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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (June 15, 2017): Sonjay Dutt vs. Low Ki


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (June 15) from Mumbai, India and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, Sonjay Dutt will challenge Low Ki for the X Division title. Also, there’s an over the top battle royal known as the Sony SIX Invitational and we’ll find out EC3’s upcoming plans.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!



They open with a hype package for the X Division title match tonight.

Sony SIX Invitational Battle Royal

  • Suicide and Matt Sydal start things off.
  • The trophy is smaller than I imagined.
  • Those two are pretty even. Davey Richards comes in next. Davey has control of the other two as soon he gets in. A jumping rana from Sydal takes him down, but Matt misses a corner move.
  • Davey is standing tall when KM comes in.
  • he strikes a quick deal with Davey to work over Suicide and Sydal. But Matt is able to drop both of them! Now it’s Suicide and Sydal working together against the heels.
  • Swoggle is out next.
  • Suicide is eliminated by Davey Ricahrds
  • Swoggle tries chopping Davey to no effect. He tries the same on KM. No effect. Back to Davey until KM facepalms him down. But Sydal delivers some knees to KM. Meanwhile, Swoggle is back on Davey and takes a kick to the face.
  • Eddie Edwards is out next and he takes it right to Davey. Punches to Davey immediately.
  • Eddie and Davey eliminate each other.
  • They continue to brawl outside as Impact goes to break.
  • It returns with Rockstar spud who goes right for Swoggle. He gets kicked by Sydal and then Swoggle goes after him with help of Matt. Spud gains control and puts his head on Swoggle’s head shouting “I never meant to pull your pants down.”
  • Kongo Kong enters next.
  • Kongo Kong eliminates Matt Sydall.
  • Kongo Kong eliminates Rockstar Spud.
  • Moose is out next.
  • Swoggle is eliminated by Spud when Rockstar pulls him down from the apron.
  • Moose is taking it right to both KM and Kongo. However he’s soon victim to the number’s game.
  • Kongo Kong and KM eliminate Moose
  • Mahabali Shera is the last man out. They show his father at ring side. The crowd is hot for him.
  • Shera eliminates Kongo Kong.
  • Impact goes to break.
  • They announced a full metal mayhem match between Angelina Love/Davey Richards and Eddie/Alisha Edwards for Slammiversary.
  • Apparently, the end of this match is pinfall or submission. KM does a springboard splash over the top rope and goes for the cover but Shera kicks out. Mahabali hits a Death Valley Driver. Follows up with clotheslines.
  • KM fights back and sets up for a pump handle slam, but Shera slides over the top. Sky High Powerbomb! 1-2-3!

Mahabali Shera wins the Sony SIX Invitational


They do a bit where JB and Mathews have mics setting up the show later tonight.

They mentioned DeAngelo Williams participating at Slammiversary. Then they show his wrestling training a bit.

They also continue the JB/Joseph Park training video. They accidentally go to a Chinese buffet instead of a Kung Fu dogo.

They play a video of LAX in their clubhouse. Konnan says they can’t go to India because of their priors. Instead, they’re going to smaller promotions and drop some other tag teams and take their money. Looks like we’re going to see that next week.

EC3 segment

EC3 comes out to his music performed with a sitar and he’s calling himself E-Singh-3.

He’s accompanied by another man. He gets in the ring, sits Indian style and gets in a prayer position. He gets back up and grabs a mic.

The dude with him is a translator.

EC3 says his great great great great grandfather was born in India. So not only are they with him but he is with them. This is then translated.

He says he’s richer than everyone here and there’s not much culture in this third world hell hole. He’s not here to create history but here to destroyer. Translated.

Carter says that all he’s found here is anger and despair. Impact and this country deserve each other. He runs down both. They are both covered in refuge but there is one light, one golden god: EC3. He says he’s the best guy here. He gives the mic to the translator, who is reluctant to say those things. Carter demands it.

EC3 kicks the man down, takes off his belt, and then starts whipping the man with it.

