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Alberto El Patron defeats Bobby Lashley to become unified world champion at Slammiversary XV


The main event of Slammiversary XV tonight (July 2) pit GFW champion Alberto El Patron against Impact champion Bobby Lashley. The winner would be the new unified champion.

After a hard fought back and forth match, as his father Dos Caras watched on, Patron pinned Lashley to become the unified world champion.

In the end, both cornermen got involved. King Mo, who was backing up the Impact champion, ended angering Dos Caras and got a kick square between the legs from Patron’s father. This got the attention of Lashley who chased the lucha legend off. However, during that time, El Patron was able to recover from a spill outside the ring and kick Lashley in the head. This tangled Bobby up in the ropes. As Lashley awkwardly laid stretched from the middle rope, Alberto hit his stomp to earn the pinfall.

The first time El Patron won the title, he had to relinquish it because of controversy. It looks like this time, he’s going to get to keep the championship.

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