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Impact Wrestling spoilers from July 5 - 6: new champ, Destination X card takes shape

GFW’s Impact Wrestling wrapped up a week of taping on Wednesday and Thursday at Orlando’s Universal Studios backlot (aka the Impact Zone). The episodes build out of last Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view (PPV) and should take them to their scheduled August dates, which will include a “live” Destination X show.

This is compiled from a variety of live reports, which are subject to a couple levels of interpretation, and final production of the material for airing on television usually changes context, so...

Take these with a grain of salt, is all I’m saying. Still the big matches, winners/losers and story beats are here.

Filmed Wednesday, July 5 for probable broadcast July 20 and 27:

- Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer is in the house, along with a survivor from the Pulse nightclub shooting. He cuts a pre-show promo declaring July 5 “Impact Wrestling Day” in the city. He sticks around to serve as ring announcer for the opening match.

- Before that, they re-shoot some stuff with Grado & Laurel Van Ness. The angle is Grado needs to get married to stay in the U.S., so he’s courting LVN (and probably other Knockouts).

- Ethan Carter III, Eli Drake & Chris Adonis def. Naomichi Marufuji & Eddie Edwards & Moose

- They re-shot Sienna’s win over Amber Nova, including the Karen Jarrett stuff from afterwards with the other KOs which sets up Sienna/Rosemary for later

- Taiji Ishimora def. Davey Richards in World Super X Cup action

- Lashley comes out to demand a title shot at Destination X, and threatens to take out anyone who gets in his way. Bruce Prichard joins the conversation, as does Matt Sydal. Sounds like Prichard had already decided to give Lashley the shot, but the segment ends with Bobby missing a spear on Sydal, then taking a Shooting Star Press.

- Sienna def. Rosemary in Last Woman Standing to retain her unified title. KM interfered to allow Sienna to get up after taking Red Wedding. He gets misted, but the distraction allows the champ to hit Rosemary with a trash can, sending her off the ropes through a table on the floor.

- Octagoncito def. Trevor Lee via countout when Sonjay Dutt tried to get his X-Division title back but Lee ran out through the crowd.

- Grado appears in a Dumb & Dumber-esque suit and calls out LVN. He throws a bunch of compliments at her and proposes. Allie comes out to encourage her to say “yes”, but Braxton Sutter pulls her away. Kongo Kong shows up to chase Grado off and try to carry Laurel away, but she calms him down and they walk out together.

- El Hijo de Dos Caras def. Mario Bokara (Xplosion match)

- Dezmond Xavier def. Drago in a World Super X Cup semi-final match

- One of the Mumbai Cats def. Trevor Lee. Afterwards, the Cat unmasked - it was Sonjay Dutt! He challenges Lee to a ladder match for the title at Destination X.

- Eddie Edwards vs. Eli Drake is a no contest because Kongo Kong attacked Eddie backstage.

- EC3 def. Moose to become the new Grand Champion. Carter won round 1, Moose round 2. Scott D’Amore and Dutch Mantell scored round 3 a tie, but Prichard gave it to EC3 by a 10 - 8 score.

- Alberto El Patron def. LAX in a gauntlet match. After beating Homicide and Ortiz by himself, the whole group attacked while he was wrestling Santana, triggering the disqualification. Dos Caras and Veterans of War ran-in for the save.

- This is where Alberto was played off before he could rant about WWE. Before his music was turned up, he joked about his lawyer asking him what he’s thinking with his explicit promos.

Filmed Thursday, July 6 for probable broadcast Aug. 3 and 10:

- Tyrus def. Mahabali Shera (Xplosion match)

- Desmond Xavier def. Braxton Sutter (Xplosion match)

- Drago def. Idris Abraham (Xplosion match)

- Laurel Van Ness def. Ava Storie (Xplosion match). Post-match, Sienna and LVN jump Storie, but Allie ran in to even the odds

- Octagoncito and Andrew Everett def. Davey Richards and Demus 3:16 (Xplosion match)

- LAX def. Alberto El Patron, Dos Caras & El Hijo de Dos Caras. Low Ki interfered on behalf of Konnan’s crew, leading to the win. He’s revealed as their newest member. Alberto ended up being helped to the back after the match.

- Suicide, Grado and Braxton Sutter def. KM, Mario Bokara and Fallah Bahh. Grado calls out Laurel for an answer to his proposal. Kong roughs him up, but LVN stops him from hitting his top rope splash on Grado.

- EC3 in-ring promo which is actually him talking to his new title belt. He calls himself “the Grandest Champion of All-Time”, then he and the strap decide to leave, exiting through the crowd.

- Sienna is out, as she hears she has a mystery opponent at Destination X and refuses to leave until Karen tells her who it is. Jarrett reveals the challenger as Gail Kim, who promises to not only beat Sienna, but to retire as Knockouts champ. They fight to end the segment.

- Naomichi Marufuji and Fantasma def. Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid.

- Kongo Kong def. Joseph Park and Grado in a handicap match. LVN again stops Kong from destroying Grado, so he makes like he’s going to attack her before Tyrus appears to stop him.

- LAX def. Veterans of War in a Street Fight

- Taiji Ishimori def ACH in a World Super X Cup semi-final match; Ishimori vs. Xavier is the final at Destination X

- Bobby Lashley, Low Ki and Trevor Lee def. Alberto El Patron, Sonjay Dutt and Matt Sydal when Ki pinned Dutt

- Dark match segment features Moose, Allie, Grado and Joseph Park, with the payoff being Grado getting Alberto to dance. El Patron grabs a mic, which brings out Jeff Jarrett and gets Alberto to promise to keep it clean. He thanks everyone for a great week. Karen is out with her kids and a cake to celebrate Double J’s 50th birthday. Everyone sings to him, and Cody Angle thanks the fans to close the show.

H/T: PWInsider, WrestleZone

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