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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Sept. 21, 2017): Taya Valkyrie in action

Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Sept. 21) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8pm ET. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

This week, Global champ Eli Drake visits AAA ahead of his showdown next week withJohnny Impact. Taya Valkyrie faces Ava Storie, and Mahabali Shera stands up to Kongo Kong. Plus, fallout from Bobby Lashley and ATT’s throwdown with Moose, new X-Division champ Trevor Lee and more!

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!

These are the days, the end complete, the world still turning to the sound of the suffering. You are the jury, we are the saints; our minds divide, the past repeats, a war still brewing in the hearts of those we once bled. I am the knowing, the living dead, and I'm here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

Missed the very opening of the show, maybe the first three minutes or so, but here's Johnny Impact and he calls Eli Drake out, he wants his title shot right here, right now. He's not going anywhere until he comes out.

Enter KM. He sees Johnny calling out Eli, but why doesn't he wish in one hand and crap in the other and see what happens first? Because Eli Drake is, as rumor has it, still in Mexico, you see. Impact tells him that was days ago and he saw Drake's car in the parking lot, so he's probably pissing his pants in the office and avoiding the ring.

Kevin tells the fans in the Impact Zone they suck, to which they essentially respond "No, you," before he continues to ask if Johnny is calling him a liar. Impact says that's exactly what he's calling him, and not just that, but a kid in the front row was just calling him a doucherocket! A "Doucherocket!" chant goes up and Matthews loses his mind, saying he has another idea-- he's here, there's a referee, so why not put his #1 contendership on the line against the only undefeated member of the Impact roster?

Johnny says if that's what he wants, absolutely, but he's gonna poll the crowd first. He counts them down... BAM! SUPERKICK!

Johnny Impact vs. KM (GFW Global Championship #1 Contender's Match)

Right into a standing shooting star press... no good! Going for a slingshot, KM trips him up and Johnny rolls around clutching his upper thigh. Mounted punches, Johnny goes for a lariat but Kevin ducks, hooks the arm, into kind of a modified Air Raid Crash, only good for a nearfall! Tossing Impact into the turnbuckles, he shortly comes back with a leg lariat, sliding knee, a tornillo in the ring, another nearfall.

KM with a schoolboy and his feet on the ropes but referee Brian Stiffler sees it and waves the pin off! Flying Chuck, Johnny climbs up top, counts the crowd down...

Johnny Impact wins by pinfall with Thursday Night Delight, retaining the #1 contendership to the GFW Global Championship.

Pagano is shown talking to somebody backstage ahead of his tag match later, but Taya Valkyrie will be in action after the break.

Back from commercial, we get a video package for Taya Valkyrie.

Ava Storie vs. Taya Valkyrie

Collar and elbow, Taya gets a wristlock, into the ropes, whip across, lariat in the corner, roundhouse kick, snapmare, shoot kick to the back and a stomp to the chest, double leg drop to the midsection, putting Storie in the corner and kicking her high but legal on the thigh. To the middle of the ring...

Taya Valkyrie wins by pinfall with The Road to Valhalla.

Taya gets on the mic after and says lucha royalty has arrived and she formally introduces herself. She came here for one reason, she wants the Knockouts Championship. And she offers up a bit of advice to not waste her time.

Enter Rosemary. She says the Hive thinks it's terribly funny that Valkyrie thinks she deserves a title shot before her. She calls Sienna a skunk and says that if anybody deserves a title shot, it's them. A shoving match breaks out and Rosemary takes her ot the mat for a mounted choke until Sienna comes down, throws Taya aside, and beats on Rosemary herself a bit.

Sienna and Taya get into a shouting match and Rosemary blindsides the champ and beats on her until Valkyrie gets back into it, two on one beatdown... ALLIE WITH THE SAVE! She clears house and here comes Taryn Terrell behind her and it's all-out chaos until the babyfaces are definitively beat down... Gail Kim comes down to even the odds the rest of the way!

Sienna, Taya, and Taryn are run off back up the ramp to close the segment.

We now go to OVE, who have vowed not to leave Mexico until they get a title shot. Homice watches them go into a building and he calls Konnan to let him know they're there, and that sends us to break.

Back from commercial we get a house ad for GFW Amped Anthology Part 2.

We cut back to OVE hanging out with a bunch of women with a voiceover from Konnan saying he's gonna send the boys to have a little chat. Jake asks his brother Dave what they're gonna do when LAX rolls up and a shouting match breaks out.

