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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Jan. 11, 2018): Grand Championship Open Challenge


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Jan. 11) from Ottawa, Ontario and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, EC3 will issue an open challenge for his Grand Championship. Also, Eli Drake will make a championship address, Laurel Van Ness will face KC Spinelli, Hakim Zane will team with Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee to take on Dezmond Xavier, Sonjay Dutt, & Garza Jr., and Dan Lambert will kick off the show.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Recap of last week’s episode.

Dan Lambert promo

Dan Lambert and Lashley come to the ring. Lambert is very gloaty. He gives Impact credit for being very resilient, comparing them to cockroaches. (Which is funny since people have actually compared the promotion to that in the past.)

Lambert says he wants a moment of silence for James Storm. He advises fans start a collection for Storm so he can raise a little... beer money. Dan then wants to introduce the newest member of American Top Team: KM.

KM joins them in the ring. The big man takes credit for helping retire Storm. The crowd chants “You screwed Storm!” He also takes full credit for taking out Moose last week, which gets Moose to come to the ring.

Moose immediately takes down KM but soon Lashley is on top of him with the punches. It’s a 2 on 1. But here comes Eddie Edwards! Drop kick to Lashley and KM! Moose clotheslines Lashley!

The good guys hold the ring.


They announce after the break it’ll be KM and Lashley vs. Moose and Eddie Edwards in the main event.

EC3 Open Challenge

Carter comes to the ring and puts himself over as the pound for pound, round for round best Grand Championship. He then goes off on Matt Sydal for being a major choke artist because he lacks a killer instinct.

EC3 calls for an official for his open challenge. And he gets Petey Williams, fresh off his recent kidnapping! As Carter is posing on the turnbuckle, EC3 attacks him from behind.

EC3 vs. Petey Williams

Josh Mathews clarifies this is a regular match and not three round match. It’s also a non-title match.

Despite the cheap shot that started things, Petey was able to take control early. However, EC3 used a kick to the knee to take control.

Petey endures the punishment and gets back on top with a Russian Leg Sweep. Williams goes for the Destroyer but Carter fights out and hits a TK3 instead.

Petey Williams tries a splash outside and comes up lame on his knee, the one that Ethan kicked earlier. As Carter waits in the ring for Petey, Matt Sydal runs from the crowd and attacks Carter!

EC3 def. Williams via DQ

Carter retreats up the ramp.


Allie cuts an angry promo backstage telling Laurel that she’s not weak nor scared. If the champ wants to play a game, then they’ll play.

We see Eli Drake entering the building with Chris Adonis and then an angry Alberto El Patron knocking some stuff over in catering.

Backstage, Sydal says that EC3 called him out and then faced the repercussions. He challenges Carter to put the championship on the line in a classic 60 minute time limit match. If Ethan can do that, then Matt Sydal will give him the credit.

They show James Storm vs. Kurt Angle for the title as their GWN match. This is the match where Storm wins the title quickly. (This eventually led to the match with Bobby Roode where Roode went heel and went on his long title run. They built a really great story with Roode and Storm but because Aries won the title when he was so hot, the Cowboy and Roode weren’t able to have the epic title match at Bound for Glory.)


KC Spinelli vs. Laurel Van Ness

This is a non-title match.

Spinelli jumpstarts things by grabbing Laurel by the hair, pulling her jacket over her head, and going to town on her. Her advantage doesn’t last long, though, as LVN gets control really quickly.

LVN delivers a big slap to her opponent, telling her she shouldn’t touch her fur. KC soon returns the favor with a big slap of her own.

Both women had some time on offense, but the champ put things away with a curb stomp followed by an Unprettier.

Van Ness def. Spinelli

Allie runs to the ring post match to jump Laurel. Much like EC3 earlier, the champ needs to hightail it.


Eli Drake champion address.

Drake and Adonis make their way to the ring. Adonis introduces the champ by telling the crowd to shut up and show some respect for both of them.

Drake grabs the stick and rips into Canada before getting into the fact he’s still the champ. He isn’t able to get much in because this crowd hates him. He cuts a promo on Patron about the fact that he is salivating for the title that Drake won while Patron was away.

The champ says he’s going to Detroit next week to defend the title one more time. He’s interrupted by Patron. Alberto says he sees a loser and a little kid pretending to be the champion, walking around like he’s a big deal. Patron tells Drake that he doesn’t have the cojones to go toe to toe with him. He says he’ll book himself in Detroit just to kick Drake’s ass all over the place. In fact, he wants to do it here tonight.

Out comes Johnny Impact. He’s going to join them at their party in Detroit himself. Impact is about to say he wants to fight now before Alberto attacks him and it turns into a brawl with all four men.

In that match next week. Drake will defend against Patron and Impact. Gee, I wonder who’s going to win.


Backstage, KM, Lambert, and Lashley are hanging out. Lambert is still joking about retiring Storm. He gives KM full credit for it. Earlier in the night, he said that KM did what Lashley couldn’t. I wonder if that’s building to something.

Also backstage, Chandler Park is happy about his win last week. Joseph Park is trying to warn him how dangerous this place can be. Jimmy Jacobs rolls in and says how sad it is to see how fall he’s come. He used to be Abyss. But it’s for the better since if Abyss were there, Kongo Kong would have to show him there’s only monster. Chandler gets in the face of Jacobs but Kongo rolls in and Chandler completely folds.

It looks like oVe is invading LAX’s clubhouse. They trash the place.

In another clip, we see LAX walk in to realize what oVe has done to their office. Apparently they didn’t just trash the office, but they took their money as well. Konnan is talking about going back to their roots, taking down the ring ropes, and putting up barbed wire. Are they actually going to do that though?

Looks like they’re doing this next week.


Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley, & Hakim Zane vs. Sonjay Dutt, Dezmond Xavier, and Garza Jr.

Sonjay becomes the target of the heels, isolated from his corner.

Dutt finally lands a drop kick to the rookie Zane and tags in Garza Jr, who is still working with one arm due to a shoulder injury. That’s enough for him to rip his pants off though.

Dezmond Xavier tags himself in when Garza is in trouble and hits a spinning corkscrew senton onto Zane for the win.

Dutt, Garza Jr. and Xavier win

Taiji Ishimori comes out after the match. He and Dezmond have a bit of a stare down in the ring. This match will happen next week.


Next week, we also learn that Kongo Kong will face Chandler Park. Interesting.

Lashley & KM vs. Moose & Eddie Edwards

Dan Lambert and the dude who has a neck brace and crutches because he’s always getting his ass kicked is out as well.

By the time Impact goes to break, Edwards is at the mercy of ATT.

Eddie able to fight back and tag in Moose and they work over KM, including Moose delivering a backdrop to Eddie onto KM. Lashley ends up knocking Eddie off the ring apron, which allows his team to take back control.

Edwards is able to hit a kick to Lashley and get past KM to tag in his partner. Moose comes in hot. The babyfaces look to having things rolling, but Dan Lambert grabs Eddie’s leg when he’s hitting the ropes and KM follows up with a powerbomb lungblower to earn him the victory.

Lashley and KM win

That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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