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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Jan. 25, 2018): Genesis


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Jan. 25) from Ottawa, Ontario and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight is their Genesis special. The main event will be Eli Drake defending his Global championship against Johnny Impact and Alberto El Patron in a steel cage. Also, Allie will challenge Laurel Van Ness for the Knockouts title, Moose will battle Lashley, EC3 will defend his Grand Championship against Matt Sydal with no judges and no rounds, and Ishimori will defend the X Division championship in Japan against Andrew Everett.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


EC3 (c) vs. Matt Sydal for the Grand Championship

No judges and no rounds for this one.

Matt Sydal starts aggressive with a drop kick immediately at the bell. The fight spills outside and Sydal is taking the fight right to the champ. The fight makes its way back into the ring, but the story stays the same. Sydal is relentless early on.

EC3 rebounds from an Irish Whip with a huge clothesline and just like that, the momentum has shifted.

It looks like Sydal is making a comeback with a leg sweep. But EC3 gets the knees up as a counter to a standing moonsault. To rub some salt in the wound, Carter makes the choking gesture at his challenger.

After another bit of mocking from the champ, Sydal uses a Matrix style dodge to avoid a punch from Carter. Follows with a series of kicks and this time hits the moonsault. Sydal is back in this.

Sydal goes for a Frankensteiner in the corner but Carter just moves out of the way and Matt takes a nasty spill. This leads to a break.

They return and Sydal is still completely on the defensive.

Sydal recovers quickly from a TK3 on the ropes to land some kicks to the champ, knocking him outside the ring. This doesn’t last long when Carter hits a desperation DDT on the apron. Carter looks for the count out but Sydal just makes it.

Despite this, Sydal is still alive. Reverses a powerbomb into a Steiner. Goes to the top... misses the Shooting Star Press and then Carter hip tosses him straight into the corner. One Percenter but Sydal about to move to the outside. Carter is content mocking him some more with the choking symbol.

EC3 gets the challenger in a fireman’s and climbs to the rope. Matt fights out, knocks him down... Shooting Star Press! 1-2-3.

Matt Sydal def. EC3 to win the Grand Championship


Announcers talk up the barbed wire match from last week.

Video package prepping the KOs title match.

Allie vs. Laurel Van Ness (c) for the Knockouts championship

Collar and elbow tie up stars the match and these two don’t let go. They take it outside. Finally back in the ring and it’s Allie with the advantage early.

Fight spills outside. LVN able to hit a big boot to get the upperhand as Impact goes to break.

Impact returns and LVN still well in control of the challenger. She starts focusing on Allie’s left leg. Later on she delivers a hangman’s DDT and works the neck a bit.

Allie fires up and they exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Double clothesline.

Now the challenger is even more fired up and delivers a series of offense to the champ, including a big suplex in the corner. That only yields her a two count.

After a series of reversals, Allie hits a Code Breaker, but also only gets her 2. LVN comes back with a big kick and a Curb Stomp but she only gets 2 as well. Allie fights out of the Unprettier and delivers a superkick. 1-2-foot on the rope.

LVN hits Allie with an elbow which knocks the challenger into the referee. Van Ness takes this opportunity to use the title as a weapon to the head. That’s enough to get her the pinfall win.

Van Ness def. Allie to retain the Knockouts title


Video package to set up the Moose/Lashley match.

Lashley (w/Dan Lambert and KM) vs. Moose

Lashley starts out with strikes onto Moose, which has Moose in trouble early on. He maintains this offense for a good portion of things.

Moose finally gets on the board with a splash after running up the ropes. His comeback is snuffed out when KM grabs his foot and Lashley takes advantage. Despite this, Lashley is unhappy with KM’s help. He gets out of the ring and gets into KM’s face because of the interference when Impact goes to commercial.

When they return, Moose is still on the defensive. He finally gets a moment to breath when he drop kicks Lashley off the top turnbuckle. However outside the ring, Lashley tosses Moose in the ringsteps. It looks like KM is going to move in on Moose when Lashley gets in front of him and tells him to back off.

KM gets a table and slides it into the ring but Lashley wants nothing to do with it. When he returns to Moose, he receives a big headbutt. Moose finally gets a series of offense, concluded with the Go To Hell powerbomb. Only gets him a 2 count.

Lashley gets back in it quickly with a hurricanrana and then hits a spear. Moose gets his foot on the rope.

KM gets on the apron to shout at Lashley to use the spear. Moose hits a discus clothesline but Lashley kicks out. He delivers another and this time it is enough.

Moose def. Lashley

After the match, Lambert berates Lashley, telling him this is all his fault, and that KM was trying to help him. KM gets between them. Lashley shoves him and spears him.He then throws Lambert into the ring where Moose kicks him.

Now Moose leans the table up against turnbuckle. Lashley reenters the ring. And Lashley spears Dan Lambert through the table! Moose extends the hand and Lashley shakes it. Josh, the guy who’s always getting beat up on ATT, enters the ring to look into Lambert but receives a big powerbomb from Lashley and a spear by Moose.


X Division title match

This is a match taped at a Pro Wrestling NOAH show. It’s between Andrew Everett and champion Taiji Ishimori.

We saw the last five minutes (about) of the bout, which was good. Ishimori retains with a 450 splash. After the match, Andrew Everett holds up the arm of the champ.


Eli Drake (c) vs. Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Impact for the Global championship in a steel cage

If Drake wins, Patron and Impact don’t get another title shot from him.

Chris Adonis will be outside of the ring rooting on Drake for this one.

Usual cage match rules: Pinfall, submission, escaping the cage to win.

The beginning of the match finds Drake and Patron both working over Impact. After they do that, they turn their attention to each other. Johnny not down for long though and he tosses both men into the steel cage.

Patron tries to escape and Impact goes to stop him. Johnny gets hung up in the tree of woe and Alberto tries to go for his stomp while hanging from the top. Johnny is able to avoid the move however.

The three men are all punching each other until Eli delivers a double low blow. Drake able to take advantage of this to take it to both dudes.

When the champ tries to toss Johnny into the cage, Johnny does some wild parkour move to avoid it and come back with a kick to Drake. Now it’s Johnny in control.

Both Patron and Impact try to escape. Once again, Johnny gets knocked off into the Tree of Woe and this time, Patron delivers his stomp from the top rope. Eli tries to hit Patron immediately with the Gravy Train but Alberto reverses into the armbreaker. Impact has to break it up with a top rope elbow.

Now all three men up trying to escape over the top. Patron knocked down. Impact has one leg over. Kicks down Eli. But instead of winning he’s going to do something crazy! He’s on top of the cage... CROSSBODY ON TO DRAKE AND PATRON!

All three men are down. Drake tries a Gravy Train to Alberto but Johnny breaks it up.

Eli climbing to the top and Johnny in pursuit. Eli has one leg over. Meanwhile Alberto trying to escape out the door. Johnny runs to stop him and pulls him back in. Drake still trying to get over the top of the cage but wobbly from a kick from Johnny.

Alberto dispenses of Johnny and tries to leave the cage, but Adonis slams the door in his face. Johnny runs up the cage to try to beat Eli to the floor. Both men climbing down. But Adonis grabs Johnny and holds him up so he doesn’t hit the floor! Eli lands! Eli wins!

Eli Drake retains his championship


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching wish us!

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