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Lashley asks Donald Trump to be in his corner at Slammiversary

When he’s not busy making outlandish claims, Global Force champion and #1 contender for the Impact World title Alberto El Patron is calling on his legendary family to support him for his main event match at July’s Slammiversary. Alberto’s father, lucha libre legend Dos Caras, will corner him for his champ vs. champ match with Bobby Lashley.

The Impact World titleholder thinks he can do better than El Patron in both the “high-profile cornerman” and “saying outrageous things to promote the pay-per-view (PPV)” games. And Lashley does have some major connections from his time in WWE, especially his big WrestleMania 23 angle with Vince McMahon and Donald Trump, so...

Can’t blame Impact or Bobby for doing whatever they can to get press for Slammiversary... Hey! Worked on us!

But Trump’s fame and responsibilities have amazingly only grown since he and Lashley were shaving Vince’s head back in 2007, so this one seems like a stretch.

My favorite part of the whole deal is this line from the Impact website write-up about their champ’s Tweet:

IMPACT Wrestling is waiting for an answer from Trump.

Probably better get used to waiting.

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