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Jeff Jarrett on the GFW-Impact Wrestling merger

Jeff Jarrett

Akhilesh Gannavarapu talking to Jeff Jarrett, via Wrestling Inc:

You've merged Global Force Wrestling with Impact Wrestling. Can you give us your thoughts behind the idea, and also regarding the GFW title being added to the list of championships in the promotion?

"Yes, it's a part of the merger. As things come together, and the fans will see on television - like you just said, I launched Global Force Wrestling (GFW) in April 2014. The days, and months, and now the years, as they roll by, and as they become one (Impact Wrestling and GFW), I think it's going to be an interesting situation for the fans, and something we're all excited about. Which is a part of the rebranding."

Well that doesn’t really say much of anything at all, does it?

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