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Here’s Scott Steiner cutting a promo on Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park via video chat

It’s all you’d hope it would be.

When it was announced that Scott Steiner was going to be part of Impact’s very long running feud between announcers Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash (with Joseph Park at his side), people hoped we’d get to see him cut a promo. After all, this is the man who has given us gems such as Steiner Math. Any time he’s running his mouth on a mic, there are laughs to be had.

So it was a bit disappointing when he showed up on Impact weeks back and didn’t say a word.

But tonight, announcer Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park (a lawyer who is the alter ego of Abyss) were training when they got a call from the Big Bad Booty Daddy himself.

Finally, Steiner delivered a promo, even if it was by video chat. Big Poppa Pump was in prime form running his mouth. We learn he hates both lawyers AND fat asses. That’s so Steiner.

You find all of the results from tonight’s Impact here.

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