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GFW Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (July 20, 2017): Drago competes!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (July 6) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, we see more of Alberto El Patron’s issues with LAX. Plus, Drago will compete against Sammy Guevara in a Super X Cup match, there will be a fatal 4-way between Moose, Eli Drake, EC3, and Eddie Edwards, a triple threat between Matt Sydal, Low-Ki, and El Hijo de Fantasma, follow up of the Grado/Laurel Van Ness possible love story, and more.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Alberto El Patron’s brother an father are seen entering the Impact Zone as JB says that they were given an ultimatum by LAX to join LAX or else.

Drago vs. Sammy Guevara in a Super X Cup first round match

Things are even early but it looks like Drago has the slight advantage over the less experienced competitor. Drago sticks out his hands for a shake but Sammy responds with a slap! This fires Drago up who clotheslines Guevara out of the ring. But Sammy back in quickly and lands a drop kick and now Drago is outside the ring. Sammy onto the apron and delivers a kick. Then up top with a Shooting Star onto Drago!

Back in the ring Sammy goes for a cover but only gets 2. Drago back with some kicks and a reverse steiner! 2 count!

Drago with a fancy rollup but only gets 2.

Both men up top and exchanging blows. Drago gets knocked off... SAMMY WITH A 620! WOW! 2 count!

Drago is hurting and Sammy is laying in the blows. But here comes Drago! Wild looking running DDT! 1-2-3!

Drago def. Guevara


Sienna vs. Amber Nova (non title)

Amber out fast but caught by Sienna into a fallaway slam. Amber lands an elbow and runs at Sienna but this time finds herself in a wheelbarrow toss. Now Sienna with a delayed vertical suplex... but too delayed as Amber got a knee in.

That was a brief reprieve because that just angered Sienna. AK 47. 1-2-3.

SIenna def. Nova

The champ grabs a microphone. She said she did exactly what she said she would do. She was the one who put in work despite no one believing in her. There’s one other person who didn’t believe in her... Karen Jarrett. She demands Karen come out and give her the respect she deserves and she better make it quick because Karen doesn’t want her to come back and find her.

Karen comes out and asks what Sienna wants from her? A congratulations? But Sienna says it’s too late for that. She wants Jarrett down on her knees to tell her she’s the most dominant KOs champ ever. Karen isn’t feeling that though and the two start jawing.

Sienna backs Karen into the corner as Allie runs out with a kendo stick (with a pink handle) to go at Rosemary. But Laurel Van Ness is out and now it’s 2 on 1. And here’s Rosemary finally! Rosemary goes at LVN and lays her out. Then a spear to Sienna!

But Laurel uses the kendo stick on Rosemary and it’s now a 2 on 1 on her. But here’s Karen pulling Sienna off Rosemary. And out comes Gail Kim to take it to the villains. The faces hold the ring.

Karen gets on the mic and says next week, it’ll be Rosemary vs. Sienna for the KOs championship! And it’s Last Knockout Standing!


They show a video of the LAX club house. They muscle in Alberto’s brother, who is blindfolded. He tells Berto’s brother to convince Patron to join LAX.

Swole-Mates are in the crowd again.

They play a video about El Hijo de Fantasma.

Bruce Pritchard and Tyrus are backstage when they run into Trevor Lee. Bruce asks why he is carrying the X Division title. Lee talks about how he never got his rematch but can’t get too far when Dutt comes held back by security saying that’s his title. Pritchard tells him “not now” and makes the actual champ leave without the title as he has a conversation with the fake champ.

Demus, Idris Abraham, & Trevor Lee vs. Laredo Kid, Garza Jr, and Octagoncito

Lucha libre rules. (No tag outs. Can enter if your guy rolls out.)

Trevor and Garza start. Lee poses with the title and tags in Demus. Octagoncito in. Cito delivers a long rana and soon all of the babyfaces are getting their licks in. Impact heads to break.

