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GFW Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (July 27, 2017): Last Knockout Standing!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (July 27) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, Sienna defends her unified women’s championship against Rosemary in a Last Knockouts Standing match. Plus, Davey Richards will face Taiji Ishimori in the first round of the Super X Cup, Alberto El Patron’s issues with LAX continue as he will face all of them in a handicapped match, and Lashley will call out Bruce Pritchard.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


They show Joe Park and Grado arriving to the arena from earlier tonight. Grado doesn’t seem ready to pop the question but Park is pushing it.

Video recap of the Alberto El Patron/LAX events from last week.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer is the ring announcer

Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, & EC3 vs. Eddie Edwards, Moose, Naomichi Marufuji

Starts with Eddie and Drake and Edwards gets the upper hand. Tags in Marufuji who works on the left arm of Drake. Eddie back in who continues to focus on that arm.

Big elbow from Drake allows him to tag out to EC3. But now Marufuji back in and he and Eddie take turn chopping Carter. Now Moose is in and Carter hightails it. He’s distracted by the other two on the apron and Carter slides back in and hits him from behind.

Moose in peril now. But not for long.

Adonis mocks Moose and gets a big drop kick for his troubles. Naomichi tagged back in and delivers a chop. And now big kicks to Adonis. Chris fights him but Eddie tags in and again he and Marufuji trade chops. And a drop toe hold drop kick combo.

With Adonis in trouble, the other two heels run in but are immediately tossed to the outside. Eddie looked to set up for his suicide dive but Adonis cuts him off and goes to work on him as Impact goes to break.

When they come back, Eddie Edwards is in trouble.

And he’s in trouble for awhile. Until he finally delivers a suplex to Drake... but EC3 in first and knocks Marufuji from the apron and jaws with MOose on the apron. But Eddie through the legs and tags in Moose!

Splashes to Carter and goes for the hesitation drop kick but Adonis and Drake run in to stop him. And he shoulder blocks them both!

Carter knocks Moose out but Marufuji in with a big kick. Looks for slide Bread on Adonis but reversed into Adonis Lock.

After a series of guys running in, it’s drake and Moose. Moose hits a big powerbomb. Carter tries to hit Moose with the Grand Championship but Moose ducks it. Ref takes it and tosses it out of the ring. While he’s doing that, Carter hits a low blow on Moose and then delivers the Angel’s Wings (that he used to beat Storm) for the 1-2-3.

New finisher for EC3?

EC3, Eli Drake, and Chris Adonis win


McKenzie Mitchell backstage but she’s confused by one Richard Justice, a bigger dude warming up for a wrestling match. He calls himself the “standby wrestler” who’s job is to go out and have a match if they need to fill time. Mitchell calls that the dumbest thing ever.

Video package for the Crist brothers who are going by OVE.

Lashley calls out Bruce Pritchard

Lashley comes ot the ring. He talks about when he got into the business, there was a pecking order. You’d start at the bottom and earn your way up. But now here. Here we have people walking in and getting title shots on day one. Since there’s no order around here, he’s going to take it upon himself and start instilling some order.

He wants Bruce Pritchard to come out and tell everyone that Lashley is the man who will get the world title match at Destination X. Bruce comes out to the entrance with Tyrus.

But here comes Matt Sydal right down to the ring! Lashley ignores him agains and when Matt gets in his face, he gets a shove. But then Lashley runs at him for a spear and gets a knee! Shooting Star Press!

Matt Sydal standing tall!


Davey Richards vs. Taiji Ishimori in a Super X Cup match

Very even in the earl8y going. Ishimori heats up with a hurricana rana, deep arm drag... goes for a suicide dive but Davey moves out of the way so Taiji catches himself in the ropes.

Richards grabs a chair but the ref grabs it before he can use it.

Davey gets control and puts a figure four headlock on Ishimori, who rolls to the ropes. Davey with another submission, with clear control currently.

Ishimori fights back and hits a big spring board and then double knees in the corner. Then a stomp using the ropes for momentum.

Series of pinfalls back and forth with a ton of nearfalls. Taiji goes for a kick but caught in an ankle lock. He fights out and goes for a spring board kick... into the ankle lock again!

Kicks him off but takes a big kick to the chest. 2 count.

