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GFW Impact results, reviews, & video (Aug. 24, 2017): That’s just a fact of life

Impact Wrestling YouTube

GFW Impact returned last night (Aug. 24) from the Impact Zone in Orlando. You can find the results at the live blog here.

That’s just a fact of life

The new GFW Global Champion?

El-i Drake!

It’ll be tough for me to be objective with this because I’ve become a huge Drake fan over the years. He’s extremely charismatic, sharp on the stick, and can put on some fun matches. Plus, I’ve always loved guys who put in their time with a promotion (and Drake has stayed with them through some major shake ups), work up through the midcard, and finally claim that top prize. Even though he’s a heel, it feels good seeing him win the title. It’s a far jump from where he was just a couple months ago, on the losing end of D’Angelo Williams and doing stuff with the Swole Mates.

They made sure to focus on him coming into the match, putting him as one of the first two to enter alongside Eddie Edwards. Edwards made it to the final portion of the match himself before getting pinned by Drake.

The match also saw the debut of Johnny Impact (John Morrison/Mundo) and he made it to the final three until Eli Drake ripped him off the apron from the outside. (Eli went through the middle rope so was still in the match.) Perhaps that’ll be Drake’s first feud.

The match itself was slow earlier on. The first 30 minutes lacked few of those moments to keep people interested as they got the heavy hitters in there. It was just standard brawling as we waited for the next entrant to see when Johnny Impact would be debuting. (Though I’ll admit I enjoyed the inclusion of Richard Justice the standby wrestler and it was good to see Eddie Kingston back with Impact.)

However, the slow beginning paid off towards the end when the match was full of people who could feasibly win the title. We’re talking EC3, Moose, Bobby Lashley, Low-Ki, and Johnny Impact alongside Drake and Edwards. So every elimination towards the end felt big. No obvious feuds were set up from them, but it still made for an exciting conclusion.

Also this happen:

I love Garza’s cocky pants spot.

Eli Drake is now the top guy in the promotion. It’s a sharp turn from Alberto El Patron, who technically won the title the first day in the promotion before putting any time in with them. Drake isn’t a known commodity like Patron, but he’s also not going to find himself in the news all the time for all the wrong reasons like him either.

It’s his time now. Hopefully he makes the most of it.


They altered the Grado story this week. It’s not finished. But it’s different.

The Scot came out to say goodbye since he’s getting deported. After a long goodbye, Laurel Van Ness came out. But she was no longer the “hot mess” Laurel Van Ness in the wedding gown. Instead, she was dressed to the nines.

Laurel told Grado that these last few weeks changed her and then she proposes to him. Now he’ll get to stay in the country.

Kongo Kong tried to come on down to interfere like he has but Mahabali Shera stood in his way and Kongo backed off.

I’m over this story no matter what they do, but it’s better than it was last time we checked in. Grado looks like less of a sleaze because he accepted his fate and it was Laurel who proposed to him. I mean he’s still marrying Laurel to stay in the country, but now that she’s right minded, she at least knows it. This is an abrupt turn and likely not something they were setting up prior to this. But whatever. As long as it sends this story to its conclusion quickly.

Looks like they replaced Tyrus with Mahabali Shera in the person who is going to stand up to Kongo Kong. It’s a wash.


After Taryn Terrell cost Gail Kim a chance at the title last week, she came out to explain her actions last night. Basically, she’s upset that Gail Kim ignores her and doesn’t follow her on Twitter. As reasons for a feud go, it’s one people can relate to.

Her character is a bit different than the Doll House Taryn we last saw. She’s more of a bubbly airhead than she was as part of her old faction. Her outfit was... certainly something I don’t think she can ever wrestle in since she almost had a wardrobe malfunction sliding out of the ring.

The character was annoying but at the same time, I chuckled at it. So that’s good.. But really it’s all about the matches she and Gail are going to put on and I’m all in on those.

Ohio vs. everything two random dudes

oVe got another showcase match. They’re definitely a unique team with a different style of offense. So far so good and there’s very much potential for them to be a mainstay in the division. Also, those masks they wore to the ring were pretty sick.

Pros of the Show:

  • Eli Drake!
  • Johnny Impact debut
  • Gauntlet match had a strong final half

Cons of the Show:

  • Gauntlet match could have had some more moments early on

I enjoyed much of this but I’m going to be biased as a Drake fan. The first half of the show had little wrestling outside the oVe match and the Grado segment ran a bit longer than it should. But the second half of the show was all match so it evened out.

Grade: B

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