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Watch Rockstar Spud hit Hornswoggle in the dong with a hammer

Wrestling, y’all!

Things got real between Rockstar Spud and Hornswoggle (now just known as Swoggle) tonight on Impact. The story between the two the last month has a really enjoyable comedy story for Impact’s.

It started weeks ago, when Spud was the ring announcer and Swoggle would playfully torment him from the crowd. It was small stuff like rustling Rockstar’s hair or stealing his stuff. He stole Spud’s notes and Rockstar chased him around to get them back. It ended with Spud accidentally removing the pants from Swoggle.

Swoggle responded later in the night by brutalizing Spud with a hammer. A bit of escalation if you will.

After weeks of videos showed Spud recovering from his litany of injuries, claiming “I didn’t mean to pull his pants off” he finally returned to get his revenge tonight.

And how did he do that? Oh just by hitting Swoggle in the penis with a hammer. Evidence below. (1:23 for the offending moment.)


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