Davey goes for the stomp but misses. Ichimori fights back with double knees and a shining wizard for a 2 count. He plants Davey and climbs to the top... 450! 3 count!

Ishimori def. Davey Richards


Bruce Pritchard is back stage. He books a one on one match between Sydal and Lashley at Destination X match in a #1 contenders match.

Rosemary vs. Sienna (c) in a Last KO standing match

Sienna has KM at her side.

Rosemary attacks as Sienna gets in the ring and takes it to her. She controls the champ and then grabs a table to set it in the corner.

They tease a table spot (no one goes through yet) and Sienna puts Rosemary down with a Samoan Drop. Meanwhile Sienna sets up a table outside the ring. Then she introduces a chair in the ring. Bur Rosemary grabs a chair so Sienna grabs her own. Both swing the chair at the other and the both need to drop them.

Fight goes outside and Sienna tossed into the crowd and they fight amongst the fans. Rosemary locks Sienna head in her legs and leans over the fence of the crowd! The challenger in clear control right now as they go to break.

Rosemary still on the offensive when they return. They fight spills onto the apron and Sienna hits an AK 47 on Rosemary that sends her from the apron to the floor! Rosemary beats the 10 count.

Sienna goes for the Silencer but Rosemary whacks her with a chair. Sienna is up but Rosemary delivers a RED WEDDING ONTO A CHAIR! KM comes into the ring and gets Sienna to her feet, saving her from losing.

Rosemary gets a trash can, puts it against Sienna, who’s leaning against the table, and looks to go Coast to Coast. KM on the ring apron but he gets misted! But Sienna is up and tosses the trash can at Rosemary, knocking her through the table on the floor!

Sienna needs to roll out of the ring to beat the count. Rosemary cannot beat the count.

Sienna def. Rosemary to retain her title

Damn you, KM.


Backstage we see Joseph Park pumping up Grado before he asks LVN to marry him.

EC3 interviewed back stage. He says the name of his finisher is ECD - Ethan Carter Driver. He brags about dropping Moose on his head.

Next week, we’ll get Moose/EC3 for the Grand Championship

McKenzie Mitchell interviews El Patron who’s alongside his father and brother. He says that LAX is going to pay for what they did to his little brother and father. He’s going to destroy them one by one until he gets to Konnan.


Trevor Lee comes to the ring still wearing the X Division championship. Since he’s a fighting champion, he’s once again scouted the globe to find the best high flyer in Mexico to fight. And it’s Octagoncito, a mini from Triple A.

Trevor Lee vs. Octagoncito

Lee toys with the mini early on. But he misses a change in the corner and Cito springboards into a ran. And another rana!

Lee decides he’s not having it and decides to get counted out.

Octagoncito def. Lee via countout

But here comes Dutt but once again, the referees are stopping him. Bruce Pritchard is out too, ordering them back.


LAX is in the club house discussing strategy. He says that he knows of injuries Patron has and the plan is to cripple him tonight.

Grado/Laurel Van Ness segment

Grado comes out in a ridiculous red old style tux alongside Joseph Park. Grado asks Laurel to come to the ring. Sienna tries to stop off but Van Ness doesn’t listen to her.

He gets on one knee and proposes.

For some reason Allie is out all excited jumping on the apron. Braxton runs out and grabs her.

Meanwhile, Grado asks again when Kongo Kong comes out. Grado and Joseph Park hightail it. Laurel tries to calm down Kongo in the ring.


Alberto El Patron vs. LAX

Starts with Homicide and Patron. Patron hits a splash and immediately puts him away.

Now Ortiz is in. They go to break as he does and when they return, Patron is in control. Despite Diamante and Santana knocking him on the top rope, Patron hit his double stomp for the pinfall on Ortiz.

Santana last in. Konnan trips up Patron and then LAX stomps him as Ortiz distracts the ref. Patron fights back but continues to have to deal with the numbers of LAX including catching Diamante and tossing her over the ropes at Homicide.

Alberto chains a tornado DDT into the arm breaker and the rest of LAX run in to attack, resulting in a DQ.

Alberto wins by DQ

It’s a mugging on Patron after the match. They b9ind his hands and all take shots out him. But out runs his brother and they all swarm him. Dos Caras runs out with a chair.

But here come the VOW and now things are even. The faces hold the ring.


That’s the show, folks. That’s for watching with us!

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