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When Anthem Entertainment announced they’d officially acquired Global Force Wrestling (GFW) earlier this week, many people asked what it was they were acquiring.

It was an easy joke, yes, but GFW didn’t have much in the way of tangible assets. What they did have, however, was a name that wasn’t a double entendre and that wrestling fans didn’t often say with LOL in front of it.

So, according to a story just published in The Tennessean, the newspaper which covers TNA’s headquarters city of Nashville, from here forward Anthem’s wrestling company will be known as GFW. Their weekly show on Pop TV, Fight Network and other outlets will keep the title Impact.

Obviously, Anthem also acquired Jeff Jarrett, and this announcement confirms he remains in charge of all creative aspects of what is now GFW.

We’ll surely be hearing more about this as Anthem and GFW use this as a fresh start for their branding, and attempt to build off recent ratings increase and the social media success touted in The Tennessean article to grow on across the world with new initiatives like a new on-demand streaming app they plan to make the centerpiece of their video strategy.

Like the name change, Cagesiders?