We’re back and the minis are in in the ring. But Demus tags in Idris who takes the boots to Octagoncito. Abraham with strikes to Cito for a 2 count. Now Lee in, wearing the X Division title, to work over Cito.

JB tells us that Sonjay Dutt is banned from the Impact Zone. He’s getting the shaft by Bruce here.

Octagoncito able to get a reverse on Lee and take to Garza Jr. All three of the heels are in the ring but he stops them to rip off his pants. And in comes Laredo with a crossbody to all 3 heels. Now a triple dive from the faces to the villains on the floor.

Garza and Laredo working on Idris and Trvor in the ring. There’s an odd 6 person submission I didn’t fully understand.

Garza Jr with an enziguri to Idris. Octagoncito climbs his shoulders while he’s on the top turnbuckle and splashes onto Idris for the 1-2-3.

Laredo Kid, Garza Jr. and Octagoncito win


We see Joseph Park and Grado prepping for his date with Laurel Van Ness from earlier this week.

Now we see them on the date. He ate the chocolate and drank the champagne so brought her coupons instead. They dine on opposite ends of a booth. It looks like LVN may be too much for Grado.

Back to the LAX clubhouse. Konnan says he sent Santana and Ortiz to get Patron’s dad and if they can get Dos Caras to convince his son, Alberto will listen. They bring Dos Caras in and Konnan tells him to convince Alberto by any means necessary to join LAX.

Matt Sydal vs. Low-Ki vs. El Hijo de Fantasma

Very busy early on with a lot of short offense from all the guys. Sydal is able to get an upper hand for awhile working over both men. But he receives a big kick from Low-Ki. The men trade blows and it ends with Sydal going down to a double stomp.

Ki then turns his attention to El Hijo . He works the masked man in the corner. But Fantasma quickly puts him up top and drop kicks him. Sydal tries to climb in but Hijo knocks him off as well. Low-Ki hits a big running drop kick through the ropes to Sydal. THEN AN ARROW FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL FROM FANTASMA!

Impact goes to the break. When they return it’s Fantasma in control. Sydal able to hit a standing moonsault on Low-Ki but only gets a 2 count.

Fantasma gets Sydal into a surfboard. But Low-Ki is up top... WARRIOR’S WAY ONTO SYDAL IN THE SURFBOARD! This actually puts Sydal in pinning position but Hijo kicks out.

Low-Ki is the only man standing. He picks up Sydal but Matt delivers a knee to Ki. Ki is back up and they fight with the ropes between them. Sydal back in and Ki delivers a scoop slam to him. He rips off his jacket and climbs to the top, possibly for Warrior’s Way. But here’s Fantasma up top to meet him! He punches Ki off the top onto the Apron. Hijo goes to the next turnbuckle but Sydal meets him with a Frankensteiner! Ki to the top with a Warrior’s Way to Fantasma! He goes for the cover but Shooting Star Press from Sydal onto the pin attempt! Matt covers Ki for the win!

Matt Sydal wins

Sydal and Fantsma shake hands post match.

After the match, Matt grabs a mic and says the X Division is world class and thanks the crowd. He says he has one thing to say. “Trust yourselves and question authority.” He then asks Bruce Pritchard to come on down. Pritchard says he’s a bit sick and tired of demanding things. He concedes that Sydal is deserving of a championship match but there are others in the back who are as well.

This brings out Lashley? He walks right past Prichard and Tyrus and gets into the ring. He grabs a mic. Matt is upset that he’s being interrupted but Lashley shuts him down. Bobby says he’s deserving of a world title shot.

Sydal interrupts him again, saying “No one wants to hear it.” Lashley no sells it. Lashley continues and then is about to leave but decides to spear Sydal before leaving.


Back to the date with Grade and Laurel. LVS is a bit clingy and Grado doesn’t seem interesting. Later he’s with Joseph Park, who asks if he’s ready if she’s read for marriage. Grado hugs him.

