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John Morrison arrives on GFW next Thursday and, yes, he’s going by Johnny Impact

As mentioned in our coverage of the Aug. 17, Destination X edition of Impact Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling (GFW) announced current Lucha Underground champion and AAA Triple champ Johnny Mundo will debut on their next episode.

This is noteworthy for a couple reasons, beyond the fact Mundo is a heck of a pro wrestler.

For one thing, it’s interesting that Lucha Underground is bending the rules of their famously strict contracts to allow the former John Morrison to appear on television for another promotion. Perhaps it’s a testament to AAA’s relationship with Jeff Jarrett. Maybe it’s a sign Lucha Underground won’t get that fourth season after all. Either way, it could tell us something about the shifting 2017 pro wrestling landscape.

For another thing, it looks like he’s going by “Johnny Impact”...

Johnny’s never been overly attached to his surname. Performer John Hennigan has changed his character’s last name several times, including to the title WCW’s flagship program when he was trying to impress Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff during his WWE days. So, when in GFW...


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