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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Jan. 18, 2018): Barbed Wire Massacre!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Jan. 18) from Ottawa, Ontario and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight on Impact, Eli Drake will defend his title against Johnny Impact and Alberto El Patron in Detroit. Also, Taiji Ishimori will defend his X Division championship against Dezmond Xavier, Chandler Park will face Kongo Kong, and Rosemary will go against KC Spinelli.

Barbed Wire Massacre will not be on Impact but will air on their Twitch channel at 10 pm EST when Impact goes off the air. We will live blog that as well.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Dezmond Xavier vs. Taiji Ishimori (c) for the X Division championship

Good long feeling out process to start.

Xavier is drop kicked out of the ring and shows a bit of frustration, shoving the guardrail. He gets back into the ring hot, knocking Ishimori out of the ring. But the champ is back in quickly with another drop kick once again knocking Dezmond out of the ring.

Dezmond has a run of offense after landing a kick. It’s more of a slower pace bout, even with some ground work.

Of course, then Xavier hits a bit suicide dive on the champ that knocks Ishimori into the crowd. THEN XAVIER JUMPS OVER THE TURNBUCKLE AND LANDS ON ISHIMORI IN THE CROWD AREA! HOLY CRAP!

Impact goes to break and comes back to show these two dudes duking it out in the middle of the ring.

Another kick gives the challenger control.

Ishimori is bleeding from the back of his head.

These guys are giving each other all they have but unable to put the match away.

Ishimori goes to the top for a splash but Xavier gets his foot up. Then Dezmond goes to the top and hits his Final Flash splash... but the champ kicks out before 3! Match is still going!

Dezmond finding aggression, just landing punches shouting “Stay down.” This just fires the champ up. Back and forth. Champ goes for the move where he drops the guy on his knees but Xavier moves. Xavier hits a standing corkscrew but only gets 2.

Dezmond flips at the champ but is caught and this time Taiji hits those knees. Goes to the top. 450. 1-2-3.

Great stuff.

Ishimori def. Xavier to retain his title

Ishimori offers the hand post match. Xavier shakes it and they hug. He holds the champs arm up.


Video package about oVe and their history with LAX. And it’s a long one. I wonder if it’s being used to fill the time that would have gone to the actual match.

Wow, that was an entire segment and there’s a part two. Yeah, this is definitely that filler.

Video is played of Dan Lambert talking up his American Top Team and they recap that story. It obviously spends time focusing on James Storm’s part in it all.

Then they show when Aron Rex and Eddie Edwards fought to become the first Grand Champion.

They go to break and come back to show MORE video packages, this one to recap Laurel Van Ness winning the champion and Allie becoming #1 contender.

Backstage, Allie cuts a promo saying that next week, she’s got her match for the KOs title and she will take that belt.


Kongo Kong (w/Jimmy Jacobs) vs. Chandler Park (w/Joseph Park)

Chandler ducks and moves but he has the WORST punches. Park is splashed once but avoids the next one and climbs to the second rope and rains down punches. He turns to his cousin and shouts “I’m doing it!”

And he’s grabbed by the throat and delivers a Ushigoroshi. Cannon Ball in the corner.

Yeah this is over.

Kong def. Park

Jimmy orders Kongo to unleash more punishment. Kong goes to the top rope for a huge splash. Joseph watches on in despair. He gets into the ring to tend to his cousin and Jimmy shouts at him that “This is a monster” referring to Kong. He calls Joseph pathetic.


Johnny Impact vs. Alberto El Patron vs. Eli Drake (c)

Motor City Mayhem for the title

This is taking place at a Border City Wrestling show.

There are a couple backstage promos played before they go to the match.

These ropes are very loose. It’s bad enough that Josh Mathews even has to point it out.

Johnny Impact is buried outside by chairs at one point, but makes it into the ring with one of those chairs and unleashes havoc.

The competitors take turns pulling the referee out of the ring to prevent a 3 count. When Eli does it, the ref loses it and threatens to fight them all. Triple superkick to the ref!

Patron hits a low blow to Impact in the chaos. A new ref counts but Johnny kicks out. Eli then drops Patron and then delivers Blunt Force Trauma to Impact. Only 2 count. Now he’s arguing with the new referee. At least these officials don’t like like they’re 16.

Gravy Train to the new ref!

The locker room comes out to fight the three competitors for what they’ve done to the officials.

Jeremy Borash says he’s got word that this match has been thrown out given all the shenanigans.

Match ends in a no contest

JB announces (during the women’s match) that next week, this match will happen again in the Impact Zone in a steel cage.

We’ll also get Matt Sydal vs. EC3 for the Grand Championship but no judges and no rounds.