Eli Drake (w/Chris Adonis) vs. EC3 vs. Moose vs. Eddie Edwards

Adonis tosses his rink at the Swole Mates in the crowd. One of the mates chases Adonis into the ring and clotheslines him. The other mat comes in and Eli decides not to go two on one. The Mates try to get a Swole Mates chant going. It doesn’t happen.

Breaks down with all men brawling to start It’s Drake and Eddie in the ring until Drake gets tossed to the floor. Eddie with a dive!

Now EC3 and Moose are in the ring with Carter on top. Carter mocks the Moose jabs and gets a drop kick in return. Drake in with an axe handle to Moose. Moose tossed into the corner, runs up the ropes, and crossbodies Drake. But Carter is up to get Moose out of the ring.

Eddie in the ring but taking offense from both Drake and Carter. Looks like a short alliance. They take turns performing moves on Edwards. Moose tries to get back in but Carter knocks him right back to the floor.

Drake and Carter start arguing about their catchphrases and they get a double rana from Eddie. And Moose is in with headbutts to the heels. Hesitation drop kick in the corner to Drake. But EC3 hits Moose with a forearm. Carter and Drake are back on Moose, but he puts them down with a double clothesline. Eddie is up and the faces clothesline the heels to the floor.

Eddie and Moose going at it now. Eddie tries for a rana but instead he’s powerbombed onto EC3 and Drake onto the floor! Moose outside and hits Drake with a running kick. But Carter tosses him into the ring post!

Eddie chops EC3 an tosses him into the ring. He runs into a boot in the corner but delivers an enziguri. He climbs up top and hits a Frankensteiner. He sets up for the Knee Party but Drake distracts him. Carter shoves Eddie into the corner and hits the One Percenter! Goes for the cover but Moose pulls him out of the ring.

Drake takes the opportunity to slide in and get the pin on Eddie!

Eli Drake wins


McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with the Swole Mates. They talk over each other. LAX walks through and grabs the camera. They did not beat up the Swole Mates.

They find Alberto’s family and Konnan asks if Patron is going to join. Dos Caras says no and shoves Konnan. The leader sicks the dogs on Alberto’s family!

LAX/Alberto El Patron main event segment

LAX comes to the ring, forcing Alberto’s dad and brother out with them.

Konnan says that if Alberto doesn’t come out, he’s going to beat up his brother. They start taking kendo sticks to El Hijo de Dos Caras. This does not bring out Patron. So they stand up Dos Caras and set up to beat him. Konnan says he’s going to take off his mask.

This finally brings out Alberto. He slowly walks out. I mean really slowly walks out. He has a microphone. He tells them to leave his father alone. He tells Konnan “Carlos” he’s taking this too far. They’ve been friends for too long for this.

Konnan asks if he’s ready to join or not. Patron says if they put one more finger on his father he’ll kick their ass. Konnan makes it clear that if Patron joins them, he’ll let his family go.

Patron is disappointed because they were brothers. He, Konnan, and Mysterio went through everything together. He says he’ll die for his family. If he wants El Patron, let his family go right now.

Konnan gives the word to free Patron’s family. He apologizes to the crowd. Alberto says he’s a man of his word. But they’re no longer friends after tonight. He’s no longer Carlos. Just Konnan. Konnan says he doesn’t need a friend. Just a soldier who will take orders. So put on the LAX shirt.

Patron wants Konnan’s word that everything with his family is done after tonight. Patron puts on the shirt reluctantly. He shakes hands with Konnan — BUT THEN STARTS BEATING UP THE EXCHANGE! KENDO STICK TO HOMICIDE!IT’S JUST HIM ALONE IN THE RING WITH KONNAN!

Santana and Ortiz take the proverbial bullet for Konnan as the leader escapes. Patron unloads on the tag champs. Then he rips off the shirt.


That’s the show, folks! JB wants you to stay tuned for Swole-Mates. That’s a decision that you have to make yourself. I can’t help you with that one.

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