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Impact Wrestling spoilers from Oct. 15: Absent Aries, Altered Allie

Sami Callihan’s Twitter

Impact Wrestling stuck around in New York City for a couple days worth of television taping after their Bound for Glory pay-per-view (PPV). First things first, Austin Aries was not on hand for Mon., Oct. 15’s show, and his controversial walkout from Sunday night was alluded to but not directly addressed. You can get the latest report on his status in the Rumor Roundup here.

Beyond that, how did things go at Queens’ Melrose Ballroom?

That’s what we’re here to tell you, Cagesiders. Here’s what happened in NYC:

These results are compiled from a variety of live reports which are subject to a couple levels of interpretation, and final production of the material for airing on television usually changes context, so...

Take these with a grain of salt, is all I’m saying. Still the big matches, winners/losers and story beats are here.

Filmed Oct. 15:

- Ace Austin def. Shawn Donovan (Xplosion)

- Brian Cage def. Rich Swann with multiple powerbombs after a missed 450 to retain the X-Division Championship

- Afterwards, Sami Callihan came down to talk trash about pinning Cage at BFG and attack the champ. He tried to hit him with the belt but got clotheslined. oVe rescued him from further damage.

- New World champ Johnny Impact cut a babyface promo about betting on yourself and achieving your dreams, vowing to be a figting champ. He referenced the Aries walkout with naming him, saying the end of BFG was crazy and unpredictable, and that’s what attracted him to wrestling as a kid. Fenix came out to congratulate his friend, mentioning he’s never won the Impact title and asking for a shot “next week”. Impact says yes, and references their friendship, but says it won’t stop them from beating the crap out of each other. He also says that if it isn’t his night and he loses the belt to Fenix, he’ll raise his arm like a professional and not pitch a fit and run away like the last guy.

- Killer Kross (with Moose) def. Tommy Dreamer after a referee stoppage. Dreamer fought off Moose interference with a kendo stick, but the match ended after some power moves from Kross ended with Dreamer getting dropped on his head. The heels continued to beat him down after the bell and Tommy was helped to the back.

- Taya Valkyrie def. Katarina with an Impact Buster. In a post-match interview, Taya says she used to respect Tessa Blanchard, but no longer does because of the way the Knockouts champ beat her at BFG.

- Ethan Page (with Matt Sydal) def. Trevor Lee with a chokeslam

- Allie (with Kierra Hogan) def. Alisha Edwards via pinfall. Allie’s comeback included her slapping herself and changing her mannerisms as whatever her trip to the netherworld brought out of her took over. She continued to attack Edwards after the bell until Hogan stopped her and snapped her out of it. Allie looked confused and even checked on Alisha before they left.

- Pentagon Jr. def. Homicide (with Hernandez & King) via pinfall with a roll-up counter to the Gringo Killer. The OGz jumped him after the bell and Fenix made the save, but the numbers overwhelmed Lucha Bros.

- LAX (with Konnan) def. The Heavenly Bodies; showcase for the tag champs against some locals from WrestlePro in New Jersey.

- Gama Singh def. Rohit Raju with assistance from Gursinder Singh. Gama delivered a big pre-match promo hyping the man he was representing in the match, then introduced himself.

- Su Yung def. Kierra Hogan with a sitout powerbomb; Allie tried to get involved to help her friend, but it was revealed Su could control her like a supernatural puppet, not only keeping her from running in, but making her move her arms, etc.

- Moose & Killer Kross def. Fallah Bahh & KM; Eddie Edwards attacked Moose during the match, choking him out with a kendo stick, but Kross was still able to trap KM in the middle of the ring and get a tap out win.

- Johnny Impact def. Fenix with Starship Pain to retain the Impact World title.

- After the champ left, the OGz attacked Fenix. Pentagon made the save with a steel chair, leading to a taping ending staredown between the sides.

Another couple shows in the books. What do you think?

H/T: PWInsider and Wrestling Inc

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