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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (June 29, 2017): Contract Signings Galore!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (June 29) from Mumbai, India and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, there will be contract signings for Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view between EC3 & James Storm, Bobby Lashley & Alberto El Patron, and Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards. Plus, Swoggle and Rockstar Spud will face each other in a street fight, Eli Drake & Chris Adonis will go against the Mumbai Cats, and Braxton Sutter, Allie, & Rosemary will fight Laurel Van Ness, KM, & Sienna.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!

You better run from the holy man, the eyes that will are set upon you. Listen not to verse and prayer, songs that thrill and voices tempt you. The inner flame has fear of death, never has light ever seemed so dark. Pilgrims of sabbocracy, hear the hounds of heaven, as they bark, and read the liveblog of this here pro wrestling show, as I write it.

The show opens with a hype video for Slammiversary, with various Impact stars talking up how big the show is going to be this year.

Thence we go to the owl-festooned intro video.

Josh Mathews welcomes us to the show, and tosses to footage from earlier tonight of the contract signings.

Rosemary and Sienna sign their contract and Sienna tells Rosemary that's the dumbest thing she did, because she spits mist but she spits fire. Rosemary calls her a she-skunk and says she may have signed in ink, but at Slammiversary they'll sign her death certificate in her own blood.

Contract signing for the mixed ladder match is the next one, the Wolves sign their half and Davey Richards offers Eddie Edwards a chance to kill him now before he buries him next to his wife. Eddie doesn't care what his wife told him to say, he's gonna beat his ass live on pay-per-view and end what Davey started.

Ethan Carter III vs. James Storm has the next signing and Storm comes out hot, whereupon Bruce Prichard tells him to sign nicely or he's not gonna have a match at Slammiversary. He does, and EC3 says the one true emotion he has left is disgust, and he's going to tear Storm apart piece by piece, flesh from the bone, and not because he wants to, but because he has to, because he's a Carter and this company needs him.

James tells EC3 to tell his family not to watch Slammiversary, because he's going to whip him over and over and over and over and over with the strap, and when blood starts coming from his back he's going to keep whipping, because he's been here for fifteen years and he's the Cowboy, sorry about your damn luck.

Bobby Lashley vs. Alberto el Patron, they sign businesslike and Lashley tells him everybody knows he has no chance of winning, so he might as well just hand the belt over. Alberto doesn't want to wait, they came all the way from America to India, they both have their titles, why not doing right here right now (Van Halen is kicking ass in America?) in India?

Bruce Prichard interferes and says they're gonna have an eight-man and everybody can fight.

But before we can get to that, we have an X Division tag team match up next, after the break.

Back from commercial we get some footage from earlier today of Kongo Kong walking in the streets of Mumbai on his way to the arena for the main event.

Backstage, Swoggle is getting his boots on without anyone's assistance, and we see Rockstar Spud taping his fists for their Mumbai Street Fight later.

Josh tells Jeremy Borash he looks scared and asks if he really wants to get in the ring with him, and he says he can't tell him what to do and there's a reason he's been where he has been and why JB has been where he's been. Borash agrees and tells him he's not scared, just annoyed. We get some hype for our main event eight-man and for the street fight.

We get a video package covering Low-Ki and Sonjay Dutt's feud to lead into our tag match.

Low-Ki & Trevor Lee vs. Matt Sydal & Sonjay Dutt

Dutt and Lee to start, Sonjay taking a moment to soak in the atmosphere of the crowd. Circling, collar and elbow, Trevor with a wristlock, Dutt reverses and tosses him away with an arm drag. Lee goes low, waistlock takedown, stomp to the back, locking a cravate in and wrenching, uppercut, face first into the turnbuckles, whip, champ ducks a lariat and snaps off a headscissors takedown for two.

Front facelock, tag to Sydal, in with a diving stomp to the arm. Arm wringers, armbar takedown, knee drop to the elbow, leg drop armbreaker, wrenching an armscissors in, tag to Sonjay. Double axehanndle off the top, arm wringer, quick tag, Matt hits the stomp again, arm wringer, Lee gets a punch to the face off and tags Ki in.

Headbutt, neck crank, smashing the jaguar man's face into the turnbuckles, whip across, back elbow on the rebound and Low jaws at Dutt. Forearm, kick is caught, Lee and Dutt run in, same deal, stereo leg sweep to stereo standing moonsaults! High fives all around and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Lee is throwing an uppercut on Sydal and hammer whips him into the corner. Tag to Low-Ki, abdominal stretch applied, Matt goes low, elbows to break, sunset flip denied, double stomp to the chest gets a two count. Drawing him up by his hair, Carolina Caveman tags himself in and grinds his elbow into Sydal's face.

Neckbreaker setup into an uppercut, Trevor poses for the crowd before getting a choke in. Ki adds one of his own while referee Brian Hebner is occupied. Lee drags Matt into the middle of the ring but eats an elbow and kicks. Kick to the leg in return, off the ropes, Sydal hits a big spinning wheel kick and is desperate for the tag.

