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Impact Wrestling ratings (June 1, 2017): Numbers drop due to lack of Scott Steiner

The numbers don’t lie!


The viewership totals and ratings are in for last night’s line up (June 2) and Impact Wrestling’s numbers dropped back down this week. The viewership total were 287K, down from 305K. The ratings number was at 0.07 after a week of 0.08.

The only reason I can think of at all for the numbers popping up last week and then dropping this week is that Big Poppa Pump was on last week and not this one. End of story. Simple mathematics.

I kid. I kid. Impact had the unfortunate task of going up against Game 1 of the NBA finals, which drew in 15 million viewers. (To give an idea of comparison, the NBA conference finals game last week was only 5.8 millions.) The game didn’t start until the second half of Impact, but this drop should be expected.

Next week they will be airing shows taped from Mumbai, India and they will probably promote it pretty heavily throughout the week. They also won’t be up against the NBA finals next week.

The numbers from the last month:

  • This week: 287K / 0.07
  • May 25: 305K / 0.08
  • May 18: 272K / 0.06
  • May 11: 309K / 0.07
  • May 4: 260K / 0.07

You can read a recap of last night’s episode here.

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