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Let’s rewatch one of the best moments in Impact’s history

Recently, I was putting off some work on the Twitter and came across this tweet from WWE United States champion Bobby Roode.

Seeing these two together had me thinking that this isn’t the first time these two men have interacted. No, in fact they spent some time together in TNA as part of the Fortune stable.

That led me to YouTubing some Fortune videos and finding one of the greatest moments of Impact television from back in 2010.

This magic right here is now former Ring of Honor champion Jay Lethal and Ric Flair going head to head in what you could call a “Flair Off.” And you know what? Jay Lethal may do a better Ric Flair than Ric Flair. Lethal’s impression of the Nature Boy was so spot on that if you closed your eyes, you may not know which was which. He made sure to elbow his jacket to drive the point home.

It’s a fantastic and hilarious segment that’s worth a watch if you haven’t seen it and worth a rewatch if you have.

Other things to note from this video:

  • Most of the guys in the ring are in WWE now. There’s current WWE champion AJ Styles, current US champion Bobby Roode, and NXT announcer Nigel McGuinness. Who knows if James Storm will join them soon.
  • No one in this segment, from Fortune, to Lethal, to commentary, are in Impact currently.
  • Kazarian’s hair was FANTASTIC.

Give a watch and enjoy!

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