Tag made, Dutt lights Trevor up with forearms, whip reversed, boot takes Low off the apron, front facelock, step-up tornado DDT off of Ki, only a nearfall! Shiranui blocked, Lee with a forearm to the kidney, thinking German suplex, denied, Sonjay off the ropes and right into an elbow, tag to Low-Ki.

Stalking, circling, Sydal gets red flagged and Lee runs in, creating an advantage. Elbow to the back fo the champ's head but he lands on his feet on a back suplex and tags Matt in. Meteora wipes Ki out, Lee in, high knee, only a nearfall but Sydal is on a roll! Standing moonsault countered into a schoolboy pin, knee connects, Matt climbs, Low tries to stop him, Sonjay runs interference and hits a plancha...

Matt Sydal & Sonjay Dutt win by pinfall with a shooting star press from Sydal on Trevor Lee.

Dutt poses on the turnbuckle with the title as a game Low-Ki jaws at him from the ramp.

Commentary hypes up the main event again, but up next, an update on DeAngelo Williams, after the break.

Back from commercial we get right into the update on Williams, by way of footage of him talking about how he's watched wrestling since he was a kid and always wanted to wrestle. We get plenty of action shots of him working stuff out in a ring and he talks about how much he respects the sport of pro wrestling.

Chris Adonis and Eli Drake are shown walking the streets in Mumbai and bothering old women, which Josh Mathews tries to put over as "training".

Chris Adonis & Eli Drake vs. Mumbai Cats (Felix & Sylvester)

Drake starts against Felix, punching away. Tag to Adonis, in with chops, clubbing blow, the cat gets back into it with kicks, tag to Sylvester, who comes in with strikes but gets laid out by a clothesline from Chris, Eli tags in and puts boots to the cat.

More boots, choking in the corner, Adonis back in, club to the back, whip off, back elbow gets two, tag to Drake. Pop-up into something, Eli pulls him up before the fall, Felix runs in, gets beaten down...

Chris Adonis & Eli Drake win by pinfall with an Eli Drop from Drake on Sylvester.

Commentary hypes Swoggle/Spud up as being after the break.

Back from commercial we get some huge news regarding Slammiversary, in that King Mo will be in Bobby Lashley's corner at the show.

Rockstar Spud vs. Swoggle (Mumbai Street Fight)

Spud right in with a boot and stomps before the bell can even ring! Swoggle throws chalk in Spud's face and sends him running up the ramp, where he throws him face-first into the tron. Horny throwing some small items at Spud but Rockstar turns it around and absolutely beans him with a trash can thrown at his head!

Punt connects, and Spud goes under the ring for plunder, retrieving a table and setting it up before waffling Swoggle across the head with a trash can lid. Throwing him on the apron, Spud hooks him for a powerbomb but Horny bites his hand to break! Big right hand, a headbutt, repeated headbutts staggering Rockstar but he gets a kick in when Swoggle takes his sweet time charging.

Lariat wipes Horny out and Spud gets on the mic, telling him he has a message for him, that Swoggle is the real loser and this is a big man's business. He calls Horny nothing and says everyone hates him, including the internet, peppering him with disdainful slaps along the way. He confesses that he meant to pull his pants down and Swoggle's had enough, paintbrushing him with slap!

Spud knocks him into the turnbuckles and lays a beating in as our guest referee (a Bollywood star whose name I couldn't catch) gives a warning. Spud shoves him to the mat and he shoves Spud down in return! SPUD PANTSES HIM! DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN INTO MOUNTED PUNCHES! HE TAKES SPUD'S BACK FOR A CHOKE BUT SPUD BACKS HIM IN THE CORNER AND GOOZLES HIM! HORNY PANTSES SPUD!


Swoggle wins by pinfall with a fallaway slam through a table.

We get a video package about Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park training. JB tells him he needs him to dig down deep and find that inner monster, and he hands him an Abyss action figure.

Commentary hypes up a mixed trios match for after the break.

Back from commercial we're informed that Dos Caras will be in his son Alberto's corner at Slammiversary and we get a quick clip of Alberto talking about how he wants to take care of his kids like his dad took care of him.

Allie, Braxton Sutter, & Rosemary vs. KM, Laurel Van Ness, & Sienna (Mixed Tag Team Match)

All out chaos to start, everybody pairing off and Allie is throwing forearms at Van Ness. KM tags in, Sutter throwing hands, whip reversed, off the ropes with a kick, slap, chop, climbing for mounted punches but Matthews grabs a powerbomb lift and walks him in the middle of the ring. Sunset flip reversed, full nelson slam, only two!

KM in charge, straight suplex, only two, locking a neck crank on. Whip across, Braxton with the elbow up, suplex into the turnbuckles, tag made to Laurel and Rosemary comes in opposite her with a roundhouse kick. Charging forearm, exploder suplex, Sienna breaks the pin up and the match breaks down.

