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Impact Wrestling Preview (June 29, 2017): The Last Stop


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (June 29) with their last show prior to the Slammiversary pay-per-view (PPV). Here are our five questions about Impact tonight.

1) What are the the final PPV touches?

This being the ‘go home’ show for Slammiversary, they’ll put the finishing touches on their card tonight. They promised some contract signings and the graphic implies Alberto El Patron and Bobby Lashley will have one, EC3 and James Storm another, and Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards a third. Will any of the matches have added stipulations added?

Will there be a “Final match” stipulation in the Wolves family feud match at the PPV? Or a #1 stipulation added to the Storm/Carter strap match? And how about for the matches that don’t have a contract signings? Will a match like the women’s title vs. title between Sienna and Rosemary get any added stipulation?

This is also the time to add the last bit of hype to the feuds. Let’s see how they do it.

2) Is this street fight actually on the streets?

Last week, Swoggle and Rockstar Spud ran into each other on the streets of Mumbai and almost came to blows before they were separated by an Indian gentleman.

Tonight, they’re booked in a street fight. This leaves me wondering if it’ll actually be a continuation from last week in the actual street or if it’ll be in the studio. Either way, these two have been very entertaining and this should be a comedic blast.

If I had to choose, I’d go with a wild video shot on the streets.

3) Will any more matches be added to the PPV?

There’s already a decent amount on the Slammiversary card, but there’s room for more. Allie and Braxton are still without a match. Perhaps something with KM and Laurel Van Ness is in their future. That match is kind of happening already tonight though Sienna will be teaming with the heels as Rosemary will team with the faces.

While Sonjay Dutt and Low Ki will rematch 2 out of 3 falls for the X Division title on Sunday, surely the rest of the division will be represented. An Ultimate X match to crown a #1 contender would be a fun match.

Plus there are two other teams that need to be added to the fatal 4-way tag team match. Speaking of...

4) Are the Impact and GFW tag titles pretty much unified?

One goal of this PPV is to merge all of the GFW and Impact championships. Patron and Lashley are fighting title vs. title. As are Sienna and Rosemary. But what about the tag team titles?

Impact went out of the way to crown new GFW tag champions, belts that were vacant at the time of the merger. (The former champs, the Bollywood Boyz, are currently the Singh Brothers on WWE.) In the end, Impact tag champs LAX won those titles as well become duel champions.

It seems kind of pointless to run a tournament to crown new GFW tag champs if the plan was just to immediately merge them. Why even bother? The fact that they did bother initially made me wonder if they didn’t plan to merge those titles. But clearly, that’s one of Slammiversary’s aims. I’d assume the winner of the fatal 4-way is the unified Impact tag champs, probably with new title belts.

5) How will Eli Drake and Chris Adonis look in their warm up match?

On Sunday, Drake and Adonis face off against Moose and his partner, (former?) NFL running back DeAngelo Williams. Tonight, they warm up against the Mumbai Cats, a local tag team. The Cats are a team that have only teamed together in the Ring Ka King promotion and they lost all four matches.

It sounds like this could be an easy one for Drake and Adonis, a match where they can learn to get on the same page as a team. What they’re preparing for is something rather uncommon: a team of one legit pro-wrestler and an athlete that has no in ring experience. Best work on their isolation techniques tonight.

Impact Wrestling returns tonight at 8 EST. Who’s watching?

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