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GFW Impact preview (July 13, 2017): Problematic


GFW Impact returns tonight (July 13) from the Impact Zone in Orlando with their second episode of tapings. Here are our five questions about Impact tonight.

1) How will they handle Alberto?

Unfortunately, one if the big stories in wrestling right now is Alberto El Patron being investigated for domestic violence battery from an incident that occurred with his fiancé and WWE wrestler Paige. GFW ended up suspended Patron indefinitely. Jeff Jarrett said in a conference call that they don’t plan on editing any of the episodes that they’ve already taped with Patron in them.

Two years ago, back in the old regime, wrestler Bram was arrested and charged for domestic violence and false imprisonment. At the time, he had a fairly prominent role on TV, including being the big reveal in a 10 person Lethal Lockdown match. They were unable to completely edit him out but they did obviously cut parts, including an awkward edit where Dixie Carter apparently said he was a star and the future of the company.

Now Alberto was not arrested nor charged for anything. He was detained and there is an on-going investigation. He’s also the star of the promotion and likely represented heavily. So even if they wanted to, it’d be difficult to completely edit their world champion out of television. But it doesn’t mean they can’t alter anything.

Any backstage interviews can be replaced. They could ask the announce team to come to the headquarters to re-record audio if there were parts where they were really talking him up. They could edit down his promos some and add in small filler to buffer it.

And then there’s the fact that public opinion surrounding Patron is pretty much in the toilet and he’s not only their world champion but also a babyface. Will this affect fans ability to buy into a story where, as of now, he’s still a good guy? I’ll be reviewing the show and I know it’s going to take some effort to look at what they do in a vacuum and not let real world reports color my feelings when watching it.

Whatever they decide to do or not do, they taped plenty of episodes, enough to take them into August. So this isn’t just a one episode thing.

2) Is Konnan playing mind games?

Now onto storyline related questions.

Last week, Konnan promised the reveal of another member of LAX throughout the night. Then during the main event title rematch between champion Alberto El Patron and Bobby Lashley, LAX made their presence known.

Lashley had the match won. Berto was barely moving. That’s when LAX interfered, attacking the challenger. El Patron was disqualified but retained his title.

As LAX celebrated, Alberto was too beat up to even stand so as if now, we don’t know if he’s actually part of LAX, or if this was something done without his approval. Is this part of a Patron heel turn or is Konnan playing mind games with the GFW champion?

3) What is Gail Kim’s announcement?

Last week, we learned that Gail Kim would make a big announcement this week. She said that she wanted to amke it awhile ago but then she ended up getting hurt.

That seems like it takes retirement off that table, at least immediate retirement. If she was going to retire, she could have done that while injured. But she could be planning on it soon and will embark in a Kurt Angle Impact style farewell tour as she fights members of the current roster on her way out.

Maybe it’s not retirement related at all. Perhaps it’s the claim to a title match. Or they can always do the bit where it looks like she’s going to announce her retirement and then a heel (likely Sienna in this case) will interrupt and spin into a feud.

4) Will ACH vs. Andrew Everett rule?

If they got enough time it will.

This is a first round match in the Super X Cup, an 8-man X Division tournament featuring men from different promotions.

ACH isn’t with Impact but is wrestling for the AAW Chicago promotion. Everett is representing GFW. Last week’s match (Dezmond Xavier over Idris Abraham) got two segments. If ACH/Everett get that as well, they can put on quite the show. Get pumped!

5) Is EC3 going to spoil Moose’s title match?

Moose is defending his championship against Pro Wrestling NOAH wrestler Naomichi Marufuji. But when they announced this, EC3 wasn’t happy about it and he let Moose now. Looks like he may have his sights on the Grand Championship. Moose and Carter haven’t been in a feud together yet.

GFW Impact airs tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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