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Barbed Wire Massacre III in gifs

Impact had to air tonight’s (Jan. 18) Barbed Wire Massacre match between oVe and LAX on Twitch because the regular home of the program, Pop TV, wasn’t comfortable with the violence.

But it wasn’t too violent for gifs!

So I give to you, Barbed Wire Massacre III in gif form.

Fair warning: This was a violent match so some of these gifs aren’t for the squeamish.

Here is the ring prior to the violence.

They tried to avoid the wire early on by getting arial.

But it didn’t last long. Homicide was the one to pop the barbed cherry this evening.

Homicide returned the favor and channeled his inner Abdullah to Jake Crist in the process.

Homicide was very active this match. Unfortunately for him, this one was on the losing end of a chair barrage courtesy of Jake Crist and Sami Callihan.

Jake got his though.

Jake Crist was wrapped in barbed wire here and pretty much stayed this way the entire match.

That wasn’t enough for LAX, who opted to drive him through more barbed wire anyway.

That didn’t stop him from dishing out punishment of his own to Ortiz here.

The Callihan Death Machine lived up to his name. (Though dude kicked out of this.)

On top of the ladder, Santana literally skewered Dave Crist.

And then finished him off with the high spot.

That was finally enough to put the match away, giving LAX the victory. It was a rather brutal match and I can see why Pop TV didn’t want to show it. Even though they avoided showing blood, it was still a violent affair.

Let us know what you thought below.

You can find all the results from Impact tonight at the live blog here.

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