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James Ellsworth debuts for Impact at Bound for Glory, quickly loses

At Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view (PPV) tonight (Oct. 14), former Impact champion Eli Drake held an open challenge.

While fans were chanting for Chris Jericho, they got James Ellsworth instead.

The rules of the open challenge set by Drake included that the person had to be from New York, which Ellsworth is not. The Chinless Wonder is from Baltimore. But Ellsworth used the clever excuse that he used to date a girl from Staten Island and lived in her basement for a bit.

James would coldcock Drake, getting the match started.

While Ellsworth held his own for a short while, his attempt at a Styles Clash would soon be reversed into Drake’s finisher the Gravy Train.

Thanks for coming, Ellsworth!

You can find all of the results from Bound for Glory here.

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