Storm’s music plays and he walks with a purpose to the ring. Kick to Carter. James grabs the belt and Carter runs for cover.


They show a video from earlier today in catering where Spud and Swoggle eye each other. They argue about the genesis of their feud. Swoggle then gets up on the table and pushes Spud’s face into his food. Spud then chases Swoggle out of catering.

Josh Mathews comes down to the ring wearing a Goat shirt (like the old Rock shirt with the American flag bull but with a goat instead). He says he and Scott Steiner are going to eviscerate and abolish JB and Joe Park from Impact. Since he can’t touch JB until the PPV, he put together a sparring segment.

He picked his opponent. He said he picked a man who was on the 2008 Indian team and a Bollywood star. He said the man won the 2012 one on one cricket championship. He said the man is Sandeep Decon. (That’s probably not spelling right at all.)

A chubby short dude in a red singlet comes out. JB googles him and doesn’t see any of those accolades.

Mathews vs. Sandeep

Mathews lands a arm drag and a drop toe hold early on.

Sandeep responds with two arm drags and a dropkick.

Josh pretends to want to go for a test of strength but then kicks the guy’s leg out. He hits a swanton (serously) and locks the guy into a Steiner Recliner. He wins by submission

Mathews wins by submission

But then out comes Mahabali Shera. Mathews begs him off. He goes to powerslam Mathews but Lashley comes out and makes the save. Lashley lays out Shera and then allows JB to have at him. He locks in the Steiner Recliner.

Then out comes Alberto El Patron to chase them off. I smell tag team match!


The announce that the main event next week will be Alberto El Patron and James Storm vs. EC3 and Lashley. So I was wrong. I’m surprised Shera isn’t added to this.

Back to the training video for JB and Park. They show Park playing with action figures and then watch some tape. That tape is Steiner Math! It goes into match clips. Their phone starts ringing and they worry it’s Steiner.

Trevor Lee vs. Braxton Sutter (w/Allie)

Trevor Lee hits Sutter before the bell and because of that has control most of the time. When Lee starts mouthing at Allie outside the ring, that fires Sutter up. The guys exchange blows in the ring and Sutter gets the win via a swinging neckbreaker for the win in a pretty short match.

Sutter def. Lee

Sienna and Laurel Van Ness walk out after the match. Sienna wants to know if Allie is so innocent, why she attacked them with a weapon last week. She challenges Allie to a match next week: Sienna and LVN vs. Allie and Rosemary. Sienna then questions if Rosemary has a decent bone in her body.

Josh slips in the fact that it’s Rosemary vs. Sienna title vs. title at the PPV. As if that was something we already knew.


Moose/Eli Drake/Chris Adonis segment

Moose comes down to the ring. He starts a promo but is immediately interrupted by Eli Drake. Drake comes out with Chris Adonis.

Drake says that since he’s been in Impact, he’s been fed crap. Nothing has changed with the new regime. But Moose is in the ring with a title he doesn’t deserve, that he should know he didn’t defeat Drake for. He accuses Moose of having Pritchard in his pocket.

He said he’ll take on both of them at Slammiversary. Adonis and Rake get in the ring and start beating down Moose. But moose tosses Eli out of the ring and Adonis decides to retreat.

Moose says he’ll reveal his partner next week. (But it’s already news so go look it up.)


Back to JB and Park. They answer the phone and Steiner is working out and runs down lawyers like Park. He also hates fat asses like Joseph Park as well.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Low Ki (c) for the X Division championship

The first segment of the match had Low Ki in control early. However, when the fight spilled into the crowd, Sonjay took control with a superkick. He then tossed Low Ki onto the ring apron. However, the champ took control back with a back drop onto the ring steps right before the break.

During the second segment, the champ had control much of the time. However when he went to the top for Warrior Way, Dutt delivered a kick to the head and then a superplex. After some more back and forth, Dutt hits a tornado DDT and a splash for the 1-2-3.

Dutt def. Low Ki to become X Division champion

The locker room comes out to celebrate with Sonjay


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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