Global Forged part two plays, featuring the process of weeding the group of hopefuls down.

Tag team action happens after the break.

Back from commercial, Allie, Rosemary, and Gail Kim are interviewed backstage. Allie says the heels got what was coming to them and you don't mess with her friends. Gail says they're lucky they didn't get sent out on stretchers and Rosemary gets super hyped about the violence.

Footage of Trevor Lee beating Sonjay Dutt for the X Division Championship plays and Petey Williams cuts a promo about how he's ready to win the title. A hype video for Bound For Glory follows.

A video package of Grado at AIW this past weekend, where he and Colt Cabana fell short in their attempt to win the tag titles from To Infinity and Beyond, meant to show how signing with Park, Park, & Park has improved Grado's life.

We get entrances for our tag but the action will have to wait until after the break.

Eddie Edwards & Ethan Carter III vs. El Hijo del Fantasma & Pagano

Edwards and Fantasma to start, Eddie with a side headlock, shoot off, shoulder block, whip reversed, back body drop puts Hijo on the apron, in with a kick, off the top, nobody home, fireman's carry spun out into an X-Factor, no dice. Carter in, stomping away, chops and punches in the corner but referee Brian Stiffler backs him off, so he hip tosses Pagano into the ring and puts him into the turnbuckles.

Mounted punches, Fantasma blindsides him with a knee, a superkick takes Edwards off the apron and Hijo cracks off a huge overhand chop. Whip to the corner, tag made, Pagano in with a slap, quick tag back, kick to the chest, Pagano sliding in with an elbow drop but a cover doesn't end the match. Fantasma knocks Eddie off the apron again, tag back to Pagano, running blockbuster, only good for two.

Pagano trapping Ethan in the corner for chops but EC3 turns it around on him and throws a few back. Tag to Fantasma, trying a double team but Carter lays both men out with a double clothesline. Hijo picks Edwards off the apron again and Pagano hits an elbow on Ethan before drawing him up and tagging Fantasma back in. Whip into the corner, EC3 sidesteps the charge, TK3 for Pagano, the road is clear for a tag...

Edwards in, elbows for everybody, whip on Fantasma but he runs into a boot, setup in the corner for the backpack stunner, Pagano in with a boot but EC3 clears him out and takes a thrust kick from Hijo. Enzuigiri from Eddie, One Percenter, Blue Thunder Driver but Stiffler is busy clearing Ethan out and will not count the tag!

Pagano puts Carter into the ringpost, Texano, Jr. enters the ring, coming from behind, he hits a big powerbomb and Fantasma picks the bones...

El Hijo del Fantasma & Pagano win by pinfall with a lateral press from Fantasma on Eddie Edwards.

Post-match they put boots to Edwards and Texano whips him with the bullrope! EC3 tries to make the save but eats a beatdown and a whipping himself in turn. JAMES STORM MAKES THE SAVE! He dumps Fantasma and Pagano and Texano hurries after them. Storm and Carter square up for a second before James shakes Eddie's hand and walks off.

We're promised some action from Mexico and head to break.

Back from commercial, Johnny Impact is walking backstage and yelling. He runs into Pagano and Texano and asks if they've seen Eli Drake. Hijo answers in easily understood Spanish and English that Eli is in Mexico, and Texano tells him he doesn't like Johnny in any circumstances. Impact accepts that Eli isn't here, but they are, so he's gonna put his #1 contendership on the line tonight against Texano, tonight.

Kongo Kong vs. Mahabali Shera

Kong charging right in but Shera sidesteps and comes at him with a lariat and a shoulder block, unable to move Kongo at all. Kong back with clubbing blows, an arm wringer, Mahabali throws an elbow and backs off right into a body avalanche and a belly-to-belly suplex... NOPE! Choking Shera over the ropes, a straight right in the corner, a lariat, one-foot pin and of course it doesn't end the match.

Giant step, whip reversed, Mahabali thinking body slam but he gets denied, Kong with more rights, Shera gets a knee to the face in, repeat forearms, off the ropes, body splashes backing Kongo into the corner, charging in with the Stinger splash and the big man is finally dazed! Another charge, back body drop, Mahabali with the stunner over the ropes, springboard axehandle and Kong leaves his feet! Only a nearfall!

Fireman's carry, Kongo slips out, short-arm headbutt backs Shera in the corner, cannonball, Kong climbs...

Kongo Kong wins by pinfall with a diving splash.

