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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Sept. 28, 2017): Victory Road!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Sept. 28) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight Johnny Impact will face Eli Drake for the Global championship. Also, Petey Williams will challenge Trevor Lee for the X Division title, LAX will defend their tag titles against oVe, and the team of Gail Kim, Allie, and Rosemary will face the team of Sienna, Taya Valkyrie, and Taryn Terrell.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Trevor Lee (c) vs. Petey Williams for the X Division championship

Trevor has Caleb Konley with him.

Petey seemed to be doing well for himself. But when the ref was tending to Lee in the ring, Konley pulled his leg, keeping him from getting into the ring. This was enough for Trevor to take charge.

Petey fought back and was able to set up for the Canadian Destroyer. However, Caleb jumped on the apron to distract him. That didn’t matter. Williams knocked him off and hit the Destroyer! But Konley pulled the ref out! He gets ejected but when the ref was dealing with Caleb, Lee hit Petey with the belt. But Petey kicked out!

The men exchanged blows in the middle of the ring. Petey set up for the Destroyer a third time but Trevor reversed it, hit his double stomp, and grabbed a handful of tights for the 1-2-3.

Lee def. Williams to retain his title


LAX in the Club House talking trash about oVe. He wants the guys to take them to school LAX. After they do their thing, the after party is going to be hot.

Taya Valkyrie, Sienna, & Taryn Terrell vs. Rosemary, Gail Kim, & Allie

The first segment of this match was everyone getting a little time in and the three heroes standing tall going into break.

When they return, the heels use some distraction tactics to put Gail Kim in trouble. Gail is able to fight out of Taya’s finisher and hit a big DDT to tag in Allie. Then things break down with some exciting chaos.

In the end, Allie is dealing with Taryn when Sienna, who is legal, knocks Allie into the turnbuckle, rolls her up, and puts her feet on the ropes for the 1-2-3.

Taya, Sienna, & Taryn win


Eli Drake cuts a promo alongside Chris Adonis talking about how everyone wants Eli to lose the title to everyone’s fave Johnny Impact. But tomorrow, headlines are going to read “Slamtown is burning curtesy of E-Li Drake.”

James Storm is headed towards the ring and EC3 is walking in the other direction. They exchange an unfriendly glance and then go on their way.

Grado and Joseph Park are having dinner together. Grado is exhausted because of how hard Park is working him. He receives his first paycheck.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Johnny Impact backstage on Eli’s “Fact of Life” zebra print couch.


James Storm promo

James Storm comes to the ring to address these Triple A guys causing trouble. He says he’s sick and tired of people coming him in and trying to leapfrog him. He then starts a GFW chant. I mean he gets people to stand and chant GFW. Awkwaaard.

Texano comes out. The crowd starts chanting USA but Storm shuts it down, saying that this isn’t about Mexico vs. America because in the end of the day, they’re all people. But as for Texano, he’s an idiot. So why doesn’t he get in the ring so he can kick his ass all the way to Mexico.

Texano obliges and they brawl in the ring. Storm looks to be in control, laying some punches on a downed Texano when El Hijo de Fantasma makes the save... but double clothesline from the Cowboy!

But it doesn’t last long. A right from Texano leaves Storm in trouble. After whipping him with bullrope, he hit the Last Call Superkick on Storm.

Fantasma grabs the mic and tells Storm that Texano is a cowboy too. He says they all respect GFW but the best company in the world is Triple A. He asks every to stand and chant Triple A. They do not.

El Hijo grabs the beer bottle of Storm and hands it to Texano... and finally EC3 with the save! Clothesline to Texano! Down goes Fantasma! He clears the ring!

Storm and EC3 once again give each other a stare. Storm offers his hand this time... but Carter leaves instead. He hesitates on the apron and Storm offers it again... and this time he obliges.


Storm and EC3 barge into Jim Cornette’s office. Storm wants the Triple A guys in the ring. Jim gives them a tag match for next week. The Cowboy asks how keen GFW is about this Triple A partnership. Storm says that Triple A isn’t going to be happy about how they send thier boys back to them.

oVe vs. LAX (c) for the tag team championships

The match starts with some brawling outside. Prior to going to break, it looks like Dave Crist is in trouble.

When they return, Dave Crist is still in trouble. He final tags out and the action gets a bit crazy.

Also, oVe did a superplex into a powerbomb double team that was awesome.

Ortiz gets caught up in the ropes (619 style) and Jake delivers a kick to his face and Dave hits a modified DDT for the 1-2-3. New champs!

oVe def. LaX to win the tag team titles


They play a video of Lashley returning to American Top Team. Dan Lambert makes a note that Impact sent a camera to say goodbye to Bobby. He says that while Lashley has been spending time with the circus that’s known as Impact, they’ve been churning out champions. And Bobby is the one man who’s picture isn’t on the wall, but now that he’s focused on MMA, he’s going to dominate.

Backstage, Dezmond Xavier is congratulating oVe. Johnny Impact runs through and congratulates them too, saying they won’t be the only new champs tonight.

Johnny Impact vs. Eli Drake (c) for the Global championship

Johnny is pretty much kicking Drake’s ass the first part of the match. Adonis hooks the leg of Impact right in front of the ref and gets ejected. Eli will have to go it alone.

When Impact returns, it looks like Drake is going to leave to save his title but Johnny runs him down. Impact maintains control, doing some fancy stuff between the ropes, the Eli Drake just nails him with a forearm. That’s all it takes for the champ to control Impact for awhile.

However, Drake spends to much time setting up an elbow from the second rope and Impact moves out of the way and the tables have once again turn. As Impact (the show, not the man) is about to take its second break for this match, Johnny hits a Spanish Fly for a nearfall.

Ref takes an inadvertent clothesline early when they return. Johnny hits a big kick and covers Eli, but the ref isn’t there to count him. While the ref is out, Chris Adonis returns. Meanwhile, Eli Drake was fed the title and hits Johnny in the head with it. He goes for a cover but there still isn’t a ref. Finally Stifler comes in but Johnny kicks out at 2.

Drake is pissed and decks the referee. Now it’s a 2 on 1 attack with on Impact. Drake grabs the title as Adonis holds up Impact. But Johnny ducks and Drake hits Adonis! Moonlight Drive on the title! Cover... 1, 2, Kick out!

Johnny goes up top for his Impact elbow but Drake hides behind the official. Johnny jumps over the official, and this shields Drake to kick Johnny in the balls. He hits the Gravy Train for the 1-2-3.

Drake def. Impact to retain the title

Drake has Adonis hold up Johnny on his knees as Drake tells Johnny that this is the closest he’s getting to the title. Then both men take the boots to Impact. They pick up Johnny for another shot with the title ... but here’s Garza Jr! Down goes Drake! Down goes Adonis!

But now LAX are in just beating the crap out Impact and Garza! Meanwhile outside, Konnan piefaces a fan. LAX jaws with security while Adonis and Drake assault some officials.

Cornette comes out and he is jawing with Drake from outside the ring.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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