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GFW Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Aug. 17, 2017): Destination X!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Aug. 17) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight is their Destination X special. Bruce Prichard will address the vacated GFW title, Bobby Lashley will face Matt Sydal where the winner gets a title shot of their choosing, Sienna will defend her women’s title against Gail Kim, Sonjay Dutt will defend his X Division title in a ladder match against Trevor Lee, Dezmond Xavier will face Taiji Ishimori in the finals of the Super X Cup, and the new team of oVe will debut!

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


They show Bobby Lashley walk in alongside his MMA trainer Dan Lambert and an entourage. Jeff Jarrett stops and talks to Lambert as the others walk on.

McKenzie Mitchell is outside Bruce Prichard’s office looking for info about tonight’s announcement. She looked inside his office and saw a mystery individual.

Gail Kim vs. Sienna (c) (w/KM) for the Knockouts championship

Looks like it’s still called the Knockouts title.

Gail Kim hits Eat Defeat but KIM gets on the apron. Gail takes him off the apron with an elbow. While the ref is dealing with KM outside, Taryn Terrell runs in and hits a cutter on Gail!

Sienna capitalizes with an ak47 to get the pin.

Sienna def. Gail to retain the title

After the match, Taryn gloats over a downed Kim.


Someone is walking towards the ring and all we see is their torso. Josh says “What the hell is he doing here?”

Matt Sydal cuts a promo backstage saying after tonight, Bobby Lashley will remember his name.

Bruce Prichard’s announcement

He’s rocking a goatee. YMMV.

He thanks fans for bearing with them but says the last year has been great. He also keeps saying “The GFW.”

He reiterates what we all know: Patron is no longer the champion. Alberto volunteered to relinquish it to deal with his family. He wished Patron all the best in his future endeavors.

He says that the championship has been returned back to Lashley.

Wait, it’s Jim Cornette!

He says that Anthem has dealt with the wrong people in the wrong way. So they gave him a call to fix it. Bruce says no one outranks him here and he asks for security to remove Cornette.

Cornette runs down Bruce and says he no longer works here because he fired him.

Bruce is escorted out. Cornette goes on. He says Patron was stripped of the championship. He says it’s a new day. And no one is being given the title. They’re going to have to fight for it. They’ll have to prove how good they are and that they can conduct themselves as professionals. Or they’ll have to deal with him.

Next week, there will be a 20 man gauntlet match to crown the GFW champion.

Out comes LAX... and Impact goes to break.

They return and Corny is in the ring with with them. Konnan doesn’t think Low-Ki should have to go through the gauntlet match. Cornette says that’s how it is.

Ki grabs the mic. He sniffs and say she smells fear as LAX closes around him. He says he feels for Low-Ki so he gets to go in at #20 next week. Konnan says if Jim crosses him, he’ll be living off disability.


Taiji Ishimori vs. Dezmond Xavier in the finals of the Super X Cup

This match had more ground game by Ishimori than you’d have expected. But Xavier fought back and won with a flipping Pele kick after kicking out of Ishimori’s 450.

Dezmond Xavier wins the Super X Cup

JB interviews Dezmond, who says this is a moment he’ll never forget. But no one else will as well. Because he is gunning for the X Division title.


Backstage, Prichard is backstage yelling at Karen Jarrett, who says he brought this on himself. Bruce says he’ll be back.

Joseph Park and Grado are talking and we learn next week, Grado is going to say goodbye.

Trevor Lee vs. Sonjay Dutt (c) in a ladder match for the X Division strap

After a match with tables and ladders, a splash onto Lee on a ladder incapacitates Lee. However, Caleb Konley runs out when Sonjay is climbing the ladder after laying out Lee. BUT HERE COMES PETEY WILLIAMS! CANADIAN DESTROYER!

This leaves the two competitors back in it. Lee is climbing the ladder when Sonjay springboards onto it and knocks Lee down to reclaim his title.

Sonjay Dutt retains his title


oVe vs. Jason Cade and Zachary Wentz

Wentz and Cade had a decent showing but ended up losing to a double team of high/low kicks.

oVe wins


Cornette is backstage when he’s interrupted by EC3 and Moose, who both want to be in the match. Corney says they’re both in it. Eli Drake and Chris Adonis walk in. They’re both in it too. Drake is #1 though since he talked himself up so much.

Lashley vs. Matt Sydal

Not surprisingly, Sydal was on the defensive the most of the time.

However, Lashley couldn’t put Matt away, so he went and grab a chair. The referee tried to stop him from using it and got tossed aside by Bobby. Matt then kicked the chair into the face of Lashley.

Sydal went up for the Shooting Star Press but Lashley got the knees up. The Destroyer goes for the spear but Sydal jumps him and rolls him pu for the win.

Sydal def. Lashley

After the match, one of the members of Lashley’s MMA crew are in the audience, grabs referee Brian Hebner, and chokes him out.

The show ends with a John Morrison promo video. He’ll be here next week and he may be going by Johnny Impact.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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