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GFW Impact ratings (Sept. 7, 2017): Viewership drops drastically against NFL opening game

The viewership totals and ratings are in for last night’s line up (Sept. 7) and Impact Wrestling’s numbers did not hold up against the competition of the NFL. The viewership dropped all the way to 227K from 268K. The rating number stayed at 0.05.

Ouch, that’s some drop. Though it should be expected against the 21.8 million people who turned in to see the New England Patriots battle the Kansas City Chiefs.

GFW advertised a title match between Eli Drake and Matt Sydal as well as behind the scenes footage of the incident in Mexico with Rosemary and Sexy Star. Those were not enough to hold up against stiffer competition.

To get an idea of where they were last year against the opening game (an opening game which did better last year than this year), Impact drew 337K, more than 100K more. That was one of the Hardy Deletion specials which may have helped it, though numbers around this time last year were overall better.

They will still have to run up against football for the rest of the year, but many Thursday Night games are only on NFL Network (though not all of them) and aren’t nearly as exciting match ups as the opening game.

Next week, GFW has advertised a match between Low-Ki and Johnny Impact to decide who faces champion Eli Drake next.

The numbers from the last month:

  • This week: 227K / 0.05
  • August 31: 268K / 0.05
  • August 24: 296K / 0.06
  • August 17: 320K / 0.07
  • August 10: 277K / 0.07

You can read a recap of last night’s episode here.

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