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Impact Wrestling results, live blog (Oct. 11, 2018): Bound for Glory go home show


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Oct. 11) from Frontón México in Mexico City, Mexico and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM ET. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, Austin Aries, Moose, & Killer Kross face Johnny Impact, Eddie Edwards, & Fallah Bahh. Also, Tessa Blanchard goes against Keyra, LAX & the OGz hold a summit, and there will be a fatal 4-way between Jack Evans, Petey Williams, Puma King, & Trevor Lee.

We’ll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Jack Evans vs. Trevor Lee vs. Petey Williams vs. Puma King

Puma King is the fan favorite here.

Early on they book it so there are two guys going in the ring. Petey and Puma King. Petey and Trevor.

Very important update: Josh Mathews and Don Callis are headed back to Don’s room (which has a jacuzzi) to watch I Know What You Did Last Summer on Pop after the show.

After things pick up a bit in the end, Petey Williams delivers the Canadian Destroyer to Trevor Lee for the 1-2-3.

Petey Williams wins


- McKenzie Mitchell interviews Rich Swann, asking about his partner for Sunday. He says he did find a partner, someone on the same level as him. Same charisma, athleticism, and raw talent. WE LEARN IT’S WILLIE MACK!

Grado vs. Maximo

Don called Maximo “The Mexican Grado.” He is wearing a shirt that says “Kiss me.”

A lot of playing to the crowd early for both guys. Crowd loves Maximo and not Grado9.

Maximo tries to kiss Grado a couple times unsuccessfully amidst the wrestling. At one point, Maximo does an impressive suicide dive headbutt onto Grado.

Towards the end, Grado looks to be in control. But Maximo plants a kiss on him and the rolls him up for the pinfall win.

Maximo def. Grado

Post match handshake... but then Grado kisses Maximo and marches off!


- Eddie Edwards, Johnny Impact, and Fallah Bahh are backstage. Eddie is pissed that Moose involved Eddie’s wife so he’s going to give him a taste of what he’s going to do to him at Bound for Glory tonight. Johnny cuts a promo about how they’re taking all their opponents tonight to Slamtown.

- Video package recapping the LAX/OGz feud

- GWN video - 4 corner Knockouts match with Angelina Love, Tara, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne. Looks like Mickie James the special guest ref.

- Video package for the oVe vs. Lucha Bros/Cage 6-man

- McKenzie Mitchell interviews Eli Drake about last week’s open challenge against La Parka. Drake claims La Parka brought in a chair and got DQ’d, which is factually inaccurate (which Mitchell points out). He’s bringing the open challenge to Bound for Glory - only for people from New York.


Gursinder Singh vs. Rohit Raju

Gama Singh introduces them as the “former” Desi Hit Squad

They come out together even though they’re going to fight each other.

Apparently, the loser has to go back to Punjab, India and will no longer be a member of the Desi Hit Squad.

These men are very apprehensive, clearly not wanting to fight each other. At one point, Rohit pleads that his friend stay down. Of course, Gursinder did not.

Rohit seems to hurt his shoulder and Gursinder is hesitant to attack it. Rohit takes the advantage from that hesitation and delivers a knee to the face and a flatliner for the 1-2-3.

Rohit def. Gursinder

Rohit tries to help Gursinder up, but Gama Singh gets in the ring, slaps Rohit, and makes him leave.


Johnny Impact, Eddie Edwards, & Fallah Bahh vs. Austin Aries, Moose, & Killer Kross

Surprised this isn’t the main event.

Fallah and Kross have a good face to face exchange early on, trading shots and not backing down. Kross hits a BIG clothesline on Bahh.

Then we get Moose and Eddie together. Moose delivers a chop to Eddie and Eddie just asks for me. When Moose sets up for the next, Eddie sneaks in chops of his own. Crowd is hot for Edwards. Eddie delivers a top rope Frankensteiner.

Soon, Eddie knocked to the floor and the heels attack him on the outside. This leads to Eddie as the face in peril for a brief period.

Bahh tagged in against the champ. Hits a big belly to belly. Fallah climbs to the middle rope looking for the Bonzai Drop. Aries grabs the ref while Moose kicks Bahh. An angry Johnny runs in, but the ref walks him back to his corner, leaving Fallah open for more punishment. Now it’s Bahh who is in trouble.

After a good deal of punishment, Bahh hits a desperation Samoan Drop to Moose. Johnny tagged in. Aries tagged in.

Strong one on one action between the champion and challenger. Aries locks in the Chancery. Eddie tries to run in but Moose takes care of him. Johnny able to drag Austin to the rope.

When Moose breaks up a count, Eddie runs in and they go at it. And this is when the match starts to get crazy.

Aries sets up for a suicide dive but Impact intercepts him with a springboard kick. He delivers Starship Pain and goes for the cover but Kross pulls him out and hits the Saito on the floor. Then Eddie gets an apron powerbomb from Moose!

Impact is tossed into the ring... Brainbuster from Aries! 1-2-3.

Aries, Kross, & Moose win


- When running down the BFG card, they note there will be Allie vs. Su Yung match. No stipulations mentioned.

- Video of Father James Mitchell playing the organ when Allie, who is holding a hatchet, walks up to him? He says he knew she’d be to see him sooner than later. She tells him she needs to go back to the Undead Realm! She knows she can’t get her soul back given the deal she made. Her soul isn’t his to give anyway. She doesn’t want her soul back. She just wants to go help Kiera. On Sunday night, she’ll go into the coffin and into the undead realm.

That was wild.


Tessa Blanchard vs. Keyra

Keyra with a flurry of offense as soon as the match starts. She has Tessa off her game.

Blanchard slides to the floor but Keyra follows her and hits a big time superkick. She goes for a rana off the apron but Tessa catches her and runs her into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Tessa has the advantage. But Keyra hits a big running elbow in the corner to get the momentum back.

Tessa with a hangman’s drop and then the Buzzsaw DDT for the win.

Tessa def. Keyra


LAX/OGz summit

King cuts a promo on Konnan, talking about putting the hit out on him in order to get the old dog out. It’s pretty much a rundown of the feud, at least from the OGz perspective.

Konnan responds with a promo in Spanish. In English, he tells King that all he’d need to do is say the word and all the fans would rush the ring and take out the OGz. He reminds King that Hernandez and Homicide took their only 5150 Street Fight loss under King.

K-Dawg talks about how he raised King. He was the father he never had. He validated them as they came into LAX. Konnan reminds King of the G Code - no kids, no families, no breaking truces.

Konnan has a message from the Bosses - the ceasefire is over.

A brawl ensues as Impact goes off the air.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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