Rosemary vs. KC Spinelli

KC runs at Rosemary to start the match and the Demon grabs her and just tosses her into the corner. And then another corner. And another. And another. T-Bone supex. Cover. 2 count.

Spinelli hits a drop toehold to Rosemary, and the Demon goes head first into the corner. But she’s not down for long and is back with a big German suplex.

Rosemary goes for the Red Wedding but Spinelli escapes and hits a big clothesline for a 2 count.

Rosemary looks to go for the mist and KC turns and ducks. But Rosemary just smiles, revealing she didn’t have any mist and in that moment, she is able to nail the Red Wedding for the win.

Rosemary def. Spinelli

Post match, she cuts a promo putting over Laurel for stopping the mist with her hands to win the title. A move like that earned Rosemary’s respect. She claims that whomever wins the title match next week better watch out because she’s reclaiming her gold.

Then she’s attacked from from behind! JB is saying her name is Hania. Rosemary fights back but she takes a spinebuster on the ramp and then she’s dropped on the steel steps.


They play more of the recap of the LAX/oVe feud. This reminds me, I should load up Twitch on my XBox One.

They’re showing an old Barbed Wire Massacre on Twitch now if you all want to jump over now. I don’t think there’s going to be any more original content on Pop outside this video package. I’ll update here if there is obviously.

Promo for Genesis next week.

We’ll get:

  • Eli Drake vs. Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Impact for the title a cage
  • Allie vs. Laurel Van Ness for the KOs title
  • Moose vs. Bobby Lashley
  • EC3 vs. Matt Sydal for the Grand Championship - no rounds and no judges

Closes the show with JB and Josh Mathews talking up next week. They show the entrances for the barbed wire match on Pop. Twitch is still showing the end of the last BWM match.

Alright head to Twitch folks.


Barbed Wire Massacre

oVe (Sami Calihan, Dave & Jake Crist) vs. LAX (Homicide, Santana, & Ortiz)

They took a commercial “break” but it was just an edit to the start of the match.

This is gonna get nasty.

Dave and Sami have short sleeves. The rest long sleeves.

Starts with fighting in the middle of the ring, avoiding the wire so far. Close call with oVe hitting the wire and they slide out to regroup.

Santana delivers a tope over the top “rope” to take down oVe. Ortiz comes in with a trash can lid to his enemies. LAX in control early.

Homicide and Sami are fighting with forks in the ring! They’re trying to stab each other in the face! Sami with a kick, a brief exchange, Homicide pushed front first into the wire!

Sami turns around to Ortiz who bludgeons him with the trash can lid. Sami back first into the wire. Now Ortiz front first!

Jake and Santana in the ring... Jake pushed into a barbed wire board! Santana goes for a splash but Jake moves and Santana goes into the board! He’s got it stuck to his shirt and he’s struggling to pull it off him.

Jake tries to roll up Homicide but he kicks out, pushing Jake into the barbed wire. And Homicide takes the fork to his face! Sami gets Homicide and pushes him face first into the barbed wire (luckily it’s his bandana touching the rope this time.)

Jake and Sami take turns throwing chairs at Homicide. Then then suplex him onto barbed wire.

Back in the ring, Homicide pours alcohol onto one of the wounds of Dave. Sami gets in a DDTs Homicide for a 2 count.

Ortiz sets up a barbed wire board onto two chairs outside and then suplexes him through it while standing on two other chairs!

Sami front suplexes Homicide onto the ropes, taking all of the wire with him down to the floor! Homicide is all wrapped up in that!

The other members of LAX double suplex Sami but the ref was too busy with Homicide, trying to free him. By the time the official made the count, Callihan kicked out.

They take a break (edit) and we get back with Jake tied up in the barbed wire. LAX works to tangle him him up more. He is wrapped in barbed wire attached to the corner! They free him from the corner... and then DVD him into another barbed wire board in the corner... while he is STILL wrapped up in the original barbed wire. They cover him and he is able to kick out!

This image of Jake is straight up brutal.

Jake then spears Ortiz off the apron through a table outside. And he’s STILL wrapped up in wire.

In the ring, Sami tombstones Santana onto a barbed wire chair! 1-2-kick out! He kicked out of a tombstone on a barbed wire chair. What is this??

There’s a ladder in the ring now and 2 tables. Santana is on those tables as Sami holds him down. Dave climbs the ladder but here’s Konnan. Low blow to Sami and a hit with a barbed wire board.

Santana climbs the ladder... and pounds wooden skewers into the head of Dave! WTF! Suplex through the table!!!!


Wooden skewers through the head and a ladder suplex through the table was enough to get it done.

LAX def. oVe


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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