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GFW Impact ratings (Aug. 31, 2017): Viewership numbers drop against college football


The viewership totals and ratings are in for last night’s line up (Aug. 31) and Impact Wrestling’s numbers dropped for the second week in a row. The viewership was 268K, down from 296K. The rating number dropped to 0.05.

Last time numbers were this low were about two months ago for their Slammiversary go home show. That was also the last episode of their set of India tapings. (The rating was 0.07 that time.)

Last night was the first big game of the college football season between Ohio State and Indiana, which was the highest rated cable program bringing in 5.1 million. The weather channel actually popped up more in the cable Top 150 (which Impact dropped out of last night), given people are still following the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Impact didn’t advertise anything big for last night either.

Next week, they’ve advertised a title match between Eli Drake and Matt Sydal. However, next week is also the first game of the NFL season between the Chiefs and Patriots. So don’t expect any major jump against that competition.

The numbers from the last month:

  • This week: 268K / 0.05
  • August 24: 296K / 0.06
  • August 17: 320K / 0.07
  • August 10: 277K / 0.07
  • August 3: 276K / 0.06

You can read a recap of last night’s episode here.

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