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Reby Hardy says Jeff Jarrett is ‘lying’, claims deal was in place for Matt’s Broken gimmick last week

It’s not clear if this is the escalation promised by her husband this morning, but Reby Hardy did not like what she heard from Jeff Jarrett earlier today (July 12) when he stated Anthem Entertainment and Global Force Wrestling owned the “Broken” gimmick and there was no deal in place to let Matt use it in WWE.

Reby even provides specifics of a deal she says was agreed to last week:

After a short break, she also brought Jarrett and GFW’s other issue - suspended champion Alberto El Patron - into the argument, alleging “he knew exactly what was going on there”, seemingly in reference to the domestic violence incident involving El Patron’s fiancee Paige which is currently being investigated by the company and Orlando Police:

Semi-related, and re-Tweeted by Reby, Shane Helms commented on a story claiming he and Al Snow were let go from Impact for “strictly financial” reasons with the following:

Certainly not the end...

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