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GFW Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Aug. 10, 2017): ACH vs. Ishimori!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Aug. 10) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, LAX will defend their tag team titles against the Veterans of War. Plus, ACH will face Taiji Ishimori in the second round of the Super X Cup, Matt Sydal and Bobby Lashley will have a sit-down interview mediated by Dutch Mantell, Sienna demands to know who her Destination X opponent is, Grado and Joseph Park will face Kongo Kong, and there will be a tag match between Laredo Kid/Garza Jr and El Hijo de Fantasma/Marufuji.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Hey all. Your boy (me) had eye surgery the other day so I’m going to keep this live blog to more succinct tonight to avoid having to stare at the computer.

- Opens with a backstage fight between LAX and the Veterans of War. They will face each other for the tag titles tonight.

- Sienna is staging a sit-in, demanding to know who she’s facing at Destination X. Karen Jarrett comes out and tells the champ she doesn’t like her. Karen introduces her opponent Gail Kim. Gail say she doesn’t just plan to beat her, but to retire with the GFW women’s belt. Sienna attacks Gail but Kim countered. She attempted Eat Defeat but Sienna rolled out of the ring. Gail hit a lariat onto the floor to the champ but a referee holds her back. This allows Sienna to get some licks in. This becomes a brawl with refs trying to separate them. Gail is left standing with the titles in her hand.

- Backstage, Joseph Park is motivating Grado for their match against Kongo Kong last night. Park shared some wisdom for his old football coach that neither could understand. And unfortunately he can’t call the coach to clarify because he died a couple years ago.

- El Hijo de Fantasma and Marufuji def. Lardo Kid and Garza Jr. when Marufuji hits Sliced Bread on Garza Jr.

- OVE (Ohio Vs. Everything) will debut next week.

- Kongo Kong defeats Grado and Joseph Park with a corner cannonball to Park. After the match, Kongo attacks Grado. He goes up top to splash Grado but Laurel runs out to stop him. She tells him no and slaps him. Kongo picks up Laurel to slam him when Tyrus walks out. They have a stare down when Laurel pulls Kongo out of the ring and walks him to the back.

- McKenzie Mitchell interviews Low-Ki, Trevor Lee, and Lashley ahead of their 6-man tag main event tonight. Ki tells Patron he wasted the opportunity that Patron gave him. Lashley warns Matt Sydal he’s going to toss him around. He then turns to his partners and tells them they aren’t friends, just associates out there so stay out of his way.

- They play a couple video packages. One about the X Division title feud between Trevor Lee and Sonjay Dutt. Then they play another about Lashley, again focusing on whether Lashley should focus one on sports, this time with Jeff Jarrett saying he hopes Lashley continues to do both.

- Dutch Mantell interviews Bobby Lashley and Matt Sydal in a backstage segment called “Down and Dirty with Dutch.” Both of them rate themselves the #3 athlete in the world. They then argue about mixing the X Division with the regular division. It gets heated and the stand face to face when Lashley grabs the throat of Sydal an security runs in to break them up as the segment ends

- Next week, Bruce Prichard will make an announcement that will affect the entire roster.

- LAX def. V.O.W. in a street fight. LAX used their vast numbers and handcuffed Mayweather to the turnbuckle. Wilcox tried to fight back but took a cannonball through a table and took the pin.

- Sonjay Dutt, Matt Sydal, and Alberto El Patron talk strategy backstage for their match tonight.

- Ishimori def. ACH with a 450 splash to advance in the Super X Cup finals. After the match, Dezmond Xavier comes out to shake the hand of both men.

- Low-Ki, Trevor Lee, and Bobby Lashley def. Alberto El Patron, Matt Sydal, and Sonjay Dutt when Ki hits a Warrior’s Way onto Dutt.

That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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