Eli Drake appears from Mexico to cut a promo. He talks about AAA being Johnny Impact's home and he's went and knocked on his door and he's not home? He says Johnny ran away when he heard Drake was coming to town, but he doesn't blame him for a second, because the freight train is gonna run him over no matter where in the world they meet. The people of Mexico are getting a chance to see a real Global Champion and nobody's gonna take it away from him.

We'll hear from Moose, after the break.

Back from commercial we get a video package from Moose talking about Bobby Lashley's athletic background and pointing out his own, interspersed with recaps of their feud. This segues into a general hype video for BFG as a whole.

Johnny Impact vs. Texano, Jr. (GFW Global Championship #1 Contender's Match)

Circling, collar and elbow, Texano using his strength to back Johnny in the corner but Impact ducks a lariat and finds himself also stymied when Jr. ducks through the ropes to avoid his strike in return. Back to the lockup, again in the corner, referee Earl Hebner forcing the break but Texano slaps Johnny in the face! Impact with a takedown into repeated elbows, off the ropes, leg lariat, skip around into the sliding knee, running shooting star press... NO GOOD!

Jr. rolls outside for a breather before heading back in, but Johnny ducks him again and comes off the ropes for a Frankensteiner and Moonlight Drive, into a second and a third but Texano stays in the fight! Impact moves him into position and comes up top, he counts down... NOBODY HOME! Jr. hits a Rough Ryder for a nearfall of his own!

Whip reversed, Texano catches Johnny on the charge and sets him up top before knocking him to the outside with a kick that sends us to break.

Back from commercial and Texano is taking Johnny pillar to post on the floor! Impact throws hands, fighting back, but his whip is reversed and he eats the ringpost before crashing down into the steps! Slamming him throat-first over the barricade, taking him back in the ring, disdainful stop, hooking the legs... spinning inverted figure four leglock! Johnny gets the ropes but Jr. stays on him, slamming him to set him up.

Climbing the turnbuckles, Impact is up in time, superkick to the back of the knee sends him outside, another from the apron, Asai moonsault! Johnny slides back in, clutching his knee, and meets Texano on his knees, going punch for punch. To their feet, to slaps and forearms as Jr. pulls ahead in the exchange but Impact changes the game, moving to charging forearms.

Johnny counters a charge with a dropkick, slingshot to the apron but Texano is ready and yanks him to the floor! Back in the ring, slingshot senton atomico... NOT ENOUGH! Backing him into the corner, alternating chops and lariats, whip across, charge in, up and over, Jr. is caught up and the Flying Chuck connects for a nearfall! Texano with a schoolboy pin in return, also a nearfall.

Boot in the corner, Johnny catches the double follow up and snaps off a sliding basement German suplex...

Johnny Impact wins by pinfall with Starship pain, retaining the #1 contendership to the GFW Global Championship.

We go to Mexico to see Eli Drake defend the title after the break.

Back from commercial and Laurel Van Ness is hanging out sloppily in the crowd.

We then get a backstage segment with Taya, Sienna, and Taryn going to Karen Jarrett. Sienna says they want a six-woman tag next week, and Karen makes a big deal out of wondering what she should do before making the tag match and telling them to be careful what they ask for, because they just might get it, and ordering them to leave.

Eli Drake (c) vs. Mascara de Bronce (GFW Global Championship)

Drake calls for a microphone but doesn't get one. Bronce offers a handshake but Eli puts his hand up high and makes him reach for it, but Mascara hauls off on him! A lariat wipes him out for his troble, Bronce ducks the ripcord lariat, springboard crossbody, Eli catches him and tosses him off but Mascara lands on his feet!

Sliding outside for a kick, double jump moonsault caught, Drake thinking about a brainbuster or something, Bronce lands on his feet once again and soon has a backslide for two! The champ charges into a boot but blocks the Frankensteiner mid flip and powerbombs Mascara into the turnbuckles before running him over! Eli taunting the crowd before stomping and choking away before taking it to the apron for an elbow drop to the sternum.

Back inside, catapult into the bottom rope but Bronce comes back with forearms! Whip reversed, off the ropes, pop-up powerslam tossed into kind of a side slam for a nearfall! Kneeling over his back, clubbing his chest, the champion in firm control but Mascara ducks a charge and turns a pop-up into a Frankensteiner and a nearfall!

Bronce charges in, Drake just barely catches his leg...

Eli Drake wins by pinfall with Gravy Train, retaining the GFW Global Championship.

Drake poses with the title while commentary hypes up next week's show, and we get a hype video for Victory Road.

That's the show, folks.

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