Referee Brian Stiffler tries in vain to restore order, Sutter with a plancha after KM goes outside, LVN gets a stunner off, Allie with a kick and a Death Valley Driver but Sienna shoves her away. Laurel takes the mist meant for the GFW Women's Champion, powerbomb denied, Allie hits a Codebreaker and Rosemary has Van Ness alone...

Allie, Braxton Sutter, & Rosemary win by pinfall with the Red Wedding from Rosemary on Laurel Van Ness.

The babyfaces celebrate, Allie going for a hug and regretting it but Rosemary takes pity on her and gives her a nice little head pat to make up for startling her.

Back to JB and Park, Joseph contemplates the idea of finding his inner monster, and remembers his brother Abyss telling him not to be afraid to rely on old friends.. He pulls Janice out and contemplates her before hitting an action figure of Scott Steiner.

The eight-man tag main event is up next, after the break.

Back from commercial we get some more Slammiversary hype as commentary runs down the card and tosses to a hype video where Bobby Lashley talks about wanting real competition and Alberto el Patron talks about needing a spark to remind him of why he loves pro wrestling and just generally recapping their feud.

The heels make their entrances for the main event and Mahabali Shera is the first babyface out, so they beat the hell out of him, punctuating with a double stomp onto a chair from Davey. Kongo Kong is on the top rope when the other three of our babyfaces run down for the save and we go to break.

Back from commercial in time for the bell to ring!

Alberto el Patron, Eddie Edwards, James Storm, & Mahabali Shera vs. Bobby Lashley, Davey Richards, Ethan Carter III, & Kongo Kong

Davey and Eddie to start as we're told Shera has been helped to the back for medical attention. Ducking and dodging, Richards tags EC3 in and Edwards tags Storm in, but Carter wants nothing of it, tagging Lashley in. Boot to the gut, overhand elbow, Cowboy fighting back with straight rights into mounted punches in the corner!

Punch for Ethan, tag to Alberto, mounted punches of his own, quick tag to Eddie and again the mounted punches. Tag to Storm, double elbow, arm wringer, Edwards tags in, off the top with a double axehandle to the arm. Arm wringer, wristlock, Bobby slips under and drops him with a side slam, making the tag to EC3.

Big hip toss from Edwards, chops, face to turnbuckle, tag to James. Right hands, big overhand chop, another, just taking him corner to corner for them, off the ropes, axehandle, not enough. Shoulder armbreaker, tag to Patron. Smashing Carter's face into the turnbuckles, drawing him back up, whip, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, only good for two.

Alberto tags Eddie in and EC3 rakes his eyes, Kongo choking him while referee Brian Hebner is warning Ethan. Kong tags in, big slicing right, stepping on Edwards' throat against the ropes, another big right, tag to Davey. Body blows, kicks in the corner into stomps, Irish whip reversed, big hip toss, forearms, chop, tag to the Cowboy.

Storm with a punch, whipreversed, up and over, belly-to-belly suplex, cover's only good for two. Shoulder armbreaker denied, reaching for the tag and Richards lifts a knee before tagging Carter in. Punches on punches, hangman's neckbreaker, to the second for an elbow drop but Storm gets away and hits a sling blade, tag to Edwards.

Running cross chops, Manhattan Drop, knife-edge chops lighting up Ethan's chest, a headbutt connects, whip reversed, EC3 drops him with a lariat and we go to break.

Back from commercial Lashley gets Eddie up for a delayed vertical suplex and flips Alberto the bird before dropping him to the mat. Chucking Edwards outside and taunting Patron as Davey heads outside to throw his former partner into the ring for a cover that only gets two. Reverse chinlock on, tag to Richards, bodyscissors applied.

Shift to a reverse chinlock, Eddie gets out of it with a back suplex and he wants the tag bad. Crawling over, tag to Alberto but referee Brian Hebner waves it off and EC3 puts boots to Edwards! Drawing him up, body slam, point at the Cowboy and Kongo Kong gets the tag.

Off the ropes, big splash comes up empty and the heels run interference and yank the faces from the apron. Lashley in for some stomps, Davey and Ethan circle Eddie and Carter draws him up for slaps from Richards but Edwards slips away and hits a double Frankensteiner! Shera makes his way back to the ring and he wants the tag!

Low bridge on Lashley, tag made! Mahabali running wild with lariats, double whip, he runs through a double-team lariat and takes both men down with clotheslines! Lying in wait, fireman's carry on Richards but Bobby comes in and clubs him down for the save. Shera gets Lashley up, DVD connects! Kong running in, whips the Indian to the corner but he ducks the body avalanche and gets the big man up for a body slam, forcing Lashley to break the pin up!

Bobby scoops Shera up but Alberto gets the blind tag, takes his knee out, low superkick, setting Kongo up in the turnbuckles...

Alberto el Patron, Eddie Edwards, James Storm, & Mahabali Shera win by pinfall with a Tree of Woe double stomp from Alberto on Kongo Kong.

The babyfaces celebrate in the middle of the ring.

That's the show, folks.

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