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DeAngelo Williams wins his pro wrestling debut at Slammiversary XV


DeAngelo Williams made his professional wrestling debut tonight (July 2) at Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary XV. The story coming into the match is that former NFL player an current wrestler Moose had issues with wrestlers Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. So instead of turning to another wrestler, he enlisted Williams to be his partner.

The former Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers running back got into the match early on and looked pretty good for a guy who has never wrestled before. While the moves were just side headlocks, taking some bumps, and some arm drags, his timing was good and he did look out of place. Plus he hit a corner cannonball!

While Moose did much of the heavy lifting for the team, it was DeAngelo who picked up the win when he frog splashed Adonis from the top rope through a table.

All in all, Williams looked really impressive for his first time.

What’s next for DeAngelo remains to be seen. Was this a one time thing to do something he always wanted to try while getting Impact some main stream sports coverage? Or is pro-graps something he will explore further? Time will tell if the next time we see Williams is on the grid iron or in the squared circle.

Full results for Slammiversary can be found here.

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