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GFW Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (July 6, 2017): Slammiversary fallout!

Impact Wrestling is back tonight (July 6) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, they will introduce the World X Cup, an 8 man tournament with representatives from different promotions. Plus, we’ll surely get fallout from Slammiversary with the likes of Alberto El Patron, Bobby Lashley, and much more.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


The show opens with LAX in their clubhouse. Konnan says tonight, before the night is done, he will introduce the newest member of LAX.

Alberto El Patron/Bobby Lashley segment

Alberto El Patron walks out flanked by his father and another masked gentleman (his brother). He’s carrying both belts.

It’s Pope, JB, and Mathews on commentary still.

Berto says tonight’s a party. He said normally, Latin people don’t need a reason to party. And every time they celebrate, they need their family by their side. He introduces his brother “who will be joining us very soon.” Patron then introduces his father, who he calls his inspiration.

He says last week, he had the most difficult match of his life. Now that he’s the champ, and he’s a fighting champion, everyone will get a chance to challenge him. No matter who they are.

Lashley’s music plays. The former champ comes down to the ring and calls the current champ a huge egomaniac. He didn’t have confetti or a party or anything like that. Lashley claims that El Patron had a fluke win. He turns to Berto’s family and asks if they are even allowed to be here. And before he beats down El Patron, he’s going to build a wall around both of them.

Dos Caras slaps the Destroyer.

As Lashley continues to jaw, officials come down to keep them apart from each other. Patron says if he wants an opportunity, he can have it here tonight.


The announcers are in a board room with Bruce Pritchard, who wants to know if their issues are done. Bruce says if they continue to bicker or there’s any physical alteration at all, both of them will be fired. Bruce says that applies to the Pope too, which Pope is confused about. (And rightfully so.)

Caleb Konley vs. Sonjay Dutt in a non-title match

Konley had a good showing and kept Dutt on the defensive for awhile. But when Sonjay fired up, he hit a tornado DDT and a splash for a 1-2-3.

Dutt def. Konley

After the match, Trevor Lee lays him out, grabs a mic and says “Just like that, your new X Division champion” and leaves with the title.


McKenzie Mitchell interviews Grado who will be teaming with the Veterans of War and Eddie Edwards tonight. They cut a very pro-American promo, even the Scottish Grado. They cut away to a larger gentleman in a single who is doing squats.

Chris Adonis and Eli Drake come out to the ring for their match. Adonis jaws with two jacked dudes in the crowd who are apparently on a show called “Swole-mates.”

VOW, Grado, and Eddie Edwards vs. Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, Fallah Bahh, and Mario Bokara

The VOW were in firm control but then teamed tagged in Grado to the crowds delight. While he was getting his offense in, Adonis ran in and clotheslined Grade, which put him in trouble for a little bit.

Edwards is tagged in and soon the match breaks down. After the dust clears, Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party on Bokara for the win.

VOW, Grado, and Eddie Edwards win

After the match, Joseph Park walks down to the match. Grado is still in the ring and Abyss shows him a piece of paper which upsets Grado. Clearly distraught, Grado leaves with Joseph Park.


Matt Sydal vs. Braxton Sutter (w/Allie)

It was a pretty even match most of the time. But in the end, Sydal uses a series of kicks to set up the Shooting Star Press for the win.

Sydal def. Sutter

Sutter seems frustrated after the match and is a bit cold to Allie


Back in the LAX club house. Homicide asked Konnan when they’ll find out. Konnan said that since he’s announced the the new member, everyone is in fear. When they announce it later, LAX will be colder and darker.

JB is in the ring standing next to the Super X Cup trophy, which is the prize of the 8-person World X Cup tournament. The entire field comes to the ring.

The matches are:

  • Sammy Guevara vs. Drago
  • ACH vs. Andrew Everett
  • Taiji Ishimori vs. Davey Richards
  • Dezmond Xavier vs. Idras Abraham (and that match is now)

Dezmond Xavier vs. Idras Abraham

In the first segment of the match, Xavier holds his own early but Idras is in control going to break and coming back from break. Xavier eventually find his offense and it is pretty. The match evens out into a hot finish with Dezmond hitting a corkscrew from the top rope for the pin.

Xavier def. Abraham


McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Gail Kim, who has a big announcement last week. She says it was a long time coming but her injury delayed it. But it’s time next week.

Dezmond Xavier is interviewed backstage after his win. He puts over the tournament and says that his finishing move is called the Final Flash.

Moose is being interviewed about his Grand Championship match against Pro Wrestling NOAH talent Marufuji. EC3 interrupts and says he deserves a title shot after what he did to James Storm on Sunday. Moose tells Carter to get his ass in the back of the line and wait his turn. EC3 says he doesn’t wait and he will remember this.

Rebel vs. Sienna (w/KM) in a non-title match

Rebel actually got a decemt amount of offense in this match. She got distracted by KM, who wasn’t interfering, and ended up performing a springboard crossbody on him. He caught her and put her in the ring. By that time, Sienna recovered and locked on her sleeper for the tap out.

Sienna def. Rebel


Lashley vs. Alberto El Patron (c) for the Unified world championship

The first segment of the match was all Lashley, aggressively taking it to the champ. As they go to commercial, Lashley tosses Patron over the the rope and to the floor.

Alberto has control for much of the second segment, but Lashley fires back. He is dominating Patron. He catches him with a spear from mid air, hits a dominator, and then sets up for another spear.

Then LAX appears and attacks Lashley! DQ!

Lashley def. Patron via DQ

Konnan gets on the mic at the end and says Patron is their newest member. Alberto is out of it from the beating he took from Lashley so we can’t tell by his face whether or not this is something he agreed to.


That’s the show, folks, Thanks for watching with us!

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