third eye on occasion.

The ref gets caught between them. Trevor takes advantage and tosses Page outside and then gives him the running apron kick. He tosses Page into the ring and Sydal distracts him, asking if he wants to learn how to open his third eye.

Page takes advantage of this when Lee gets back in the ring. It goes to a back and forth affair and Page wins with a big uranage.

Page def. Lee


Rich Swann & Willie Mack interviewed backstage. They talk up Sunday’s win and Swann’s win tonight. Mack says he’ll be watching from the back so Rich will be taking care of this on his own.

Quick video recap of the Undead Realm segment from Sunday.

We see Kiera walk up to Allie backstage. Allie’s hair is dyed black. Kiera asks why she hasn’t heard from her since Sunday. Allie, who is extra friendly, says she’s fine and has a match tonight. When asked if Kiera will be out there with her, Kiera says she always has her back, but she’s definitely taken aback.

GWN moment of the week when Eric Young wins the title from Magnus. I dug EY’s music during this run.

Petey Williams finds Scarlett Bordeaux backstage and assumes he’s the talent she’s choosing. She finds him adorable and impressive, but so are so many others. She breaks it to him that the talent search is open to everyone, including the fans. Next week she’s having her first viewing party, and he should send in a video.


Killer Kross (with Moose) vs. Tommy Dreamer

At one point outside the ring, Tommy drinks some water to spit it in his face but Kross lifts him up and drops him legs split on the guardrail. He of course spits the water everywhere.

The announcers say Eddie Edwards isn’t here this week after the powerbomb on the apron at BFG.

When Tommy is heating up, Moose tries to interfere a couple times. Tommy actually drops both Moose and Kross at the same time.

Tommy attacks Moose with a kendo stick. Kross tries to deliver the Doomsday Saito but Dreamer bites him! However, Kross able to hit it soon after. But he doesn’t go for the cover. Instead, he delivers a second. And he’s still not going for the cover but the referee calls the match.

Kross def. Tommy by referee stoppage

After the match, Moose and Kross put the boots to the Innovator of Violence. Kross pulls Dreamer to his feet and Moose spears him.


Clips of the Abyss HOF induction.

Eli Drake interviewed backstage. He asks McKenzie if she enjoyed watching that before saying he thinks it’s a conspiracy. Everyone wants to get a little piece of him. He says this has become an unsafe work environment (he talks about the LAX/OGz match) and says he’ll be suing Impact for this unsafe work environment.

LAX celebrates their win at the bar. The OGz walk in. King say he has a message from the bosses. The bosses were kind enough to let the OGz keep a piece of New York but they have to stay out of each other’s territories. Konnan says this isn’t their territory so peace. The party continues.


Alisha Edwards vs. Allie

Josh Mathews mentions that Jordynne Grace will be making her way to Impact soon.

It’s an even match for most of the match. After Allie escapes a sleeper hold, she snaps. She slaps her face and starts laying into Alisha. She slowly picks up Alisha and hits the Code Breaker for the win.

Allie def. Alisha

After the match, Allie starts choking Alisha! Kiera is in to stop her and Allie suddenly realizes what she’s done.


Video package for a female coming soon (probably Jordynne Grace like Josh mentioned.)

Rich Swann vs. Brian Cage (c) for the X Division championship

Cage with the power start but kicks to the head from Swann help Swann stay in this.

In the end, it’s Weapon X for the win.

Cage def. Swann to retain his title

After the match, Sami Callihan walks to the win and points to the title. Then he points to the video tron where they play the video of him pinning him. He then kicks the bandaged leg of Cage and tries to hit him with the title. But Cage with a clothesline. The Crists run out to make the save. Jake takes a Drill Claw.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching us. With the new time slot two hours later, there probably won’t be a live blog going forward.

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