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Alberto El Patron wants to retire in 3 years, work as an agent at Impact Wrestling after

In an interview with ESPN promoting the upcoming Slammiversary pay-per-view (PPV), one he will main event in a match with Bobby Lashley, Alberto El Patron laid out his future plans: He’s going to retire in three years before working as an agent at Impact Wrestling.

As he puts it:

"When it comes to United States, I want to retire in Impact Wrestling. I know it's always the same when a wrestler goes to a different company, he always puts the company over and forgets about the other one. The difference between me and other talent that has left WWE is -- I left the company. In most of the other situations, the company fired them or not wanting to do with business with them. The company wanted me to stay, and I didn't want to for the all the reasons that I already mentioned and because I wanted to have a place where I could be happy in my last three years of my career, and that place is Impact Wrestling."

As for working as a producer, he sees a problem in pro wrestling with performers failing to deliver a story and, instead, just doing big moves to get a reaction. His issue is not unlike Randy Orton’s problem with dives on the independent scene, and he wants to stick around even after he’s done wrestling in the hopes of doing something about it by teaching up-and-coming wrestlers.

Either way, are you ready for three more years of El Patron on your television?

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