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GFW reports that James Storm sustained a Grade 3 concussion at Slammiversary, out ‘indefinitely’

GFW is reporting that James Storm suffered a Grade 3 concussion at Slammiversary during his strap match with EC3. He is out indefinitely. Grade 3 is the most severe of the stages for concussions.

This makes sense given the odd finish to their match. After James Storm was pulled head first into the ring post, he returned to the ring to fire up on EC3. He hit his finisher, the Last Call Superkick and then geared up to go for another. However, he then just slowly fell to the mat. The referee implored Ethan Carter to cover Storm, but EC3 decided to deliver one more move, an Angel’s Wings, before covering him.

When I initially watched it, it looked like this was part of the story. The announcers didn’t seem to miss a beat and the way this led into the finish felt like it could have been planned. While that is certainly still possible in a business that’s goal is to work the crowd, in this day and age, a company probably wouldn’t want to work us with such a serious injury. Professional wrestling has a bad history with brain injuries and the last thing they should want is to pretend the environment is less safe than it is.

Storm hasn’t been part of the recent set of television tapings.

Here’s to hoping the Cowboy has a quick recovery.

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